sarah-palin-blows-kiss-113x1501Buddy of mine here at the office says he went to an autism walk with one of his kids on Sunday.  The guest speaker was … Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who was also to lead the walk.

She bailed out 100 yards in, jumped into an SUV, and headed for Yankee Stadium to meet Rudy.


You’ll never walk alone. Until Yard 101.

She’s deeply concerned about the disabled, until she gets a better offer.

@nojo: She was apparently wearing platform shoes with serious heels – pretty good evidence that she never intended to walk the two miles.

My state senator came to our neighborhood association meeting last week and was dishing a little on his GOP colleagues at the state house. Among the gems: “The collective IQ of my colleagues is not that high.” and “I’m pretty sure [State Sen.] Jack Harper is autistic.”

To which I responded, “Hey, there’s no reason to insult the autistic like that!”

Who is Jack Harper (R-Surprise) you ask? Why, he’s the douchebag who underhandedly managed to get the opposite marriage amendment on last year’s ballot by doing this. (The first guy you see on that video is my state senator. He and the woman to whom he asks the question were filibustering the marriage amendment.)

@Jamie Sommers: I’ll take your state senator and raise him my state senator. I think NY might just have lowered the bar to the point where no reasoning human entity is going to want to touch it, let alone raise the damn thing. I mean, one expects that sort of thing from Texas but NY??!!!

TJ/ After a recent scare that I might have caught religion from a toilet seat in Georgia I am happy to report that I am now entirely godless again. Relief all round.

PS. The dogs are pleased to see me if no one else is.

Oh. And we’re talking about what now?

@Benedick: The guy with the keys to the Senate chamber is refusing to open it for the Republicans and their new Democrat enablers. Childish … I like it.

@blogenfreude: Have they anathematized and cursed the the terrible two and expelled them from the party? Have they declared them unclean and beyond the pale? Untouchable and accursed? Or are they trying to, you know, like, reason with them? And such as.

The first thing I would do is cut off all party funds for re-election and start scouting now for credible opponents. I nominate Ricky Martin and Tommy Chong.

Let’s put the fun back in Albany!

What were we talking about? My beloved Sen. Cheuvront. Ain’t he cute? He’s on your team.

You want to move to Arizona now, don’t you? Admit it.

@Jamie Sommers: A wine and cheese shop? I does love me some smelly Roquefort spread thin on toast. And he has African connections and other interesting stuff. The haircut and suit.. well no one’s perfect. I myself am given to wearing a Brooks Bros blazer avec gilt buttons. I suspect he might be a secret yet avid fan of hiking in wilderness areas where it’s perfectly natural for two grown men to want to free themselves of the restrictions of their clothing and plunge into icy mountain pools in a state the greeks would recognize as perfectly natural. But that’s just me. I honestly haven’t given it a moment’s thought.

From Cheuvront’s site:

“American Council of Young Political Leaders
Delegate – Argentina & Uruguay 1996
Escort – Germany & Romania 1998
Delegate – Bulgaria 1999 “

okay so escort probably doesn’t mean what I want it to mean here, but still.

@drinkyclown: It does. It’s Repubspeak for “blow me, daddy, eight to the bar.” You’re too young to witness such atrocities. Drink more: think less.

@Benedick: French speaking wine and cheese peddler with only “working knowledge” of Spanish? In Arizona?

@Benedick: I don’t have a clue what “eight to the bar” means in Limey, but coffee : meet monitor.

I know that Bette Midler says something like “eight to the bar” in Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, so there must be some connection with teh gay.

@Prommie: Indeed. Wiki tells me that “beat me daddy, eight to the bar” signaled a change in tempo to double time in boogie-woogie. Remarkably, urbandictionary makes no further salacious claim to the phrase.

@blogenfreude: I can blame her for a lot of bullshit, but I can’t fault her for the heels. She must love coming to the lower 48 to get away from the wet muck that is the Alaskan earth. If I had to wear Wellies all year round, I’d be rockin’ the Choos, too.

@RomeGirl: Yeah, but if she were as tough as she claims to be, she could walk the two miles in those heels.

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