Let The Death Watch Begin

had meetings with ministerial colleagues, cried a lotOh, sad Gordon Brown. About to get relieved of his pants in elections for the European Parliament tomorrow — with dissatisfaction so rampant that xenophobic clowns from the British National Party are in with a chance to scoop a seat.  Cabinet ministers quitting left and right — with the Chancellor about ready to walk the plank next.  The backbenches in more-or-less open revolt.

Technically speaking, Labour could hang on for another year.  But the stain of self-serving pols on the take has just about set.  Things could change if the economy turns around in a hurry, but … stick a fork in him, methinks.


Ten bucks says he makes it to 2010.

blogenfreude: Oh, you just want the degenerate gambler in me to check the odds, hmm? OK.

Ladbrokes basically has it at even money. That he doesn’t survive the month.

In or out. Let me know. I have ten crumpled ones here that I will send you if I lose (instead of sending them to Stormy’s campaign). Put up or shut up.

blogenfreude: All right. You’re on.

I win if he resigns, gets tossed as Labour leader or calls an election before 1 January 2010. Agreed?


CB: Come on, Gordon!
Bloggie: Don’t be a fool, Brown! Don’t do it!
CB: Come on now, Brown!


@chicago bureau: Agreed. I should have made the bet that you have to fly to NYC and buy me a NY slice, which thankfully is nothing like that piece of bread you people call pizza.

blogenfreude: Believe it or not, but I crave New York pizza — there are only a few places in town that actually serve it here.

See, after a couple of slices of New York pizza, you are full. After a couple pieces of Chicago pizza, you can’t move. A subtle yet important difference.

@chicago bureau: I’ve nearly got a local joint trained to do what I want. Big Nick’s – if you order the regular pie and ask them to overcook it, it’s the closest thing you can get to thin crust heaven on the Upper West Side.

DEVELOPING HARD: Another Labour minister quits, just as polls close in local/Euro elections. Fleet Street is all but calling it a death blow.

@chicago bureau: That bet might have been ill-advised on my part.

@chicago bureau: @blogenfreude: Is it too late to take the Friday evening news dump?

@Mistress Cynica: Unless the Brits are their usual tidy selves and don’t want to distract from D-Day ceremonies, and will wait until Monday to do the dump.

@SanFranLefty: D-Day? Another excuse to bust out the WW2 rifle at the range.

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