A History of Violence

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Rachel Maddow presents what’s known about Scott Roeder — and what’s known about abortion-clinic violence. The historical background begins at 2:45. An interview with Warren Hern, director of the Boulder Abortion Clinic, begins at 5:15.

blogenfreude adds:


And we also have Cheryl Sullenger telling O’Reilly’s camera crew where Tiller was pumping gas. There’s a point where it goes from speech to incitement, and we are long past that point.

Wow, the Perkins’ indictment is an obvious call-out to the faithful to start shooting at Sibelius , too.

@Jamie Sommers:

Yay! Now that’s a reason to put a lamp shade on our collective heads and party ; )

Jamie Sommers: New Hampshaah! Wicked!

What a great ending to an otherwise rotten no good day.

@mellbell: I thought of that phrase as I was writing out another $400 check to the vet.

@Jamie Sommers:

Great! Now if only the Full Faith and Credit Clause hadn’t been suspended…

I am glad to see Maddow be careful to say ‘alleged’ here.

Well, on the bright side, if we can change the law about protecting these clinics, constitutional law as a whole will be less boring and tedious, if only marginally…

(For those who don’t know, the issue has been revisited a million times in the courts, because the right-wing spends tons of money on cases to advance their goals).

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