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Today I left the island of Manhattan for the first time since October 2008. I went to a Bar Mitzvah in Riverdale.

Am I turning into Woody Allen?


Yes. Would you say this how you see the world?

New Yorker cover

“Chapter One. He was as tough and romantic as the city he loved. Behind his black-rimmed glasses was the coiled sexual power of a jungle cat.”

minor tj/ McCain is introducing war movies on AMC today. Better that than be commander in chief. Thank you, US American voters.

/off to flop Colorado-raised steaks from my friend’s cow on to the grill.

You are not Woody Allen unless and until you develop the notion that your quirks and neuroses are charming and define your personality.

Personally, I have always felt that my quirks and neuroses are things to be overcome, and not proudly displayed as part of some assumed persona of intellectual oddball.

You may perceive that even though I am a geek, I am not a fan of Woodie’s particular glorfication of his particular kind of geekiness.

If I lived in Manhattan, I would see little reason to ever leave, either, except to go out and enjoy wildernesss and tropical beauty every now and then.

@redmanlaw: Its memorial day, I only worked a half day today, 8 hours, I forgot; some one of the cable channels has to be playing Patton, I would watch that.

My uncle was in Patton’s third army, fought in the Bulge, went all the way to the Elbe, and swears that one day, he was driving his gasoline tanker towards the front and came upon Patton standing on the hood of a jeep, directing traffic, the exact scene in the movie. Later, he got all the way to the Elbe river, where the US forces met the Russian forces, and he says the Russians paddled across in boats and toasted with him and the americans with Vodka to the victory.

I think of him on memorial day. No hero, just a kid, but what an amazing place history brought him to.

Deli update: more business each day we were open, many repeat customers in just 4 days, sold out many of my specialties, its looking good for when the real summer season hits in mid-june. We took in enough to pay for the initial food stocking, I think thats great.

That’s good.

If I don’t get laid off (I’m pretty sure I’m going to be) I might try to do a late Aug trip to NJ/ NYC (just for the hell of it.)

There are some new photos here:

There is a pic of me and Benedick having lunch, sorry for the bad focus, and Ethan is teaching the girls how to make his fettucini alfredo in some off the photos, and he is eating his fettucini alfredo in others.

I am loving it so much.

@Promnight: I fancied myself a gentile Woody Allen back in college. But that was the Annie Hall-Stardust Memories stretch, after which we parted ways.

@Dave H: There’s a Texas poster like that. Of course.

@Promnight: Congratulations! Repeat business and word of mouth is the best. Is Yelp a big deal on the east coast or is that just a California thing? I have a hearing this week but I swear to FSM after I lose or win it I will write a press release for you unless rptrcub or RML beat me to it.

ADD: Just looked at the photos. I am totally salivating. And Prom Jr. is so adorable!

Great coverage on the opening of Cafe Prom. I would have tried to eat the screen if I didn’t already have dinner.

ADD: @Promnight: “Patton” was on. McCain came on right after to introduce “Midway”. Instead of watching it, I helped Son of RML build a sword for his presentation on midevial Scotland and caught up on the first season of “30 Rock”.

@Promnight: Have you considered serving chorizo and eggs? I just got back from 4 days on the East Coast and am craving some.

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