Joyride Enters Second Year


As long as it doesn’t land, we figure we’re safe.

Tuesday Joyride! [Cynics Party]

Just checked in with CP — it looks like they are actually posting stuff. Four posts this month!

[P.S.: it looks like the RNC isn’t going with the whole “Democrat Socialist” rebranding thing. Crap. Was kind of looking forward to that.]

Definitely made the place more interesting.

Well, what a trip down memory lane that was. A full year since they first tossed you the keys, Nojo? A full disclosure that in Orygun they wear socks with Birks (really? Not in summer, I hope)? Such a shame that the comments didn’t survive.

The only time I think about CP is when it’s mentioned here. It coulda been a contendah.

Oh hey look: New Hampshaah votes on revised same-sex marriage bill today. Senate already passed it, House to vote this PM. If it passes with the Governaah’s language, he will sign the sucker, perhaps tonight.

If it happens: do as New Hampshaahites do and nod approvingly, yet with stoicism.

(BTW: it would be nice to see the Union Leader take it in the ear for a change.)

@Nabisco: Let’s put it this way: If an Oregonian does wear socks with Birks in the summer, nobody notices. I didn’t learn it was a grave sin until I moved to California.

But that’s really a trick question, isn’t it? Everybody knows Oregon doesn’t have summer.

DEVELOPING HARDISH: N.H. House checks its swing. Passage on ghey marriage bill FAIL, for want of two stinking votes. Instead, they send it to conference committee, with an expected vote on the final version in two weeks.

The New Hampshire Legislature. Drama!

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