I didn’t have much time play around with this, so my first effort sucks.  But this weekend …. And, of course, the audio is not safe for work. 


Would someone who isn’t using a shitty old version of IE (like we have here at work) please tell me whether or not they can see the right-hand column?

Everything looks fine in Firefox 3.0.

@mellbell: nojo increased the column width to 480, so we’re good to go.

Can you imagine how much fun I can have with this thing? Carrie could interview Larry Craig, Stormy Daniels, David Vitter … the possibilities are endless.

@blogenfreude: Think you can make use of the guy who’s naked except for a leaf covering his junk?

OK – I made some tweaks to the movie; now it’s almost watchable.

@blogenfreude: I don’t see a “right hand column”, but the flick is viewable in Safari. Actually, when I click on it it takes me to something that is viewable only by 18+ y.o. audiences. Stormy? Rush in a thong?

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