Carrie Prejean Interviews Larry Craig


Why does she look like our dear queen? Is this some subtle anti-monarchist- all-limeys-suck kind of statement? If so count me in.

@redmanlaw: Thanks. I think my productivity at work is about to plunge drastically. I also think I’m going to spend the ten bucks they want each month for the upgrade. Better looking characters, and more choices. I have no life.

@blogenfreude: Nice! Soothing robot voices saying obscene things will always be hilarious.

@benedick: that was my question. why does she look like aunty Lilliebet?

I’m watching ASU pres Michael Crow introduce the Unicorn. This guy is such an ass.

@Jamie Sommers: I pity the fool. Here comes the audit!

The Black Eagle is in the ABQ bedroom community of Rio Rancho today talking credit cards. My Dem activist neighbor and FB friend Helen Lopez (watch for her updates) is going.

Did anyone else think the President was a little off his game last night at ASU? I’d give it an 89 on the BHO scale.

@RML: it sounded like a pretty std commencement speech but I looove the fact he took that small ‘body of work’ diss from ASU and made it the theme of his speech. What a great fuck you!

@Jamie Sommers: We’re playing checkers, he’s playing chess.

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