The Devil Made Her Do It

She says she remained silent? Going on Dobson’s show? Watch it:

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hot or notLet the Bible thumping commence:

In an interview Monday with conservative Christian radio talk show host James Dobson, Prejean said her answer to the pagent [sic] judge’s question on gay marriage pitted her against the Devil.

“I felt as though Satan was trying to tempt me in asking this question,” she said. “And then God was in my head and in my heart saying: ‘Do not compromise this. You need to stand up for Me and you need to share with all these people…you need to witness to them.'”

And there are new nekkid pictures!  Slightly NSFW photo after the jump.

before implantsI think she looks better without the implants, but that’s just me. Click here to see the more risque stuff.

Back to the stupid:

She said God asked her, “Carrie, how bad do you want this? Are you willing to compromise your beliefs for a one-year crown of Miss USA?”

* * *

Whether to let the born-again beauty keep her crown is [Donald] Trump’s call.

But frustrated pageant officials on Monday appointed Prejean’s runnerup, Tami Farrell, a special “Beauty of California Ambassador” to fill in for the tarnished queen.

Prejean has failed to make appearances in violation of her contract, complained Miss California USA co-executive directors Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler.

I think Trump will pull the plug.  Anyone think otherwise?

Perez Hilton has more.

Miss California Carrie Prejean’s Battle with ‘Satan’ … and Donald Trump [NYDN]

I’ve been on a couple of dates with attractive bible thumpers (thanks mom!) The physical attraction dies fast once they open their mouths and every other word is god.

Each time Carrie “Pigs blood” Prejean opens her mouth, I can only marvel at the stupid.

I also feel greasy just because I agree with Perez Hilton.

UPDATE: She keeps her crown. I was wrong.

@blogenfreude: Of course she did. Trump loves the P.R.

Plus, if she’d lost the crown (even if it was a la Vanessa Williams for the nudey pics), she’d be even more a fucking martyr to the Jeebus thumpers.

SanFranLefty / blogenfreude: No no no. Trump did absolutely the right thing. I mean, if they defrocked her (she’s done plenty of that herself, but anyway), we would never hear the end of it. “I was Miss California until I stood up for etc. etc.” Now, the whole story fades to black. Hopefully.

(Alternate explanation: she was getting more publicity than he was, and yanking the crown would give her more. The Donald can’t have that, now can he?)

Breaking: Trump helps young blonde woman with big fake rack.

Wow. *underwhelmed*

I think he liked her more for her blatant breaching of contracts. So when does she become his special assistant?

I think I get it now. The cosmetic surgery was medically necessary in order to remove those unsightly red stars where her nips should have been.

@chicago bureau: Try looking at this from my point of view. If he had sacked her, that would have meant lots more fundies screaming and clutching their pearls. I love that. I want them to have every opportunity to show how insane they are.

And I don’t think this story is over. More pictures, a sex tape … this is not going away.

This whole pageant is just a whore audition for the Short-Fingered Vulgarian. The winner actually has to live next door to Donald, yes, live in an apartment on the same floor as he in whichever of his Craptacular Extravanganza’s he lives in, so he can just ring a bell to summon her in to do a three-way when he and Regis are all coked up together.


Like Vanessa Williams, only the weak-tea, political version.


Two of lizards and a couple o’ cantaloupes.

TJ: Cat fight alert! doubleX, the new “blog for smart women”, calls out Jezebel for hurting women/feminism:

the offense that arouses the liberated Jezebels to real political fury is the suggestion that women like them might be made responsible for the consequences of their own acts, or that there might be general standards that define basic feminist behavior. Suggest that women report the men who rape them for the sake of future victims, say, or that women should be asked why they stay with the men who abuse them, or urged to leave them, and the Jezebels go ballistic. Judgmental, judgmental!
Doing what feels good to you is the only standard that is allowed. The problem is that no one really wants to admit that some things feel bad, because that admission would threaten the whole system of unlimited individual action.

It’s on, bitches.

@Mistress Cynica:

This promises to be both doctrinaire and humorless!

@Mistress Cynica: Daaaaaammmnnn. Linda Hirshman pissed off a lot of SAHMs a couple of years ago with her “Get to Work” book. Dismissal of Hirshman as an old “first wave” feminist in 5..4..3..

I can’t wait for her calendar for red-blooded fundie men. Salome down to the last veil! A Frank Frazetta inspired take on Judith slaying Holofernes! Mary Magdalene as pictured by Varga! Lilith for the 13th month! Not to mention the Song of Solomon which will take up a couple of months.

Carrie says the new nipple pic was taken on a windy day and she was unaware of it.

1. There’s more than one photo, and;
2. She’s looking right into the camera in both shots, and;
3. If it’s so windy why isn’t her hair all over the place?

@SanFranLefty: I have no horse in this contest, except that this discussion about “general standards for basic feminist behavior” sounds a lot like establishing a strict orthodoxy and enforcing strict adherance to it. And somehow, I don’t think I would enjoy the company of the enforcers.

Not even totally a TJ: Pope’s handlers try to cover up his Hitler Youthness, mere thousands show up for a mass where they (no lie) moved olive trees in anticipation of the crowds!

@SanFranLefty: @Prommie: Second wave, actually. Susan and the Suffragettes ( a great grrrl group) were first. And while the 70s feminists I grew up with were a humorless, doctrinaire bunch, I really hate the whole “promiscuity=liberation” aspect of the 3rd wave that leads 14 yr old girls to believe that giving blow jobs somehow empowers them. I loved how Linda all but called Mommy 1.0 et al “ignorant sluts.”

@Nabisco: I’m waiting for the news reports about the arrest of a stoned and very attractive American woman only calling herself “baked” hurling shoes and insults at El Papa somewhere in Jerusalem.

@SanFranLefty: Or torching a bone with the old man.

ADD: In the interests of equal time for eye candy, some of you might enjoy this exclusive coverage of the Sniper World Cup. (See photo # 4).

You’re welcome.


Shirts off is better, hon. But thanks for the effort…

@Mistress Cynica: Turns out the Suffragettes are a real band, although Susan is more likely to be heading up these guys gals.

@Mistress Cynica: That was a pretty fucked up article. There are plenty of legitimate things to criticize Jezebel for but lumping them all together as ignorant sluts is off base, especially the part about Mommy 1.0 not having the right to criticize the military for insufficiently addressing rape because she didn’t report her date rape at 17 while in a foreign country. That’s a pretty low standard for giving up one’s feminist cred.

And then there’s that bizarre detour into Denton-ville. Calling him the “strongman” who uses the writers as slave labor. So do they or don’t they have to take responsibility for their actions then?

I didn’t get this at all.

I am so confused about feminist infighting. I absolutely believe that women are still subject to discrimination, I have seen it. I am so 100% behind all efforts towards ending pay disparity and the glass ceiling and quid pro quo sexual harrasment in the workplace, all the remaining vestiges of second class legal and social status.

Those are the easy issues. The difficult issues all seem to involve sexual inequality, and thats such a difficult issue.

I see it as a serious, ingrained, dysfunction, pathology, in out society’s attitude towards sex itself.

I think we suffer from a deep, ingrained, and pathological puritanism, which shows itself in an almost unconscious assumption that sex is bad.

Combine that with the lingering sexist assumption that men are sexual predators by nature and women are sexual prey by nature. Related and pathological attitudes include the minimizing and apologies for male misbehavior on the grounds that “boys will be boys.” And it shows in the lingering attitude that women who are promiscuous are sluts and theree must be something wrong with them. And this even shows, it seems to me, in the attitude of some feminists towards the the other feminists who believe in sexual empowerment. There is a lngering variant of this sexism in the view that women are somehow weak, and must be protected from the predatory males.

Its all in the sexual interaction between the genders that all the worst remaining examples of sexism survive.

The blaming of the victim in cases of rape, the “she asked for it” defense, the fear of which prevents so many women from reporting rape, and the empowerment of those men who feel entitled to have sex with women who got them excited, who have the delusion that women who are saying “no” don’t really mean it. The lingering attitude that promiscuous women have somehow forfeited the right to say no, which seems to stem from the Madonna Whore complex, that all women are divided into “nice girls,” and “sluts,” and sluts are fair game for coercion, exploitation, even outright rape.

And there is even the lingering meme of the sexually exploitative woman who entices with her jezebel-like charms virtuous men.

It seems that in dealing with these issues, and I have just scratched the surface of all the implications of the sexual pathologies in our society and their impact on women, that feminism is having conflict over.

I think that there is no feminist resolution to the sexual politics issues. The problems stem from deeply dysfunctional and just wrong attitudes and beliefs about what it is to be a man in our society.

I think there is a microcosm of the core problem in something I have seen most clearly expressed in the college, frat-athlete, male society, in which the men simply do not view women as anything other than status symbols, and are more interested in amassing “conquests” for the sole purpose of gaining status among their male peers, than for the joys of sex and love per se. This same atttitude survives into the later lives of men in the “trophy wife.” Adored not for herself, but for the status her “conquest” bestows among other males.

I think the problem lies in the fact that our social practices and institutions, especially male social habits, encourage a deep misogyny which views women as a commodity. A status symbol, whether through numbers, the cocksman who is admired, or the status that a particularly coveted, beautiful woman confers on the man who “bags” her.

Most men are sexually sexist, and the prevailing male attitude in this regard forces women into an impossible situation.

I am not going to pass judgment on any of the differing responses that differing schools of feminism espouse as the result.

But I do know that if all men truly believed and honored a few simple precepts, it would go a long way. These are the attitudes that must be erased, these are the things men must understand:

That No means No, first and above all. That their fierce urges in a sexually charged situation, and the fact that a woman awakened these urges, do not give them the right to satisfy these urges, that the fact that you are all horned up for a women does not mean its her fault you cannot control yourself..

That a woman who enjoys sex and is sexually empowered and has sex with the same attitude that men do, is not a “slut,” that a sexual woman is not tainted, and is not deserving of the same respect as a man.

That having sex with a woman is not a “conquest,” an example of power and achievement, its not a domination or an example of skill and achievement which is worthy of admiration and social status.

That women are not status symbols, like a sports car or a Rolex.

That women are people, equal in every way, entitled to respect and love and adoration for what they are, not for what they represent within this warped male culture.

Excuse me for carrying on about a topic I know nothing about. I have never read any serious feminist work, my beliefs all stem from my experience and observation of the fucked up sexual politics of this culture.

@Promnight: No need to apologize. That was well said and should be said more often by men. One of the biggest problems about this type of discussion is that men are silent (or outright indifferent) about their responsibilities in a post-Feminine Mystique world. This navel-gazing infighting is all for naught unless or until men change that “boys will be boys” attitude.

@Mistress Cynica: It’s gawdawful, but I didn’t want to be the one to say it.

@Jamie Sommers: When I was young, confused, ignorant, dealing for the first time with the issue of sex, like all boys at that age, filled with raging hormones, still, even in that stage of my life, I was so repelled and disgusted by the things my peers would say, the attitudes they had, towards women.

“Did you get some, did you score, she’s a slut,” these kind of things. I was repelled by my male peers and the aggression that their view of sex was embued with. Maybe I am the one who is abnormal, low self-esteem and a feeling of unworthiness is something I have been diagnosed with, but nevertheless, I valued the woman’s desire for me as the ultimate gift. I have never thought of sex as a conquest, always and only I regarded it as a gift to be treasured, and only to be treasured if freely given. Yeah, there was still ego gratification, but not the ego gratification of achieving domination, but instead the ego gratification of being desired, still the greatest and only turn-on that matters to me.

The strangest thing is that I also saw, I truly believe, that the callous male pose, the ‘conquest” thing, is a learned, attitude, I knew so many young men when I was young who I just knew were faking the frat-jock attitude of contempt for the women they fucked. Inside they wanted to be caring and loving, that they really wanted to have real relationships, to value loving and being loved in a mutually equal relationship, but they were brainwashed into thinking that such feelings were weak and feminine, and they had to strive so hard to be the assholes that they were.

Thats kinda ironic, I think.

@Promnight: I think there’s also a pack mentality going on with a lot of the guys.

@Jamie Sommers: yes, everything you said. Especially “the part about Mommy 1.0 not having the right to criticize the military for insufficiently addressing rape because she didn’t report her date rape at 17 while in a foreign country.”

If my initial response seemed flippant, it wasn’t intended to be. The “Daaaammmmn” was more in terms of an “Oh holy Hell, this is going to be a shitstorm.” Mommy 1.0 has a good response up on Jez.

@blogenfreude: More pictures, a sex tape

With Phelps? That’s an economic stimulus America could get behind.

@redmanlaw: Interesting that the Lee-Enfield is still around. What do our snipers use?

@Dodgerblue: Actually, the Lee-Enfield is back! Afghans have rediscovered that the old WWII British workhorse is better for long reange shooting than the AK.

US American snipers generally use the M 24, a heavy barreled variation of the the Remington 700 bolt action deer/elk rifle in 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester, generally) or .300 Win. Mag. rigged up with a powerful scope and adjustable stock for snipers holed up in a stationary position. A trained sniper can go up to 1,000 yards, so far that the .308 can actually lose a lot of its energy, hence the option of the larger more powerful .300 Win. Mag., which was developed for shooting big game across the plains and mountains in Montana, etc.

An emerging trend is to have a guy with an accuratized M4 carbine (the short M16) who serves as the squad designated marksman for when they are out in the streets. One of my friends just transferred to a mechanized infantry unit, so at least a few of his guys would be squad designated marksmen.

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