We Give Up

Comintern 3D

It would be so easier to come up with a caption if this was Dubya’s crew.

First 100 Days – Delivering on Change [Flickr/White House]

If it wasn’t Barry and Gang then I’d swear it was a WKRP episode when the gang inadvertently went to a 3D Porno film.

Nojo, you obviously don’t get US Weekly, because they had a bunch of these photos in last Thursday’s issue. And it’s a good bit of jujitsu by the Administration to massage the image and keep the paps away from the kiddos. Though I confess I want more Bo puppy photos – would that be the pupparazzi?

@SanFranLefty: As did Entertainment Weekly — I’ve been sitting on this since Friday, vainly waiting for inspiration.

(And since we’ve already had our conversation about pop-culture cribbing, I’ll leave it at that.)

@nojo: what was weird about that photo was they were not watching a movie – they were watching the Super Bowl. I wasn’t aware that the Super Bowl was broadcast in 3-D. Bruce sliding crotch-first into the TV camera must have been especially vivid.

I’m gonna add one more thing to the list of “don’t ever let someone photograph you doing this” activities.

It seems Obama is a geek; I even wonder if he speaks some Klingon.

The guy at the end of the row looks like the agent in Californication.

Is the president the only one allowed to wear white 3-D glasses? Or is it that, as happens in bowling allies, most people wear the rental shoes, but Barack has his own personal 3-D glasses?

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