The Joys Of Free Republic

In re Maine (The Way Life Should Be), your friendly neighborhood Freepers have a few things to say about what happened today.  Like, for instance —

Keep pushing libs, you may push us into civil war.

Resolved: that this whiny little bitch should bring it, thereby “putting up” — as opposed to “shutting up.”

(Noted: the same commenter asked, later, “can’t we cede Maine to Nova Scotia?” and steadily progressed downwards from there.  Another has issued the inevitable call to boycott L.L. Bean.  They really are grasping at straws now, aren’t they?)


I love the smell of impotent rage in the afternoon.

Starting a civil war (which their side would do in Southeast Dumbfuckistan, not the libruhl fetus-eating Demrat pinkocommiefaggots in Northeast Libtardia) over two people wanting to commit to one another would have to be the dumbest reason to start a war.

Like any of them could put down the pork rinds long enough to pick up a rifle.

Please. They have my withering scorn.

“Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Freepers.”

Can we call it the Fabulous War?

@rptrcub: Thank you my brother for stating my thoughts for me. Off for a post-lunch walk.

@rptrcub: People start wars for pretty stupid reasons. Apparently there was a decade-long war in Russia over whether one should genuflect with two fingers or three.

@nojo: The War of the Lavender Roses.

Yeah… like the douchebags have ever bought a stitch of clothing outside a Walmart or an Army surplus store. Boycott L.L. Bean, indeed.

@Serolf Divad: Picture Comic Book Guy, thats the wardrobe. Like Andy Reid.

I remember reading a magazine article in 1999-2000ish where some futurist predicted that gay men and lesbians would have marriage equality in a handful of US states by 2010, and snorting “yeah, right–you’d have a better chance of making pork the national meal of Iran.”

Now I’ve gone all Keanu, and my reaction is simply “whoa.”

@Original Andrew: In the end, it’s a generation thing. The bigots are dying off.

@nojo: @Original Andrew: I wonder what 2020 will bring. The year, not the John Stossel crap. Perhaps Talibunny exiled to Mars?

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket:
I love you, Tommy. My lunch is now on my keyboard and my secretary is yelling “What? What’s so funny?”

@blogenfreude: And apparently they give them horrific names like Lynx, Lamb or Dresden. Or “classy” names like Tiffani, Stefani, Madyson, or MaKynsie. Idiocracy isn’t that far-fetched.

@Serolf Divad: I’m shocked they even know what L.L. Bean is.


At that point, we’ll all be permanently plugged into VR Fleshlights with integrated prostate massagers, and no one will remember what any of this IRL mahwage bizniss was about.

@blogenfreude: The bigots may reproduce, but Bristol ain’t exactly a poster child for Sarah’s views.

@nojo: Well, she’s backed off her “abstinence doesn’t work” meme and is now promoting it. She’ll fall into line.

@blogenfreude: Bristol’s promoting, but is anyone buying? And since Bristol herself is stuck at home, she may not have much choice in the matter.

But there will always be exceptions. Obama’s election itself was a generational shift, after all — the bigots grow old and die, and fewer young bigots take their place.

@rptrcub: I love the Civil War parallel-drawing. First, the conservatives put themselves in a position where they are equating resistance to gay rights with the refusal to grant any rights to slaves, which is not a strong rhetorical stance to take. Second, for those who claim the Civil War is all about supporting states’ rights, all of those Confederate flag-waving motherfuckers should be applauding Maine’s successful application of the states’ rights ideal. Fucking idiots.

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