She actually answers the questions she is asked.  Vitter is in trouble:


Better than Vitter. She seems rather articulate (and no I wasn’t staring at her rack.) Doesn’t seem like the typical porno ditz.

And if she does run, keep Larry Flynt out of her campaign.

I wonder how many diaper questions did she get? Geez, CNN. Why keep quiet about Diaper Dave? It’s not like you folks miss speaking out on fetish sex or anything.

Ya know, I like to look at ostensibly non-exploitative pron as much as the next guy, but I have my doubts that its ever really non-exploitative. So many of the women are victims of childhood abuse, or seem to be actively involved in exploitative relationships, are maybe compromised by drug abuse, its a demeaning business for most, I think, except the rare exception.

This Stormy seems to be the exception, an intelligent women who chose to use what she has. Not the choice most would make, but I sense it was made freely and knowingly and she is in control of her life.

And you see, to me, thats so much more attractive than helplessness and exploitation, which unfortunately is the nasty tone of most porn, which caters not simply to the lust and sex instinct, but to a nasty and evil domination and humiliation thing. I enjoy seeing joyous sex between equals; most porn emphasizes the humiliation and domination of the woman, which is simply evil.

She’s far more articulate than that Prejean chick.

@Jamie Sommers:
Isn’t almost anyone? Prejean is a container ship of stupid.


But what about pron featuring dudes goin’ at it?

@ManchuCandidate: A Container Ship of Stupid. That’s poetic. Thank you.

Stormy. Darling. I know wearing clothes hasn’t been a big part of your professional life to date, but we need to talk. That pattern makes you look like a linebacker. The black top you wore in the video was better, but you need, um, more supportive foundation garments. And the shiny, tight purple skirt has got to go. You head down to NOLA and get yourself a first class gay stylist, and there will be nothing that can stop you, Madam Senator.

How can anyone take her seriously if she isn’t quivering, sweating profusely and barking obscenities through clenched teeth with her eyes rolled up into her head?

@Mistress Cynica: Should I be worried that the first thing I thought was “damn, what an awful outfit”? And the hair coloring? I know….

@Mistress Cynica: In her defense (why am I defending her or that outfit??), it’s really tough to find flattering clothes when your tatas are titanic.

@ManchuCandidate: Further proof of her questionable judgment: She’s dating Michael Phelps. Then again, he also seems — while very nice — dumb as a rock, so maybe it’s a good match.

I’m not surprised. She’s got her own flotation devices.

I’ll show myself out the door…

@Nabisco: Look out, you’re coming down with teh ghey! It’s Mauve Mania! (my new favorite phrase).
@Jamie Sommers: It really is difficult, and that’s why she so desperately needs a good gay to guide towards more minimizing solids and away from those disastrous patterns. Also, we need to get the engineering school at LSU to work on an appropriately supportive brassiere. I’m guessing cantilevers or flying buttresses will be involved.

I once dated a woman who was a master of minimizing. We had a lengthy acqaintance and a long courtship, during which I never noticed anything unusual or remarkable about her chestal area, of course I knew her professionally only, in “suitable for court” suits.

And then came the day when first was revealed what had been minimized, almost completely concealed, beneath her conservative professional clothing.

It was like those gag snakes that come out of the peanut can. I was thunderstruck, simply amazed, it was like a surprise party that comes as a complete surprise, my only thought was “where the fuck did THOSE come from.”

So then I married her.

@Original Andrew: They have pron with dudes going at it? Ewww.

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