Wingnut of the Day

Bill Cunningham.  The money shot is about one minute in.

He manages to make Geraldo Rivera look thoughtful.  I thought that couldn’t be done.


Bill looks like the stick up his ass has a stick up its ass.

Beckel and Rivera do a pretty good job considering they’re surrounded by shameless, odius, wingnut demagogues.

You keep digging up these winners for us.

Where does Fox find these people?

Back when W was in the WH, I had to stop watching stuff like this because it really drove me nuts. Things really have changed. That was the most entertaining part of my day so far. Thank you!

@DeaconDrJones: No problem. As for where Fox finds these people – I’m guessing Bircher meetings and KKK fish plankings.

Is Sean Hannity the single most irritating person on television – at least in between the commercials? He reminds me of Zsa Zsa Gabor who had no talent and yet seemed to turn up constantly on the tube.

@DeaconDrJones: It was the press briefings that drove me up the wall. Had to stop watching once Scott McClellan took over, ironic given that he’s since emerged as “the good guy.”

@Dave H: Without a doubt. The whining voice, the complete fabrications, the posture of victimization, the naked hatred. Even an actor could only do it for one movie or at the longest term a moderately long-running play. Proof that Hannity really is a fuckwitted, lying, mewling fascist.

How they manage to hold that many contradictory opinions at one time without their heads exploding is beyond me. And yes, someone who make Geraldo look like a passable facsimile of a reasonable human being has considerable wingnut chops.

@Mistress Cynica: It has been established that Geraldo Rivera is not entirely a human being because obviously he has balls of steel.

Geraldo: “Latin America is my specialty.”

And here I thought it was empty safes, chair-throwing, hurricane-diving, and revealing the location of troops.

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