I don’t know what made me think of this guy, but I always laugh at his stuff.


The Parts is Parts commercial makes me chuckle unlike “Where’s the Beef?” is some part because it wasn’t beaten to death in the 1980s.

Did this guy die or something? No comprendo.

Nojo, I think you said there’s a lovely door prize awaiting the Stinquer who’s first to be in uncomfortably close proximity to a case of swine flu, right? Cuz Homofascist, Chicago Bureau, and I are pretty much in a three-way tie as we’re all approx. two miles away from this case, with HF slightly edging me out by being a few blocks farther north.

@SanFranLefty: No – just makes me laugh, so I get to torture you with it …

@flippin eck: A case just popped up at the World Bank, five blocks from my office. Apparently the guy picked it up while traveling to Mexico for work, the poor thing.

Swine flu hits Santa Fe County, 1 year old hospitalized. Case No. 2 is down south of Albuquerque in Valencia County, where Bo Diddley was a deputy sheriff for a while.

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