Who Would Dr. King Torture?

Buchanan v. my torts professor Jonathan Turley. This makes me proud to have been his student. Stick with it until the end.


Fuck. Chris Matthews should be waterboarded with a 18 inch spiked dildo crammed up his ass for that.

@SanFranLefty: Oh crap, that is really sad news. What an awesome lady, she will be missed.

Wow. Where to begin. Turley is completely on message and refuses to be sidetracked by the aggressive vapidity of Matthews and the moral ambiguity of Buchanan. Tweety needs something spiky shoved up his ass for treating torture and adherence to the law as something “controversial”.

Buchanan, on the other hand…I guess he’s clear-ish on his position (which in fact may be more honorable than Tweety’s because ostensibly he’s there for his opinion and not as a journalist): i.e., “torture is illegal, but sometimes there is a higher moral law“. I guess that means it’s A-OK to break the law if you feel you’re following God’s law.

That last line about Dr. King is Absolutely Fabulous. I’m sure Martin Luther Jr. would be proud of all of us, including Preznident Unicorn, right about now.

@SanFranLefty: I’m Maude-lin at this news. Srsly, she was a goddess.

@Pedonator: torture is illegal, but sometimes there is a higher moral law
Pat so longs for the days of the Inquisition.
Srsly, I blame the producers of “24” for making torture socially acceptable as long as its the good guys doing it. And of course, it always works for Kiefer, so why not?

Oh Bea, thank you for being a friend.

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