Leading the Blind

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You can file this polling data under the heading “Things that make me sad.” As ineffectual as he’s been, Governor Paterson seems to be more of a well-meaning boob than the calculating rat-faced attack bitch he may have to face, and he’s easier on the eyes (haha, blind joke!). Giuliani doesn’t even hold the appeal of being a gay-loving cross-dresser anymore, now that he has come out (haha gay pun!) against gay marriage. The only thing to do is get another calculating rat-faced attack dog back in the game for the Democrats. So, Spitzer for Governor! We want a man in Albany who only uses the numbers nine and eleven when he’s counting his whore diamonds.


Paterson might surprise you – I still have a little faith in him.

In other NY news, the Jets just picked up Mark Sanchez (USC quarterback) by trading a few players and a second round pick to Browns for 1st round fifth. Could be interesting – now they need a wide receiver.

New York will be the center of the Republican comeback. Just you wait and see.

Dang, Sanchez was a good pic for you guys. He’s from Orange County (Mission Viejo High School).

@Comandante Agi: And from USC – heard him interviewed, and he’ll be able to handle the NYC media.

I have one word for you: CUOMO

And that, I think, says it all.

@Benedick: Yes, Cuomo is a logical choice, if all you want is for Democrats to win (boring). I just don’t know if he’s got enough buried scandals in him to get me excited.

@blogenfreude: Too bad he won’t be able to handle the defensive line of the Cowboys.

@SanFranLefty: Ten bucks says the Jets finish with an equivalent or better record than “America’s Team”.


You are so on. I’m also going to add another 10 dollar bet that both the Jets and the Cowboys end up with a better record than RML’s Broncos.

Can I have a witness? Jamie? Anyone else who follows pigskin football?

@SanFranLefty: You need to make that bet with RML. Glad you took our bet. PREPARE TO BE HUMILIATED.

@SanFranLefty: Fuck. The Broncos will be lucky to go 9-7.

“The Broncos will face the winners of the last six Super Bowls: the New England Patriots (2004, ’05), the Pittsburgh Steelers (2006, ’09), the
Indianapolis Colts (2007) and the New York Giants (2008). Only the Colts game will be on the road. ” CBS4 Denver

Intramural warfare at Casa RML when the Broncs meet the Cowboys on Oct 4.

So I’ve vaguely heard all this stuff about Paterson being reviled lately, but I must have been working or something when the scandals(?) hit the press.

What exactly has he done? Last I heard he was Walking Tall for the ghey marriage thing. I’m honestly puzzled. The last time I paid attention to him was right after he took over from Spitzer, and he seemed to be a contender.

@blogenfreude: @SanFranLefty: Ah, you’re rivalries are so quaint. Both are fortunate they won’t get truly tested by Sixburgh ™; we’ll wait until that pretty boy Sanchez has a year under his belt…

@Pedonator: He seems to be a bumbling putz who does nothing right. And everyone’s pissed off because we have a Democrat Socialist majority (very slim) for the first time in many years and he can’t do anything with it. It’s also partly a backlash against Spitzer. Not that anyone blames Paterson but we’re all very disappointed. The marriage thing is going nowhere because he can’t control his team and we have a part-time vicar who earned his ‘degree’ from a school of divinity that has all the heft of a match-book art-school (we hyphenate a LOT when writing the Queen’s English) who is holding the Jesus gun to everyone’s head. Same-sex marriage is felt to be an act of political desperation. Spitzer, as AG made marriages entered into legally legal in NY state – which means nothing so far as I can tell. We still can’t file a joint tax return. There is perhaps a certain amount of over-reaction going on but I wouldn’t vote for him. I would vote for Cuomo. But what is really needed here in the Empire State is someone pretty with abs.

@SFL et al

so it is written, so it shall be done.


Agreed. Cuomo will be the next Governor. I’m not sure why Patterson’s numbers are so low, but it helps that there’s no scandal driving the numbers. This should make it easier for Cuomo to become governor over Giuliani provided he prevails in the primary.

@Serolf Divad: I think Cuomo beats everyone by a mile in all recent polls. If Giuliani shows up there will be stonings. The recent win in 20 is a big deal here. If upstate starts to turn blue then the Republicans have no hope of catching the Democrat-Socialist Party

@Jamie Sommers: “Creeping Death” reference!!!


I was headbanging in church with a particular riff going through my head.

/plugs in guitar

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