The Buck Starts Here

Abolish the IRS! Your vote will be counted! Well, after we collect 99 cents.

IRS Vote [via Sully]

Damn you to hell, Hamster! [shakes fist] I was feeling relatively good about the world before I was assaulted with this asswipe’s face again.

Why won’t he fade into obscurity already? Arrrrggghhhhh!

Wow, I can “vote” by calling a 1-900 number? That doesn’t sound like a late-night infomerical for the desperate at all.

Damn, count me in Joe. When does my free Shamwow Snuggie get here?

Have any of you actually read the Fair Tax book? One of my conservative neighbors let me borrow it. I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or cry.

Hey JoeDa, why don’t you take that prop circular saw behind you and cut off your leg for us on youtube? That‘ll keep you in the news, asswipe.


I’d pay 99 cents a minute to see that. $1.00 even.

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: Dial 1-900-hacks-a-lot and kick them nasty thoughts.

He’s got a bright future in late-night infomercials. Watch out, Billy Mays! Here comes some serious competition!

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