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Wabbit season!

“The Gathering” by Glen Tarnowski, on display at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego — just down the street from us.

What’s up, Jesus? Looney Tunes ‘Last Supper’ parody stirs controversy [LA Times]

The Gathering: The Artist’s Perspective [Chuck Redux]

blogenfreude adds: Best Warner Bros. cartoon EVAR (in my humble opinion):


Marvin Martian = win. I want an Illudium Q-34 explosive space modulator – for experimental purposes only, I swear.

Well, I claim this rock in the name of Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a 1/2 Century.

@blogenfreude: Check or the Acme catalog (unfortunately not on line anymore).

Hey, d’ja see that the Navy Seals rescued Capt. Phillips and killed 3 of the 4 dudes who were holding him, the fourth having the good sense to jump overboard and surrender? Operation was approved by Obama. I totally approve. You fuck with us, we fuck with you, is my motto.

I can see JNOV boarding the boat with a knife in her teeth and MP 5 in hand.

@Dodgerblue: @redmanlaw: Huzzah! And I am honored. Does the SEALS take women now? I used to treat a lot of Buds at Balboa Naval Hospital, and the Buds were little assholes, but the SEALS themselves were awesome dudes. As were the Marines.

I’m so glad he’s free! It just goes to show you that ninjas are better than pirates every single time. Which reminds me of another gripe: Why must people who worship the FSM wear full pirate regalia when preaching its word? Pirates! Boourns! And here’s to hoping Somalia gets its act together so its young men don’t see piracy as a career option.

@SanFranLefty: Oh, cheeky monkey! I will never knowingly click on a Folsom St Fair link. Well, certainly not at work. I thought it was a fair like a country fair, and I was going to take my kid one year until a classmate told me:

Classmate: It’s a leather fair, JNOV

Me: Uh. Okay. Leather’s nice.

Classmate: No, no — it’s a leather fair.

Me: Sounds good. Maybe I’ll get some boots.

Classmate: NO, NO — do you know what a leather fair is?

Me: Uh, people set up stands and tables and sell leather goods?

Classmate: ::facepalm:: No, no, that is not what it is. Let’s just say that last year there was a guy wearing assless chaps and a cock ring sitting on the curb masturbating.

Me: …

Classmate: I think your son is a little young to be seeing that kind of stuff.

Me: …

Classmate: You okay?

Me: …

Ha ha! Have you ever been, SFL? I’m afeared I’d just stare slackjawed. Got bless the leather folks and their desire to strut their stuff.

@ManchuCandidate: Oh, soooo cute!

TJ/I think the exmormons have banned me. There was this delusional poster who said that I am Satan (and so is Michelle Obama), I am dead, I have a ray gun, and I’m holding the SON God Gerard Butler hostage. She’s also said some other pretty wackadoo stuff, like she’s the wife of God, but she can’t be reunited with him because he, Gerard Butler, is being held captive. She talks about wave lengths and hidden worlds and real vs fake people, and she has a YouTube channel where you can check out her slide shows full of pics of Butler and mathematical equations that explain how this hidden universe/the dead walk amongst us business works.

For a while, I played along and took my new duties as Satan quite seriously. We had planned to buy an island and were in contract negotiations with Cafe Press, cuz penance in MY hell was selling those cheap bullshit t-shirts on the beach. I was working on relearning how to fly by concentrating on levitation first — I was getting my Prince of Darkness ducks in a row.

But I dunno. Today I didn’t feel like feeding her paranoia or delusions, and I respectfully told her that I thought she might have some mental issues that should be addressed by a professional, I didn’t mean offense, but I wanted her to be well, etc. She replied that I was going to try to censor her with the coo coo cube. Uh. I told her I would never try to censor her, and that I had no idea what a coo coo cube was, but that her brain, which is a very good brain in many ways, might not be firing on all cylinders. That I wanted her to live a life without fear of the dead and their ray guns, etc. Then the thread got pulled.

Ugh. I am certain that she’s going to think I had something to do with the thread being pulled. Then I tried to comment on an unrelated thread, and I got cock blocked by the “This is a moderated forum…” message that I never get.

::sniff:: I think the exmos excommunicated me.

@JNOV: Since Easter is about the resurrection, you need to get back on there under a new name like “sealbeach” or some thing.

@Dodgerblue: Obama avoids the Jimmy Carter syndrome in his first 90 days; proves that if he can’t walk on water, he’ll send guys underwater to get. shit. done.

@JNOV: You should have just hit her with some Zombie Bible scripture and called it a day. I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson about the futility of being a kind and caring person.

@JNOV: aw sad! At least you get a ray gun, bad ass! If that thing can shoot through tin-foil helmets, we can conquer the crazies with our mind-rays in no time flat! I’ll power up the black helicopter.

@JNOV: Your story made me crack up. I’ve never been to FSF b/c I can’t convince Mr. SFL to go with me and all my ghey friends are too tied up with their engagements to escort their favorite fag hag. Plan your next trip to SF during that time and we can go together.

@ManchuCandidate: So obviously Bo Obama is part of the homshexual plot threatening ‘Merika, what with him wearing a rainbow colored lei when he met the girls. And Bo rhymes with Homo. He’s a Muslim Gay Dog.

/sad thing is – I give five days before some wingnutter koo-koo pants says exactly that, except they’ll actually mean it.

Update! I have not been banned — for some odd reason one of my comments got sent to limbo, but the mod said she didn’t know why, and she released it. I’m not in trouble, etc, etc, they just tend to pull the truly delusional threads and block the delusional user.

@Mistress Cynica: Haha! If she shows up again, I might just do that. I’ve been thinking about taking the Great Flood chapter and filling it with zombie animals.

@drinkyclown: The ray gun is truly badass, and I got it only because I’m dead. Being Satan was pretty badass as well. I was looking forward to relearning how to fly and to using other magiphystical powers. But I can’t even levitate (I tried), so I’m probably not Satan after all. Pfft.

@SanFranLefty: Dude! I don’t think my balls are big enough to attend the FSF. I have no problem with the idea of public masturbation and whatever else occurs there, but I think seeing it would be a whole ‘nuther other. I would behave rudely and stare, giggle, and I’d act inappropriately in general. I wouldn’t want to offend anybody by acting like I just fell off the turnip truck.

@redmanlaw: Haha! When they ban people, they block their IP addresses, so I’d just be screwed. And I don’t have what it takes to be a SEAL. :(

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