You Can’t Handle the Truth

They're in... all our eggs.

Area 51 [Google]

Did the ghost of Samuel Beckett have anything to do with this post?

Yahoo suggests taking ET Highway if you’re arriving from Vegas, but it’s unclear if roadblocks and ID checks are built into the travel time.

Click on the Area 51 link, then the map and you get sat photos of Nellis AFB showing aircraft (poss. incl. the 737 “Rachel” air shuttles used to bring people in from Vegas) and various buildings and vehicles.

Here’s something on my neighborhood alien base at Dulce NM (scroll down):

@lynnlightfoot: Now that you mention it, I usually write my posts in French and translate them through Babelfish.

My favorite part is the reviews, especially this one:

“Hi Bob! Please tell me, why do you think this is the worst place? Perhaps you could had a bad experience or something “

Jamie Sommers: “Hi Bob.”

Wait a minute…. I haven’t seen anybody in the crew from The Bob Newhart Show on teevee lately (with the notable exception of Suzanne Pleshette — may God rest her soul). That’s where they all are.

@chicago bureau: As much as I loved Bob Newhart as a kid, just hearing thename “Pleshette” would make most of my adolescent organs asplode. Casting her was like comedy crack.

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