Yes We Can Can

The Haste of a New Generation

Speaking of that WIN button, this is what brought it to mind.

Emblems to Stamp Projects Funded by the Stimulus Package [ABC]

Was that pin (and earrings!) from your collection? I think we thought they were so silly at the time we just flung them around like finger-frisbees.

@Nabisco: I don’t think I have a WIN pin, but I know there’s a “Nixon’s the One” pin somewhere in the stash.

My great regret is that my can of Billy Beer disappeared some years ago.

Somebody should come up with an “Obama Beer”, what with all the flap over him having one at a basketball game.

@With a name like Tommmcatt…it has to be good: Some guys in Brooklyn did, but they got a cease-and-desist from the feds.

@With a name like Tommmcatt…it has to be good:

What would a Obama beer taste like?

It would have to be dark (natch.)

With a lot less hoppy taste (no bitters) and sweet

A sweet dark lager?

@Jamie Sommers is unfairly harsh!: Unicorn beer sounds a lot like a Shiner Bock, wouldn’t you say?

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