How to Punish Hannity for Coup Provocation? Nail Him to a Swastika?

Hannity's Treason Poll

Crypto-nazi hatecaster Sean Hannity’s show has always been a rallying venue for the chickenhawk, militiaman, neonazi and neoconferederate crowds, but as the reaction to the savage looting of America grew and the prospects of an Obama Administration seemed more likely, Hannity grew ever more enraged and desperate, and finally, extreme to the point of advocating extra-political confrontation with “the extreme left” — basically anyone to the left of Julius Streicher.

Hannity had already been exposed as a neonazi sympathizer by The Nation a few years back, which reviewed his relationship with neonazi psychopath Hal Turner, host of his own webcast radio show, whom Hannity often had on to bark racist and crypto-genocidal madness. Still, one assumes, Hannity was just promoting a hypermilitarized fascist political philosophy that he hoped would win fairly at election, or simply finish overwhelming what was left of the GOP and transform America into the theocratic, fascist dystopia the founding fathers clearly had in mind.

Then fucktard Hannity hosted a poll on his website last week, asking his readers which revolution they endorsed: a military coup, armed rebellion, or war for secession. Every choice in the reader poll is clearly a threat to the current, duly and legally elected administration.

(It’s since been taken offline, but it is clearly a culmination of the insane, childish crap Hannity has been clumsily hinting at with blatherings about extra-political confrontation with the Left, as if America had one. His fuckwit-in-arms Glenn Beck dedicated a show to this question recently, again clumsily attempting to paint armed insurrection as a reaction to lawlessness on the Mexican border. Hey, Glenn, if you want to suck your own dick, try yoga and leave us out of it.)

As such, it is clear that Sean Hannity has marshaled his media resources to openly advocate the overthrow of the United States government and the assassination of an elected president, each of which lands squarely in the not-nice category and should get him some major noogies for treason.

If Hannity can provoke his toothless, senseless minions to think about murdering Obama and taking control of an elected government by armed force, we can speculate what kind of punishment Hannity might find himself subject to in a government of the sort he envisions seizing control of the U.S. — essentially a neonazi cult.

[poll id=”30″]

But let’s face it, all of these choices are too good for this witless, cowardly neonazi dilettante. Streicher, as a media figure, had the fucking courage of his twisted, monstrous convictions, and gloried in his own death for them, shrieking his last sieg heils from the gallows in Nuremberg. Simpering chickenhawk Hannity has no such virtues of resolve. No, for this worthless piece of shit, we need something lingering, something on a par with the kind of life sentences he so eagerly endorsed for servicemen sent Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, let’s say, his arms. What is he using them for but jerking off?


His home-schooled, cousin-humping, Cheetoh eating viewers might very well take some sort of action. It’s going to be a long 8 years.

I don’t know exactly what, but it should somehow involve a bad hookup on Hannidate.

They really are deranged, aren’t they?

The weather forecast for my area of NJ is for a foot to a foot and a half of snow. WTF?

@Promnight: Where are you located? I heard there was something ugly coming our way ….

Just checked – they’re saying 6-12 inches for NJ and NYC area.

I guess I should be comforted by the low number of votes.

BTW, I did actually flip through a copy of the Turner Diaries once at a used bookstore (amazing the shit you can find) which is apparently banned in Canada City. What made me laugh about the book was its quasi retarded comic book assertions and assumptions.

Think Rambo movie except dumber WAAAAAAY dumber.


Usually, ultra violent porn and race bating bullshit (which often times is one and the same.)

I knew a guy who was a customs agent for a couple of years. They have a list of stuff not allowed into Canada City.

@ManchuCandidate: What’s the punishment if you get caught?

I suppose it’s my libtard outlook, but I don’t really see a reason to ban stupid shit. If I wanted a copy of the TD and lived in Toronto, I could probably have one within a day. I sure as hell know I could score drugs pretty quickly – a handgun might take a bit longer. Any racist who wants to read that shit either has it or will soon – even Canadian racists. Speaking of Canadian racists – ever hear about Adam Yoshida? A Grade A wingnut.

Depends on the document. A fine and confiscation at the least.

As for obtaining stuff, I know people who know people who know people who can get stuff. But that is the official gubbiment position.

Canada City is not as free as the US America is when it comes to free speech. Many a shock jock (local or otherwise) has been taken off the air in Canada including Howard Stern. A lesbian bookstore got in trouble with Canada City Customs over some literature they (CCC) deemed unfit.

We’re not always loose and carefree on all matters.

No, I never heard of Adam. Odd considering his last name and what Canada City probably did to his ancestors in WW2 (we treated Japanese Canadians worse then Americans did.)

@ManchuCandidate: Just checked – you can get the damn thing on Amazon. Bet they’d send it to you without a problem.

blogenfreude adds: Interesting that we’re talking about free speech issues and simultaneously wishing that Hannity would STFU. Depends on what your definition of dangerous speech is … calling for Obama’s assassination or overthrow is way out there.

I guess we’re back to “community” standards.

In Canada there is low if any tolerance for wingnutty screeds or rants which is why a lot of “free speech” types (usually Rush lite types but there are the Libertarians and really Librul Libruls) hate the Charter of Rights.

@ManchuCandidate: As I learned in law school – speech issues are rarely as simple as the “yelling fire in a crowded theater” hypothetical.

A question: What if you yell “fire” in a theater that’s only one-third full?

@blogenfreude: Given the climate of the times if you were a third full you’d be having pretty good week. Oh… you mean the fire thing… um…

A thought occurs: a way to make Hannity suffer? Make him read all of Coulter’s books – cover to cover. I have now taken to hiding them in bookstores as well as the local library. It is my secret shame. Well, that and my addiction to That 70s Show.

@Benedick: Oh please … hiding Coulter books and a sitcom? You’re fine, as long as you don’t add that you still listen to The Partridge Family or secretly make offerings to John Tesh, the god of suck.

Me, I’d keep an eye on bulk fertilizer sales for awhile.

@blogenfreude: I don’t see a free speech/STFU issue here. (Or the Yoda-enhanced TFSU, as they enjoyed at Gizmodo for awhile.) What I condemn on my own authority, and what I wish the guvmint would condemn for me, are two different things.

Hannity and his ilk will escape legal responsibility for the next domestic terrorist act. But I’ll be satisfied if he’s named an unindicted co-conspirator.

@blogenfreude: I can feel your heartbeat, and you didn’t even say a word…

Oh, fuck. Back to the reeducation camp.

@nojo: I hid my sister’s Bobby Sherman magazines b/c I wanted to protect her. She turned out fine, but if I hadn’t intervened? Who knows ….

It’s always fun to read how you left-wing crazies go off the deep end over me. It’s even more fun to be able to add your names to my list of “things to take care of” when the time comes.

Congratulations, you’re on my list.

Hal Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900
Blog HalTurnerShow(dot)blogspot(dot)com
Tel: 201-484-0060

@blogenfreude: You had to mention Bobby Sherman. I’m this close to whipping out The Carpenters, pal.

Oh, and…

@HalTurner: Hi! We’re available for live remotes and book signings.

Holy fuck! What a week it has been. Our first sort of troll.

@HalTurner: Congrats on getting your Reader set up to notify you whenever you are mentioned in blog form. If it makes you feel better (it probably won’t), I had no idea who in the hell you were until this post. If you have any dirty secrets about Sean you would like to share though, we are all ears! We also love to talk about drugs and gay sex, so you should fit in real good!

@HalTurner: And we do weddings and bar mitzvahs! You should SEE the smoked fish platter we lay out! Oy.

@HalTurner: Who the fuck is Hal Turner?

Hannity and those assholes are like PETA. They thrive on your hate.
Don’t waste your hate. Save it for something worthwhile.

@blogenfreude: John Tesch; the music of the Log Cabin Republicans. Rock it on down, you big closet cases!

Who is Hal Turner? I don’t know. This why I must watch sitcoms. I still have so much to learn.

But srsly: as for Hannity et al. They’re all talk. Lots and lots of talk. God’s sake, you’ve been in a bar, haven’t you? The working class in the US has been completely cowed. They buy cheap guns and beer and then they bluster. What I wonder is why the right wing spokesnuts are all so fat? Well, the men are fat, with great meaty faces. The women are something else. How much Max Factor Light Tan Screen-Secret Powder must it take to deaden the sweat-shine bounce on Hannity’s face?

@nojo: I posted a video of Sonic Youth doing “Superstar” on my FB page the other day. Must be something in the air.

@redmanlaw: But we’re on his list. I envision it as a long scroll, each entry painstakingly written in a crabbed hand in the dim glow of an oil lamp, the bitterness aging it like good leather. You’ll see. You’ll ALL see.

I’m confused. Are the Turner Diaries written by Hal? All I know about them is that Tim McVeigh had a copy in his car when he blew up the Murrah Building.

@nojo: I am going to come out of the closet and declare solidarity with my fellow Partridge Family fan.
“…Oh, I know pretty woman that your love can be heard.”

Aw, c’mon, FCS! I love the chickenhawk. Why must you associate him with these fucktards?

::Now reading the entire post and comments::

@nojo: Just spell my name correctly, that’s all I ask.

@Mistress Cynica: You and Ron Jeremy – he doesn’t care what people write about him as long as they spell his name right.
@nojo: I confess to having a couple Carpenters albums, but they were given to me by my high school prom date. I have a turntable, but I will not listen to them. I promise.

@HalTurner: Who the fuck are you? And is your list written with the blood of a million aborted babies?

ADD: A million aborted brown, Jewish, homosexual, Catholic babies? Oh, wait — I think you guys have loosened your by-laws and now allow Papists to join. Is that so?

@blogenfreude: And here I would have bet the farm that Ron and I have nothing whatsoever in common.
@SanFranLefty: Wow, I hadn’t looked at the byline because I just assumed….

I’m betting Prommie is the guest blogger.

@redmanlaw: To the general point: If these folks were mere cranks, we wouldn’t bother paying attention to them. But they frighten me the way Talibunny’s crowds frightened me: They create an atmosphere that encourages violence, and some mad cow among their audience may actually go for it.

The Murrah bombing is Exhibit A for this argument, with Jim Adkisson providing a more recent example. We’ll always be prone to Righteous Crazed Assholes, but I’d rest more easily if they weren’t encouraged by idiots with a microphone and a network.

The comparison here isn’t to PETA, but to the more radical groups who bomb university laboratories. Only they’re not encouraged by, say, Air America and umpteen books in the Amazon Top 100, but roundly condemned.

So no, I don’t think we’re being frivolous here. Just wary.

@nojo: Agreed. Having been in downtown OKC at the time of the bombing, having known people who died, were injured, or lost children, and having escaped injury myself by who knows what fluke of fate (a window blew in on me, but I wasn’t cut), I never, never underestimate these people and what they are capable of actually doing. We were blindsided by McVeigh, and never saw a threat coming from that direction. I for one won’t make that mistake again.

Its not me, JNOV.

This one is interesting, things about Hannity I never knew,

Meet Hal Turner…

Latest Post: Knoxville Massacre Lawyer Wants Anonymous Comments on web silenced!

Subject: Ongoing coverage of a white couple murdered after a carjacking in Knoxville, Tennessee. Police have arrested four black men and a black woman.

Noteworthy: Embedded CNN clip of Turner being interviewed for the Paula Zahn show. (CNN chyron: “Black on White Murder: Crime sparks Internet outrage”.)

Number of times “nigger” appears in 25 comments: 12.

@Mistress Cynica:
Nope. The only reason I brought the infamous Turner Diaries up was because of the Insaniity Poll as it is the basis of every white supremacist’s fantasy of overthrowing the gubbiment aka ZOG.

@Promnight: I went through a short spell of morbid curiousity last fall, tuning in to Hannity’s radio show for the five or so minutes I could stand on the drive home from work. All I learned that wasn’t already evident is that he has some “troubled youth” in his past – I’m guessing drinking and blow. He was probably That Guy in SoCal who had to try just a little too hard to get laid.

@nojo: I see this sort of low-rent dogshit in the comments to any news story featuring Hispanics at Mrs RML’s paper, Everything devolves into racist hate after no more than 10 comments. I understand the comments in the late not so great Rocky Mountain News were also dominated by racist ranting. But other than what’s above, I have not seen any overtly “overthrow the government” stuff even in the stuff I read. Most there are grumbling, but no call to arms. The Hannity stuff, etc. could just be the rooster crowing to himself, but you’re right, someone may take him up on it.

@Mistress Cynica: How could we not forget “Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque?” C’mon – get happy!

@blogenfreude: Studio wizard Hal Blaine and Karen herself did some great drum parts on those records.

@nojo: If these guys are truly bad news, the federales should get after them.

@Mistress Cynica: No one with a Jewish relative can take a casual attitude about these people. It can happen here.

@redmanlaw: It’s part of a larger theme I’ve also seen developing at WorldNetDaily, where they were crowing about an active-duty serviceman who’s signing on as a plaintiff in one of the birth-certificate lawsuits. Obama is a “usurper”, and the dude won’t recognize him as Commander-in-Chief.

If it were just Hannity, Limbaugh and O’Reilly jerking off, I wouldn’t sweat it — I don’t make an effort to pay attention to any of them. But we all freaked when Hillary saw fit to wistfully mention RFK, and if you’re to take Palin at her word on the stump, you have only one course of action.

Yes, the media and political ringleaders are cynically sounding the alarm to garner votes, viewers, and listeners. They may not believe that shit, but their acolytes do, and that’s what worries me.

@HalTurner: I am so glad I left Jersey at 18 and never looked back. Who the fuck is Hal Turner?

Bonus Hal Turner quote:

“You folks in Congress need to understand something very simple: Obey the Constitution or some Americans may decide to start killing you.

Again, one crank makes not a movement. But there’s more than one crank out there.

@nojo: I looked his name up. What a loser nutjob. Seems he was on WABC for a time. So much for the one-time home of Scott Muni, Bruce Morrow, Herb Oscar Anderson, Chuck Dunaway, Dan Ingram, Big Bob Lewis, etc, etc.

@Promnight: Hmmmmm. Then I still think it’s FCS.

@all: Please take these folks seriously. Go to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s site to check out their hate group watch:

AND check out my old prof’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism: (he used to work at the SPLC).

Anyhoo, the intertubez have allowed leaderless cells of two or three people to get together and hurt folks (e.g. Tim McVeigh, et al). And those of you in LA should pay a visit to the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance. The thing that really struck me about the museum was a map of the US that had colored push pins stuck in each geographic area that had a known hate group. Red might have been for the Aryan Nation, and maybe blue was for the KKK. I expected to see most of the pins in states like Montana or Idaho, but lo and behold, there were a shitton, a HUGELY disproportionate amount, in PA, NJ and OH.

@JNOV: FCS helpfully linked to an SPLC story on the growth of neonazi groups the other day, but I fear it may have been overlooked amidst our hijinx. (And which is why the new Feature Strip is coming in handy — another Blogenfreude inspiration, by the way, prompting me to get around to a chore that had been in the back of my mind from the start.)

@nojo: Yay, Bloggie, nojo and FCS!

And I must give props to Bloggie for not putting up any titty posts in the last week or so. Huzzah!

@JNOV: Er…there was the Texas cheerleader one that wasn’t too long ago.

@homofascist: Yes, but that was contextualized.

@homofascist: Gar! Happily, I missed it b/c of intertubes blackout at werk and I’m just sooooo tired when I get home that I don’t read all the posts.

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