Piyush Confesses

Bobby Jindal admits he made up the Katrina story he told during his response to President Obama’s speech.

I thought Catholics weren’t allowed to lie ….

Jindal Admits Katrina Story Was False [TPM]

Much like Pat Robertson’s claims he was a combat platoon leader in Korea and not the PX ossifer he was.

Nah dude. That’s what confession reconciliation is for.

Maybe I have selective memory, but I’m a sucker for breaking news — especially after part-time NOLA resident Harry Shearer said “pray for New Orleans” on his radio show that Sunday morning — and I was glued to CNN the entire week.

I don’t remember seeing or hearing about Jindal at all. A whole lotta Nagin going on, maybe a Senator, Coop grandstanding the event, but no Bobby.

Nothing definitive there, but I think I would have noticed.

@Jamie Sommers is unfairly harsh!: He just lied right into the camera. A Japanese politician would resign (and maybe commit seppuku). Most Democrats would resign. But I’ll bet you one thing – Jindal won’t even give a meaningful apology.

Soon we’ll hear his story about how he single-handedly defeated the other kind of Injuns at Frontierland while at Disney World this week.

“He who wishes the public ear must avoid the public’s poo.” Look out, Bobby, here comes the poo!

@blogenfreude: Rhodes Scholars. Can’t trust ’em.

@blogenfreude: That’s the audacity of cornpone.

@nojo: Southern Rhodes scholars. They lie for sport.

I’m shocked. Shocked and disappointed. I think he owes our brave men and women in uniform an apology.

I thought all Catholics did was lie. Then ask for forgiveness. Isn’t that the beauty of that whole scam?

@homofascist: It’s not just the lying. I knew a Catholic girl in college who had had two abortions, because that was only two sins versus the daily sin of using birth control. Logic and religion do not make good bedfellows.

@Mistress Cynica: And God’s thinking, I gave you a brain. Why not try using it sometime?

@Mistress Cynica: A sin of emission, right?

@blogenfreude: Nope. And “Sheriff Harry Lee, Democrat” will be the new JoeDaPlumber/Trig prop. Cause the only thing better than a byte-sized prop is a byte-sized prop that can’t speak for itself.

@Mistress Cynica: To be fair, Catholic boys give great head.

@Benedick: Yes, yes, it’s true. Why does Bobby Jindal hate America and its fighting men and women so much? (Hi, Lyndon.)

TJ Oy. Quaint website HuffPo responds to stupid controversy.

Michelle O., the right to bare arms.


Pointing out Bobby Jindal’s lies is racism.

@smapdi: From the first Ubanishad: ” Verily, that which is Dharma is truth.
Therefore they say of a man who speaks truth, ‘He speaks the Dharma”

So Piyush is Greg.

@ManchuCandidate: I knew there would be a controversy when I saw that dress — I believe I noted in my n-sotu fashion commentary that it was a bold move. When I worked at the big law firm, one of the female attorneys made a stink about me wearing sleeveless sheaths. The (male) partners pretty much told her to get a life — or get something, I forget exactly what.
Anyway, if I had the FLILF’s arms, I’d go sleeveless in a Chicago winter.

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