A Festival of Wingnuts

Now that the GOP is out of power, they’re pumping out even more batshit insanity in an effort to stay visible.  I have two pieces of Grade A wingnuttery for you (and one bonus nonpolitical piece of insanity).  Tell me about others you know of in the comments, and I’ll add them.

Q) Who is to blame for the economic meltdown?

A) Chuck Schumer and George Soros! (best wingnuttery begins about 5 minutes in).

Q) Guess who’s getting $5 billion in stimulus money?

[ Flash video not available. ]

A) ACORN! (Start listening 4 minutes in).

Q) Who is to blame for the 9/11 attacks?


A) Psychiatrists! (thanks Scientology).

The stupid.  It burns.

Hardball: JD Hayworth Blames George Soros for Manipulating the Economy [Crooks and Liars]
Michelle Bachmann – “We’re Running Out of Rich People in this Country” [Crooks and Liars]
Scientology Solves 9/11 – the Psychiatrists Did It [Jonathan Turley]

God — that guy again? Every time I saw J.D. Hayworth while he was, you know, a sucka M.C., I felt my brain coming apart. Simplistic all day long.

And then there’s this: dude was (oh dear) a former sportscaster for a teevee station in Arizona. If my growing cynicism about the beloved Keef turns into straight-up WTFism, I may support an amendment banning all sportscasters from holding any office of trust.

Come on, JD. Say IT, you dumbass bonehead… SAY IT!

JEWS. Yes, blame the JEWS. Ah, the fall back of the wingnut. When all else fails, blame the one group EVERYONE seems to blame.

At this time I would like to point out to the Likudists out there that folks like JD are your biggest supporters in US America, the US America Facist Fundie dumbtards wing. With allies like these, you don’t need Nazis.

And Scientologists? Perhaps you guys should spend more time fucking with your E-meters or trying to “cure” Tom Cruise of Da Ghey Thetans than blaming shrinks.

@ManchuCandidate: At least it’s not the homofascists this time. Speaking of, we’ve got a swell new recruiting poster.

Used to be “New York Bankers” was code for “Jews” in Fucktardistan, but now it seems “Soros” is the preferred euphemism.

Now the list of demons is complete; Blacks are to blame, Clinton and liberals are to blame (Clinton forced all the banks to make bad loans to the shiftless blacks, dontcha know, thats what caused it), and Teh Jews, of course, all in collaboration with the reverse vampires and the saucer people, and of course the regulators, because it really happened because we didn’t de-regulate enough.

Heyworth’s picture is in the dictionary next to “pig-eyed mouth-breathing fucktarded pigfucker.”

What about the RAND corporation? No one gives these guys any credit.

I can’t click play on those. I just ate, and besides, what kind of tone is that to start the day with?

Why is it that whenever I listen to the stories of the jobless I want to slit my wrists? Or get drunk?

@ManchuCandidate: Gay abortionists, Masons, the Knights Templar, and the Trilateral Commission – the list goes on and on.


The Borgen Project, the Bilderburger Group, the Girl Scouts….

Oh, and by the way, I’d hit Ford so hard that the guy that pulled me out of him would be crowned the rightful king of England….

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: Oh, and by the way, I’d hit Ford so hard that the guy that pulled me out of him would be crowned the rightful king of England…. Now we know what happened to Excalibur. It’s in your pants.

@chicago bureau: dude was (oh dear) a former sportscaster for a teevee station in Arizona. If my growing cynicism about the beloved Keef turns into straight-up WTFism, I may support an amendment banning all sportscasters from holding any office of trust. Coincidence? Or… Mind you, I’m not saying that watching Sport causes physical damage to the brain. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying… coincidence?

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon:
What is Manila Michelle going to do now? I doubt there is much of an audience for a Ping Pong ball shooter with the economy in the tank.

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: I thought those were called Happy Ending Massages?

Wow, we really are through the looking glass now.

It’s truly fascinating that the GOP has chosen to go “all-in” on The Crazy and created their own totally fictional parallel universe, especially in comparison to British and Canadian conservatives, who’ve taken a far more pragmatic, realistic approach towards governance.

When they catch the next Timothy McVeigh, he’ll be some Clockwork Orange-esque, Faux Noos-indoctrinated loon raving about pork and ACORN and the Fairness Doctrine and African socialists under his bed, and most people won’t have a freakin’ clue what he’s talking about.

Original Andrew: Actually, the Stimulus is, perhaps, one of the biggest political crapshoots in recent history. The Republicans, of course, are betting “don’t” — which suits them, because they are assholes.

If you are seeing job losses and GDP shrinkage in mid-2010 like we are now, the Republicans — without any moderates, mind you, but the really crazy ones — will take back the House and cut into the Senate margin significantly, and everybody to the left of, say, Hillbot 9000 will be tarred as a tax and spend liberal. Reagan revividus, Moral Majority II — The Reckoning, etc.

If the economy improves significantly, then the only thing the GOP will have left is gay marriage and Rush Limbaugh. And by that point, the sensible/fundie ratio will continue to move the right way, and you may be looking at supermajorities for the Dems and total irrelevance for the Dems.

Really: I don’t know how poll numbers can be read right now. What is the floor for Obama? Is his base support — the dead-enders in Hopium dens — 25%, or 35%, or 40%? Will the black community (quote-unquote) stick with him regardless of stuff like, you know, facts? Any ideas on when we may be seeing the country turning on him, such as?

@chicago bureau:

You underestimate the Hopey PR Machine…I really do think that it will be able to spin just about anything for at least another 2 years, maybe 3, or, with a little luck and just a bit of success, maybe through the next election. The man just unveiled a plan to help pay down people’s mortgages for Pete’s sake…that’s worth about 6 months of good polls at least.

And more to that point — DEVELOPING HARD: House Republicans continue the whole whiny bratty bit that worked wonders for them put “six questions” to Black Eagle, to wit:

1. What will your plan do for the over 90 percent of homeowners who are playing and paying by the rules?

First, seriously: fuck you. And those who (ahem) play by the rules might actually benefit from the fact that the houses down the street won’t be, you know, abandoned. So there’s that, also.

2. Does your plan compensate banks for bad mortgages they should have never made in the first place?

Objection, leading.

3. Will individuals who misrepresented their income or assets on their original mortgage application be eligible to get the taxpayer funded assistance under your plan?

Now, see, the whole “ninja / liar” loan thing is one that borrowers have to own up to. I’m going to give a pass to Boehner / Milhouse Cantor on this one, even though it is a loaded question.

4. Will you require mortgage servicers to verify income and other eligibility standards before modifying mortgages?

Same deal.

5. What will you do to prevent the same mortgages that receive assistance and are modified from going into default three, six or eight months later?

By creating jobs through a stimulus package that you could vote — oh, wait, that’s right. You were too busy acting like punks to notice that we actually did something.

6. How do you intend to move forward in the drafting of the legislation and who will author it?

On this evidence? I think Barry can take this one on his own, don’t you?


@chicago bureau: Politically, I think the Repugs are placing a wise bet: All credit for economic success goes to Barry, and they don’t want responsibility for failure.

And if the economy does improve a year from now, they can always make up some new attack.

The comparison to the UK is misguided: the Tories appear interested in governing. The GOP simply wants power.

@chicago bureau: I have done a 180 since yesterday on the economy. This slight uptick in January consumer activity is a dead cat bounce. Its not possible for our economy to improve. This is it, this is the end, The US of A is over, as we knew it, anyway.

Its all the fault of Clinton and the DLC and the triumph of corporatism and the agenda of corporatism, which is “free trade.” I don’t blame the republicans, because I never expect republicans to do anything but serve their corporate oligarchy masters. It was Clinton and the DLC that capitulated the democratic party.

Its like this, we used to be rich and pwerful, we had lots of money, but our people earned big wages too. And we have laws about workplace safety and the environment which also cut into profits.

So the corporate oligarchs decided they would close all the factories in the US, and move them to buttfuckistan, where the people earn 2 cents a day, work from dawn till dark, and you are allowed to beat them till you draw blood, as long as you don’t break bones. Oh, and you can toss toxic chemicals in the village well.

Now some people said “how can this be good, the people have no jobs now?”

But there are these “free trade” loons who are similar to “invisible hand” loons, they believe that the repeated incantation of the phrase “free trade,” and the rejection of “barrifs and terriors,” (Actual W quote, a golden oldie) will magically make money appear in the bank accounts of the laid off workers.

And Bill Clinton aided and abetted the denial of reality by softly crooning “information economy” and “retraining.”

And we all thought that we’d be just fine, buying cars and microwaves and airplanes and trains made in buttfuckistan by people making 2 cents a day, and to earn the money to pay for this shit, we would have an industrial base consisting of half of us making starbucks coffee while the other half of us did Starbuck’s accounting and wrote video game programs and we mowed each others lawns and gave full-release massages to each other. They called that a “service economy.” Its like volloyball, I guess, a nation of landscapers, mowing each others lawn, just hitting that money back and forth over the net, hey, look how good we’re all doing!

The only thing we actually produced was people, a growing population, so we had to build the houses to house the new people and of course peop;el could work at home depot and Basset Furniture selling wood and doors and furniture for the new houses. But that was really it, our only real production was people, more consumers.

But suddenly, last September, the vollyball game stopped. The ball hit the ground on one side of the court, and the player with the ball suddenly had this thought, “if I serve this back to them, they might keep it next time it hits the ground on their side, and then I will have no ball.”

And everyone stopped hitting their money back and forth over the net.

See, free trade just allows the oligarchs to arbitrage different wages, different standards of living, different levels of government corruption, in different countries.

But its kinda like electrical potential, or the power stored behind a damn. Arbitrage produces power so long as their is a difference in levels, but once everything is levelled out, there is no force, no power left. Its really identical to entropy, in a way.

We hade built up enormous wealth in this country, like water behind a high damn. The oligarchs observed that if you open the spigots of the damn and let that water start pouring through, you can generate a tremendous amount of wealth.

But only until the water has reached the same level on both sides of the damn. Then your fucked, if your only means of making money was as a turbine. Or a financier. They are similar in that they don’t create anything, you see, they both generate something from something else that is moving around. But without a difference in potential, nothing is gonna move, you know?

And thats where we are now. Totally fucked.

Thanks Bill. Thanks Hills.

@chicago bureau:

Those are legitimate questions, but it’s weird how they’ve just assumed that the whole housing/financial crisis thingy is all Barry’s responsibility. Don’t they have an obligation, too? As legislators? (crickets chirping)

And it’s too soon to say on Obama’s popularity. He’s only been in office for a month, and no one can predict the future, esp unforeseen events, etc. Most economists are still forecasting a small economic recovery by 4th quarter 09, which would be in line with past economic down-turns.

@flippin eck:

Would you be “happy” with Malkin’s hand on your junk? I wouldn’t.

@Prommie: If you wanna place blame, head back to November 1980 and thank the American voting public for consistently preferring fantasy over reality. There we go again…


Maybe it’s even deeper than that. Mr. OA and I both grew up in Arkansas and went to Arkansas public schools. He recently read that only something like 20% of Arkansans are functionally literate at a 12th grade level. Granted, Arkansas is a poor state, but the numbers in other states can’t be much better. People simply can’t be expected to make informed decisions about complex issues if they don’t have basic tools like reading comprehension.


I’ve long suspected that political outcomes in this country really aren’t due to anything other than chance.

@chicago bureau: Fuck it, then. Let them all go into foreclosure. Every last one. Huge seas of tents and tens of millions of rioting, starving neonazis. That crowd won’t get it until a desperate skinhead kicks down the door, breaks their spine and starts gnawing on their feet.

@nojo: OK, you’re right, it was all over when they killed Kennedy, when the USSC held that corporations have free speech rights, when Bush stole everything.

It just took them this long to empty the reservoir, is all.

I blame TV. Its fucking dumb, and it mesmerizes the fucking stupid.

@Original Andrew:

That’s really a larger question, if you think about it…does Shakespeare’s divinity really shape our ends, so to speak, or is it all just random? Even if you don’t allow for a Deity, is there still some way in which we can affect outcomes, or is it all just random atoms colliding into other random atoms?

Wow, all that trippy thought and I’m not even stoned.

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon:

Isn’t that the basis of semiotics? That a concept can’t exist if it can’t be communicated to two or more people?

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: I tell people I don’t know that I work for Dunder Mifflin all the time. It works whether they get it or not, but I like it best when they don’t get it. I’ve even told my coworkers I work for Dunder Mifflin. They don’t get it, thus proving it an accurate metaphor. Plus also I get to insult them to their faces.

The human mind is incapable of comprehending causation in a world in which every occurrence has a multiplexity of causes. Our minds I think spent more effort concocting plausible but false explanations for why things happen, in order to delude us into a comfortable belief that the world is orderly and predictable, than they do fantasizing about the opposite, or the same, as the case may be, sex, and thats a lot of time. We were meant to be stoned, obviously, as thats the only time we are OK with the world as it is, and quit fucking fretting and thinking and shit.

@Original Andrew:

Ooh, I’d love to have this conversation but all my dope is at home….

@Original Andrew: @Prommie:

It is the lie of narrative, I’m afraid. We see everything in such an Aristotelian linear progression because we are literally immersed in “story” from the time we acquire language. Think about how soon that paradigm is drilled into us…beginning, middle, end, denouement. This lie has two effects, however; it obscures both the random and the causual. It is impossible to offer anything other than opinion as to whether “b” followed as a progression from “a” because we are unable to look at a set of events without creating some kind of narrative relating them to each other….

And yes, I completely agree. We were meant to be stoned, and frankly, for a true narrative-free, non-fret experience the only thing I’ve found that fits the bill is MDMA. I hate to preach enlightenment through drugs, but there it is.

It’s making my head hurt too damn much. How much acid do you have to drop for GOP economic theories to make sense at all?

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: You don’t even need to be immersed in narrative to have an innate need for the linear progression, its an artifact of language itself, of an awareness limited in time, existing in a forever transient now. What we perceive as “logic” is the deep grammar behind the language with which we think.



Overrated. It’s like being hit in the head with a rubber hammer.

ADD: oh, no wait. I get it. MDMA is XTC.

@Original Andrew: @Prommie: 1980 is arbitrary, of course. You could just as soon pick November 1968, or any other election. Jack, Martin & Bobby have nothing to do with it.

As a nation, we get the politicians we deserve, pure & simple. And as a nation, we prefer bromides to intelligence. Maybe that’s true of us as a species, but I don’t pay close enough attention elsewhere to make the call.

So, choose your philosopher: late Twain, twenties Mencken, fifties Walt Kelly. We’re always meeting the enemy, and they always is us.

Signal to Noise: Actually GOP economic theory makes perfect sense to anyone who is addicted only to coffee and cigarettes. You just have to forget the whole “social contract” nonsense and go back to the law of the jungle. The veil of ignorance is for wussies.

Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: The economy is in trouble? Oh my goodness!! What are the procedures?! [/dwight]

FlyingChainSaw: But, of course, there are no real Hoovervilles, but virtual ones. And virtual they shall remain, until people realize (and this is to Prommie’s point) that getting organized about something other than teevee shows may be in their best interest.

I’m actually going to run a post later tonight in re “Teevee Shows That Should Be Taken Out Back And Shot,” or some such. Tune in later and vent.


We may get the politicians we deserve, but it’s a damn shame the rest of the world has to suffer as well.

@chicago bureau: Actually GOP economic theory makes perfect sense to anyone who is addicted only to coffee and cigarettes.

Why am I not Republican?

@Original Andrew: Yes it is. Nice people are going to get hurt, even those who aren’t collaborators. It may have ever been thus, but that doesn’t excuse those with their hands on the levers of power.

And when I’m tempted to lay blame, the neocons get the finger. Fundies are ignorant fools, but neocons are smart enough to know better, and they’ve been acting in bad faith for thirty years. Which is what makes them not bad, but evil.


…because you aren’t a pedophile, maybe?

Man, I was having an OK day until I heard about the NY Post Obama cartoon and started reading the news. Now I’m all fucking snarly. I should have kept practicing my turkey calls on the way back from Albuquerque, but noooo – I had to be an informed citizen and listen to Air America . . .

Prom – did you see my link on major NM Dodge dealer closing up?


@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: Well, that, plus I’m terrible at self-delusion.

What’s that line? “Humility is selfless respect for reality.” Iris Murdoch.


Reds, I’ve decided that the best way to deal with this F*&$%d up world is pure denial (it works great for the Repubs and the Talibangelists, since that is the basis of their political, economic and foreign policies, right?).

Whenever people start yakkin about how bad our shizz is since this Depression thing started, I’m just gonna smile and say “since what started?”

La la la la… la la la la…

Goddamn. I’m gone for a couple of days and the first face I seen upon my return is the ugly mug of Foghorn Leghorn himself. I refuse to click on that to hear that godforsaken bray of his.

I hear the dumbshit was leading a group of protesters across the street from the high school where the Hopicorn was speaking this morning.

@chicago bureau: you’d think I’d be perfect for that demographic….oh, right, I’m half black and know my history.

(I’ll never vote for a Republican because of the Southern Strategy. They can magically purge the non-racists and the gay-haters out of the party in my lifetime and it will still be too fresh.)

HAH! Nojo, I just saw that …what is that thingie called..the side header?


I fear twitter…it will suck me in and obsess me, I know it.

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: I’m just annoyed that I can’t follow my sister’s tweets without joining the damn thing.

@mellbell: Join us! Join us. Joiiin usssss…. *drools a little*

Whenever I hear the phrase “What’s good for the Economy” I know that nothing important is on the table for discussion. “The Economy” is not a monolithic thing, it means one thing for the .01% highest-income World Citizens, another thing for the balance of the 1-5% of those at the top, and an entirely different thing for humanity and its prospects of surviving as a species on this planet for another century.

Once, just once, I’d like to hear a coherent and believable explanation of why infinite economic growth is a realistic expectation, or a sustainable prospect, or even why it possibly might benefit mom and pop and you and me on “Main Street”.


@nojo: Thanks for the Iris Murdoch quote. I love it. “Humility is selfless respect for reality.” Explains why we see no humble Republicans. For starters, denying reality would seem to be their favorite activity. As for respect and selflessness, not in their lexicons.

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: @Original Andrew:

What, then, is truth? A mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, and anthropomorphisms—in short, a sum of human relations which have been enhanced, transposed, and embellished poetically and rhetorically, and which after long use seem firm, canonical, and obligatory to a people: truths are illusions about which one has forgotten that this is what they are; metaphors which are worn out and without sensuous power; coins which have lost their pictures and now matter only as metal, no longer as coins.

On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense – Frederic Nietzsche


But what is truth?
Is truth a changing law?
We both have truths —
Are my the same as yours?

(Always happy to provide Benedick Bait.)

Beauty’s truth: truth is beauty.
Gabriel blow your root toot tooty.
Lorenz Hart

@nojo: Bait away, you big baiter. We took the ferry to Sausalito for lunch to celebrate the end of our work. The show is up and running. I’m leaving tomorrow. And I’m feeling fine. Doubtless I’ll get clobbered in the press but till then I’m enjoying the wonderful weather. Besides, as you know, I can’t read philosophy. I always end up thinking “And your point would be?” I understand this points to a lack of seriousness on my part but don’t give a rat’s ass.

far be it for me to doubt YOU, but isn’t that a cole porter lyric?
am i confusing it with cole’s gabriel song?

great thread kids.
enjoying it tremendously and am itching to participate, but alas, it’s 3 am and i am brain dead. very entertaining, thanks for swirling my sleepless brain even more.


Confession frees, but power reduces one to silence; truth does not belong to the order of power, but shares an original affinity with freedom: traditional themes in philosophy, which a political history of truth would have to overturn by showing that truth is not by nature free–nor error servile–but that its production is thoroughly imbued with relations of power.-

Michelle Foucalut, The History of Sexuality

@baked: I think it’s from By Jupiter but I’m not at all sure. It’s not part of the lyric to Blow, Gabriel, Blow, that much I do know. I’ve been in that show and would have noticed. Anyhoo, when I first read it the credit was Larry Hart. He’s my favorite of the Golden Age lyricists. And I think it’s a funny couplet.

TJ/ Saw my favorite (so far) pretentious book title: Artisinal Cocktails. I’m thinking of writing How to Get Drunk: A Beginner’s Guide.

that’s what i was thinking…blow gabriel blow….porter.
why can’t i sleep, i have enough clonipin, lunesta and diazapam in me to take down a musk ox and i’m wandering and reading. is it because the economic meltdown is indeed all my fault?
wall street is jewville after all. and who does hopey have handling all the cash? have you noticed his line up of “chosen ones?”

going now to drink wine from the bottle til i black out.
goodnight kisses all.

@baked: I have a vodka tonic – you should try one – much faster sleep aid.

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: quoth Michel while he was being slapped around by some rough trade in Golden Gate Park.

Gosh, he’s great. So dense, though.


I used to amuse myself in grad school while slogging through that dense, obfuscatory prose by imaging him spouting it in a sling en fututum .

What was it that Noam Chomsky said about Foucault? Something like “I have never functionally understood what the man was talking about”.

Ha! Well, at least I’m in good company. When I first read your quote I flashed back to myself in college, sitting on my patio, reading the same paragraph at least 20 times and thinking that I don’t know what the flying fuck he’s talking about. But I went to UC Irvine, so I never admitted it.


Shut up, you went to Irvine? What was your degree in? Theatre?

My degree was in Comparative Literature but I did plays in the theatre department.

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: I really like The Office, though…
I did, too. Thought it was bitterly funny, just to my liking.
Then I heard that there was a USAmerica version of it coming. So I watched a couple of episodes when it started to air. Didn’t like it. I wanted Swiftian satire, and instead was seeing sitcom. Did it eventually get better?
It was the only “major network” broadcast TV series I’ve checked out in many years, except for a couple of episodes of another show that disappointed: Ugly Betty.
I understand that Hugh Laurie is on US TV, in a sitcom. I can’t imagine Hugh Laurie in a US sitcom. I don’t even want to watch.
Well, at least the proposed US version of Red Dwarf was never put into production. They probably would have replaced Arnold J Rimmer with Robbie the Robot…..

@Benedick: The first line is from Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn. Noone else? Come on. Am I overstating the obvious and failing to see the rooty-toot-toot? That sounds like the kind of thing Dorothy Parker would add to a classic quote. Just my guess.

@Promnight: It’s not D Parker that mean-mouthed miserable bitch. No he sets the expectation that it’s all going to get lah-di-dah and then deflates it, setting all things in their context, with the final stinger. It’s just a wee joke. Plus, as I remember it – not that that means anything – he misquotes Keats to make the lyric scan. Hart was witty and sad in about equal measure. Couldn’t stop drinking and I think the last time Rogers spoke to him he was sitting on the curb outside a theatre blind stinking drunk.

Anyhoo it’s just a little squib from a little song that amuses me.

@Benedick: Ahh, I like the juxtaposition, deep meaning and silliness. I think love is truth, and love is often silly. Beauty is love, to me. Love is the soul’s response to beauty when it sees it. And laughter, silliness, is the pure enjoyment of beauty, love, and truth. So there.


I got my graduate degree in Theatre there in 1994.

The year before I arrived. But, you must know Pete Smith and Marika, etc. etc. What a small little world wide web.

@Tommycatt: Replay of Lefty and JNOV’s law school reunion here, of all places . . .


Pete was a good friend of mine, yes. Wow, there is a divinity that shapes our ends, isn’t there?

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon:

“Wow, there is a divinity that shapes our ends, isn’t there?”

As I sit here a month after being laid off, with no prospects in sight, waiting to hear from the vet whether my dear dog’s skin growth is a mast cell tumor and trying not to get too drunk so that I can pick her up, I tend to think that there is no God and if there is, he’s a fucking asshole.

BTW, Pete’s on Facebook. He probably wouldn’t remember me but my best friend just friended him recently. Actually, she was at Irvine when you were – Andrea Fears.

Thanks for the indulgence Stinquers. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.


Oh, God is an asshole. The biggest one there is, actually. I have a few sharp words for him when I see him, mostly having to do with cancer, crib death, and Rush Limbaugh.

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon:
that is one of my fave george carlin lines
“if there is a god, he’s a total fuck up”

@baked: God, there’s a voice in the wilderness I miss. Why the fuck wasn’t he on the Academy Award memory reel last night?
@homofascist: Just sent you an email.

good fucking question! why wasn’t he? horrendous oversight.
i miss him so. at least they left heath out. i’m sick of his dying so stupidly, and getting treated like paul newman. he was an ass that made, what? 3 bad movies?
cyn said it best, some drunk was in charge of this year in death.

brokeback mountain? pu-lease. he mumbled his way through it, and that was the best of him. he was by all accounts, an asshole.

but fabulous george-for 50 years of brilliance? oops, him they forget.

I completely agree! Anybody who counts the Olsen twins amongst their best friends is a moron.

Another favorite Carlin quote

These professional child worshippers say we should put the needs of children first. Why? What about the needs of adults? We come second? It’s stupid. If you put the needs of children first, you’re going to wind up with way too many diapers and lollipops and not nearly enough bongs and condoms.


Do not speak ill of Heath Ledger. He was very talented, and also he was a WGIWF.

@Tommmcatt, The Choice of a New Generation:
would never offend you dear tommycatt, hey, i never said i wouldn’t have fucked him. what’s that got to do with anything?
talented? meh.

don’t get me started. i can trade carlin with you all night. it’s now 4:30am in israel, and i can’t sleep for a change…so tired.
got new sleepers today at the doc. i’ve taken 4 since 11, i need to be hit on the head with a brick.

yes, the olsen twins. need we say more? you listening TC?

@Tommmcatt, The Choice of a New Generation:
what’s icky? the olson twins?
or i think he’s fuckable? he was straight you know, and anyway, as established, i am a gay man in a woman’s body.
i’m so confused.

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