Come On

And so the Senate roll call is open on the stimulus package.  As it has been for a few hours now.  59 yes votes so far.  The holdup is due to the fact that Sherrod Brown has to race back from Ohio to D.C.  From his mother’s wake.

Look — I know Rush would have someone over a barrel for this.  But would it have killed a GOP Senator from switching votes, out of some concern for a fellow Senator?  Simple: “You know, I don’t like this bill.  But there are bigger things going on here.  So out of respect to Sen. Brown, I will vote ‘aye,’ even though I believe that this bill is wrong, and officially say so for the record.”

Really.  Dude’s mom died.  Nobody could have sucked it up and given the 60th vote?  They really wanted to force him to fly back?



Why is it exactly that they need 60 votes?

Is this Senate Slickers 3: The Search for Harry’s Balls?

If the Repubs wanna filabuster, then let ’em spend 24 hours reading outta the phone book. It’s not like most of the country doesn’t already hate their guts.

Apparently some sort of emergency rule about passing stuff with less 24 hours notice requires 60 votes.

And… Sen. Brown shows up, votes “aye.” BREAKING HARD: Pending signature by Black Eagle, we have stimulus.

mellbell: Valerie Jarrett’s doing The Jackal right now.

Oh, and that white smoke you saw? That was Rush belching up the cigar he just swallowed.

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