O’Reilly v. Bale

Via D-Listed (audio NSFW):



Bill and Christian, sittin’ in a tree…. K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Bale wins. He’s actually coherent and not spitting in rage. To me, a person who’s angry and controlled is much more scary than a raging shit hissy boy like Bill.

Both pathetic pouters. It’s not real rage until you’ve got hostages involved and at least local SWAT if not National Guard.

Ew. Just plain icky-phoney.
Turn off the cameras and it would be nice and calm, with much nose-picking and booger eating.

I’d never heard of Christian Bale before. Had to look him up. Apparently he’s a movie actor. I’m not impressed.

Bale was very good in Empire Of The Sun when he was 10.

Not so much a fan of American Psycho.

And Batman is pretty much a one and a half dimensional character. Growl, talk in raspy voice and show pain.

I came home and my Mac G5 was dead. I am using an ancient Dell that was holding up a shelf in my closet. I am in mourning.

@ManchuCandidate: He was the kid in Empire of the Sun? Wow, I thought he was great in that. What happened?

I think Bale took his turn as Patrick Bateman a bit to heart. Now, we just wait for the hooker-killing.

Am I getting this wrong? This is a mash-up, I am not familiar with the Christian Bale part, but this is a clip thats everywhere of BillO losing his shit, with the christian bale part mashed in. Right?

BillO is insane, though. If he hadn’t lucked into his role of broadcast psychopath, he’d be a typical Long Island serial murderer. Its a special subgenre of serial killer, the angry suburban long islander, he’s it.

I think the standard exculpation of Christian Bale has come out now, that he’s a method actor and he was so in his scene he just went off on the poor DP who kept running through the set.

This is an excellent mash-up, what better mix than Bill-O and Batman? Just wish they could have worked in Bill-O defending himself with a falafel and a loofah.

Re: Christian Bale. He’s really a good actor. And insane, obviously. But I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, especially if he was wearing the suit.

@Pedonator: Honey, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed if he were eating crackers.

@SanFranLefty: You’re gonna get all subjunctive tense on me now?

Bale’s freakout occurred on the T4 set on location in New Mexico.

@Pedonator: Really, I wasn’t trying to show off there.

I didn’t understand subjunctive tense until I lived in Spain. And once you FINALLY get subjunctive tense you never go back. Just ask Sr. Pedo.

Between Lewis Black and Colbert, I think I get it now.

@SanFranLefty: The subjunctive tense is my fatal flaw when it comes to Spanish. I know, more or less, when I’m breaking the law in English, if only by intuition. When I have to try it in Spanish my sphincter twitches and I just sort of clam up.

Sr. Pedo tosses it out like he was, uh, born to it or something, damn him!

@Pedonator: My gay mafia one time made me write an essay using only one verb in all of its tenses. It took me ONE HOUR, the most painful hour ever. ALL verbs except for simple past, present and future can go to hell.

You grammar geeks, you’re making my sphincter tighten up with embarrassment; enough now of patting yourself on the back for saying “If I were to fuck him, I would fuck him good,” before someone sees this.

Try “I would not throw him out of bed FOR eating crackers.” Or, “If I were not so stupid, I would not have thrown him out of bed even if he were eating crackers.”

“If I were to have been throwing him out of bed, it would have to have been for something worse than that he were eating crackers.”

“The conclusion is that writers who deal in Survival subjunctives run the risks, first, of making their matter needlessly formal, second, of being tempted into blunders themselves, third, of injuring the language by encouraging others more ignorant than themselves to blunder habitually, and lastly, of having the proper dignity of style at which they aim mistaken by captious readers for pretentiousness.” Fowler/Gowers, 2nd Ed. 1965.

@Prommie: Sixth and lastly, it belies a lady? Fowler/Gowers sound like Dogberry.

@SanFranLefty: Funny, I didn’t really know all the fancy terms for grammar (like “subjunctive” or “past imperfect” or whatevs) until I took up Spanish. Then it became a game, as I progressed through levels of fluency, to see how complicated a si hubiera ido allá, entonces habría…. statement I could produce. Fun times.

Still working through the ‘murrican, though, and my wife beats me up for not learning declinations adequately to speak with her parents beyond “yes, I’ll have more slivovica now, thanks”.

People. I had not heard that Mr. Bale went nuts on a set. But if you’d spent the last six months standing in front of a green screen – when you weren’t working out or eating lettuce – saying the same stupid lines over and over, you might be a little testy too. He’s wonderful in Empire of the Sun and in a handful of other movies. And yes they most likely pay him a shit load of money to be Batman but, people: think of looking at your ruggedly square-cut jaw in the morning as you shave at 4 am and say to yourself “Today I, a grown man, will not defend the poor and downtrodden or discover the cure for kitty leukemia, I will follow in the footsteps of Val Kilmer, I will be Batman.” and see what kind of mood it puts you in. I’m just putting it out there. Besides, if it was some PA he or she probably deserved it. That’s why God made them in the first place.

@blogenfreude: Your Mac is dead??? That’s the worst thing I’ve heard in days. Move to San Francisco right now. They have Mac stores everywhere. And children with badges who ask how you’re doing, guys. You will be very happy. I bought a Airport Extreme because I cannot go back to plug in dial up. I cannot do that!

@ManchuCandidate: The movie of American Psycho, apart from the titles, really sucked. But he gave it a shot. And the novel is fab.

And P.S. Fowler can kiss my ass.

@Benedick: I was merely a cook, and I unleashed tantrums ten times worse, several times a week, in the kitchens I worked in, pots and pans would be thrown, on one occasion I tried to climb over the line to hit an assistant manager in the head with a spatula. I think the occasional berserk screaming episode is healthy, and that those who never, ever do it, are somehow artificial, they are holding back. No criticism of Bale from me, no sir.

@Benedick: This is a man who within a period of four years starved himself for one role, bulked up for another, then starved himself again, and then bulked up again. Also, he apparently gives interviews in the persona of his latest role rather than as, you know, himself. He’s, methinks, more than a little unhinged and detached from reality.

He is, but aren’t we all?

For some reason, I take on the persona of the place where I work. The craziest place I worked at was also the same place where I chewed out someone to the point of tears and nearly beat the shit out of a coworker over a stupid engineering problem (it was his fault, but he got mad at me for hounding him relentlessly to fix it.)

@nabisco: I think it’s a truism that English-speaking US Americans only learn grammar when/if they study a foreign language.

@Benedick: Exactly, following in the footsteps of Val Kilmer would be enough to throw anyone into a psychotic rage.

@ManchuCandidate: Right, but if I’m “troubled,” or whatever euphemism is being bandied about at the moment, no one has to read about it in Us Weekly. He doesn’t have that luxury.

Point taken. We usually inform others about our troubles on our terms, not US’.

@Prommie: See! My wife speaks four or five languages so it is out of pure sloth and maybe a gram of spite that I have never mastered the locative/dative/etc cases of hers.

@Pedonator: I probably learned it, just not what it was properly called. I do remember diagramming sentences, but only because my teacher was about 4 ft tall and she refused to let us out of class to meet Mohammed Ali when he visited our school in the 70s. I only saw the top of his head as he entered the building….

@Prommie: Kitchens are the most emotional places I ever worked, hands down. I was never cooking but have had to duck plates thrown by irate chefs in my day.

@mellbell: Well, yes, perhaps there is a touch of psychodrama going on here but perhaps he just needs a good coach. I could be persuaded to take on the job for a small stipend. That whole ‘in the character’ routine is a total crock of shit. One needs to be concentrated and it’s sometimes very difficult to maintain concentration on a film set but even so. At the end of the day we must all take off the batsuit.

@mellbell: Daniel Day-Lewis all over again.
I can’t hate on Bale for that. Sounds like an average day at the law firm where I worked. It was hard learning to tone down when I moved to academia. I had one employee go to the dean and demand a transfer after I went off on her (believe me, in the private sector, she would have been fired on the spot instead of dressed down — without profanity, I might add). Everyone in the library thought I was a monster until they had had to work with her for a month.

@Pedonator: Just as Wars are our method of learning geography.

@Benedick: At the end of the day night we must all take off the batsuit.

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