The End of an Error


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It wasn’t easy, but I read all of today’s Bill Kristol column in the NYT.  But the last line made my suffering worthwhile:

“This is William Kristol’s last column.”

It’s a big day Stinquers.  For some reason, known only to a few, this country’s most ignorant, most consistently wrong pundit will no longer be flinging poo on our most prestigious op-ed page. His contract won’t be renewed.

I urge you all to head over to the NYT and comment on Kristol’s final steaming pile.  My comment appears after the jump.


“Reagan, though he once told Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir that he had personally liberated concentration camps, in fact served during World War II at the Hal Roach Studios (known as ‘Fort Wacky’) in Culver City, Calif., making motivational movies such as ‘This Is the Army.'”

Much like his hero Saint Ronnie, Kristol is adept at simply creating his own reality out of whole cloth. Perhaps the reality he is partially responsible for – hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, thousands of dead soldiers, and an economy wrecked by an anti-regulatory ideology – is too much for him to wrap his head around. Ignorance is, I suppose, bliss.

— blogenfreude, Manhattan

One can only hope that other media outlets wise up and send this shitstain of a man packing.  It’s difficult to think of a human being responsible for more damage than Kristol.

Will Obama Save Liberalism? [NYT Opinion]

UPDATE: So much for hearing less from Kristol:

But it appears that Kristol’s tirades against all things progressive have found a new home. Politico’s “Playbook” reports this morning that “he’s now beginning a monthly column in The Washington Post.” Aside from the monotony of Kristol’s opinion pieces, it might be worth reminding the Post’s editors and readers what they’re in for: factual errors.


The downside of closing Gitmo: we can’t send Kristol there to have his testicles fried.

Well, plenty of maximum places in US America. Although, the irony of his “possible” incarceration being outsourced is rather delicious.

Meanwhile: mmmm…. pie!

There was one good thing about this guy: if anyone ever again wants to take a swing at the New York Times as being a bunch of commie symps, this is Exhibit A for the defense.

But note: if they want a conservative hack columnist (besides D. Brooks), there are scores of them out there, waiting in the wings.

Whispers on the comment boards (who know jack shit, natch) suggest Jonah Goldberg as a possible replacement. Probably not, though — I’ve read his stuff in the Tribune, and his attempts last year to be even-handed and rational while coming to the conclusion that Bush Is God made his columns into unreadable mush. The New York Times has seen this movie before, I think.

@chicago bureau: There’s always Doug Feith – he brings the stupid as good as any of them.

@chicago bureau: George Packer’s musings about a replacement are here. I like Matthew Scully for the same reason Packer does: that blistering Atlantic story he wrote about what an overweening hack Michael Gerson is.

And it’s already Sully’s Quote For The Day. He’s not usually so quick out of the gate, but this one is obviously a keeper.

I hope that’s shaving cream. I’d hate to think perfectly good food was wasted on that jackass.

@Jamie Sommers: Hydrochloric acid in foam form, please.

I pride myself that I never read so much as word one of any Kristol column in the NYT.

BREAKING: Impeachment manager in Blagojevich Trial (?) establishes pwnage early, saying that there is one guy in the world who can refute these charges if they be untrue, and he ain’t here. Which is of course obvious to anyone watching, but he actually said the words.

You know what would be simply delightful? If Rod changed his mind halfway through and decided to participate, but woke up to realize that his opportunity to challenge evidence is now totally gone.

@chicago bureau: I saw a little bit of his appearance on the View this morning and Baba Wawa actually got him to stutter a little bit.

@chicago bureau: An embarrassment to Illinois endangering a state that’s as fucked in this economy as the rest of them, stealing all of the political oxygen; an entertaining train wreck for the rest of the nation.

@Jamie Sommers: Ms. Nabisco has shared ethnic heritage with Blogo, and thrills at his persecution complex. It is so clichéd in the old country.

And we thought once we got Hope® there’d be nothing to blog about.

@Benedick: There’s always something to bitch about.
Hey kids! I miss anything?

rptrcub: See, this is the thing about Rod. Before this happened, his approval rating was already in the low teens.

Prommie’s objections to this — if we impeach Rod, we should impeach everybody because he’s doing the same stuff everybody else is — are noted. Horsetrading is part of the politics deal.

But the Wrigley Field / Tribune thing here is one of those things that go beyond the pale. He was actually threatening to yank a peg out from under the Tribune if they didn’t become a house organ. There is a level of brazenness to that, which cannot go unanswered.

And there wasn’t even a veneer of appointing the guy who would best serve the state and the nation. Yes: people who believe that actually happens also know all the words “The Stars & Stripes Forever” and insist upon signing at the top of their lungs whenever it comes on TV. Which is to say: nobody. But Rod was looking for actual, honest to God monetary benefits here.

And — most importantly — the guy is a douchebag. That, I am sure we will all agree, is a high crime and misdemeanor worthy of stringent and lovingly administered PAIN.

But anyway.

Meanwhile it seems that Paterson, by choosing Gillebrand, has most likely returned the NY senate to the Republicans since she represented a very Republican district and got in as a fluke. So well done, you asshole.

Can I haz Spitzer?

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