2007: Heaven Forbid!

As thus it came to pass that the Democrats went to the majority in the House and took controlish of the Senate.  And, therefore, all of the policies of the past would be reversed with a nice, loud WOOOSH. 

But, of course: no.  Displeasure at the Iraq War — ranging form between mild discomfort to outright rage — led the President to conclude that an escalation of troop levels was the best way to go.  The Democrats, in response, asked very nicely for timetables and then caved soon thereafter.  This would become a trend.

Meanwhile, Bush kept on pissing people off, with the minimum wage stall and the SCHIP fight.  You seemed to get the sense that Bush knew by the end of the year that he was not going to win anything by going to the middle, and thus doubled-down on Ronald Reagan On Crack.

Other nasty stuff got uncovered.  Mine safety became a full-blown scandal after a Utah mine — run by a guy who lobbied against increased protections in the wake of a 2006 West Virginia collapse — suffered a catastrophic failure.  And immigrants were the new gay.  (C’mon.  It was an off-off-year.  Gay would be the new gay, in time for Fall 2008.) 

This was also the year that we had confirmation of what we all knew: that Regent University School of Law is the bestest law school in the history of law since, like, ever.  (In related news, Alberto Gonzales hung up the skates.  So far as I know, he hasn’t found steady work since.  Stupid economy.)


Rumor has it that Black Eagle will sign the expanded SCHIP bill on Wednesday.

Who knew that Fundies with the IQ of navel lint don’t make good lawyers?

As for Gonzo, Heh heh heh heh.

From what I’ve read, there are lots of corporate lawyers looking for work these days so he’s got lots of “competition” for jobs. If given a choice between defending myself in court or hiring Gonzo, I’d pick myself and yes, I know the old line about the person who defends themselves in court has a fool for lawyer.

Passed? In this den of grammar nazis, you say “passed” for “past?” Deathwish, much?

@Promnight: Ok, so long as we’re going there, it should be “from,” not “form,” in the second sentence of paragraph two.

p.s. I just got home and am planning on waking up at 8 or so to attend the concert at the Lincoln Memorial with the Boss, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, U2, John Mellencamp, etc. Wtf am I thinking?

mellbell: Damn. Corrected for teh record. Will do better.

@chicago bureau: My internal recognition software is so used to reading typical mis-spellings (sp) taht it will automatically recognize ti as teh correct spelling.

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