Ceci n’est pas une chaussure

Pow! Right in the kisser!

Join us at 7:45 p.m. ET for our Open Thread/Target Practice as we celebrate Shrub’s Farewell Malapropaganda to the Nation.


I want to say something, but I keep staring at an ad of Jillian Barberie in a bikini.

@nojo: Excellent! Winner: Outstanding Blog Work – Witty Division.

BTW: Sources (OK, Michael Rogers) are promising another new case!!! I can’t even begin to specumalate. Secret Republican butt-secks for evah!

I refuse to watch. He can’t be on every channel. I’d rather watch a film of gnats fucking.

Personally I can’t wait to see it. Surrounded, as he will be, by Americans of Courage®, Preznit Bunnypants will define his perznintsy as only he can. I anticipate words of wisdom, moral uplift and, perhaps, a tear or two as the Commander in Chief® looks back on all the tens of thousands of men, women and children whose blood is on his hands.

I am glad that I’ll be in class up to my eyeballs in Visual Basic and object-oriented programming, rather than having to listen to this dochquatsch.

In other news, teh Unicorn has his official post-office preszdintialary mugshot taken. The first with a digital camera.

Thank god W & Cheney are coming down from the post offices and FBI field operations of US America.

blogenfreude: Srsly: how can you tell if gnats are fucking as opposed to, say, swarming around food? Or playing bridge?

Benedick: Actually, I’ll be watching because, really, this is the last hurrah. This is his last clear chance to tell the entire world what he really thinks, and to have the world even moderately care. Dude ain’t going to leave the country or do speaking tours at college campuses. This is it.


(Oh, there it is. On his left lapel. Whew — got scared there for a second.)

@chicago bureau: It doesn’t reproduce very well at a smaller size, IMHO.

@rptrcub: And they thoughtfully provided us with a high-res version, all the better to notice the fine details (e.g., ear hair).

@chicago bureau: I was actually fairly annoyed that he wore that damn flag pin. It takes away my Hope™ incrementally, tiny measure by tiny measure, until there’s nothing left but a dull ache.

@rptrcub: OMG, he looks completely tired and pale. Like, if you knew him, you’d ask him if he was coming down with something. Which is still better than this, which looks like the regional salesman for the Midwest made his quota this year.

@rptrcub: He would have looked hotter if he had smiled. Chimpy DumbFuck looks retarded when he smirks/grins, as shown in RomeGirl’s evidence, Unicorn looks like a million bucks.

BTW, nojo — “Malapropaganda.” So best.

@RomeGirl: He’s going to look even worse for wear after only a year of cleaning up W’s mess.

@SanFranLefty: I dunno. I kinda like the way he looks in this photo — I ar serious Prezndint. Same sorta opposite reaction to easy going Caligutard who delights in our collective pain.

@rptrcub: He’s already greyer than he was at the beginning of the campaign. He’s going to look like Ossie Davis by 2012.

@rptrcub: I agree. I felt calmer and safer just looking at his picture. An Adult will be in charge. Our long national nightmare is almost over.

@nojo: Suddenly I have an urge to watch the remake of “The Thomas Crown Affair” again. Thanks a lot.

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