Ricardo Montalban has gone to that Corinthian-Leather-Upholstered Cordoba in the sky.



Kirk, there is a Klingon Proverb that says revenge is a deesh best servvvved cold. It is vverrry cold in ssspassssse.

Very good, SFL and Bloggie — but Manchu’s reference to KHAAAAAAN! is the definitive answer.

@ManchuCandidate: After the first movie tanked, Nicholas Meyer — definitely not a Trekkie — watched every episode of the series to understand its appeal. And then bequeathed us with the only movie version that doesn’t suck.

Until the next one, of course.

i’m frightened. there are bigger trek geeks here than me.


nojo, i get the feeling you are meh about ST. it’s groundbreaking and visionary, and originally brave for it’s time. and all the other fun nonsense. i never flip open my cell phone without feeling like uhura. what say you?

nojo: Star Trek IV was so heavy-handed that I almost considered leaving the theater early. And this was important, as I was eight at the time and my mother was kind of protective.

@nojo: Persis Khambatta was the only decent thing in that movie. V-ger … sheesh.

@blogenfreude: Nothing compares to u…

Whoops. Wrong bald chick.

I remember a very young me watching that ad and being CONVINCED that my eventual car had to have Rich Corinthian Leather.

But, but, but he was way to leathery and smoooooothhh to die!

He didn’t die, he just reached a critical mass of tan so vast that his density caused a hole in spacetime. He’s now sipping Pina Coldadas in an alternate universe.

Seriously though, he always seemed like a good guy. Condolences to his family.

Sadly I was a big ST geek, but I never got any uniforms or Spock ears (mom wouldn’t let me buy them and I really should thank her for that–Spock ears are the best birth control device known to man.)

As a kid, when I played ST with my friends, they ALWAYS made me Sulu.

@chicago bureau:
Hey now… Heavy Handed symbolism is a Star Trek tradition.

@ManchuCandidate: Back in high school, we had a children’s theatre group that performed for the grade schools. We wrote our own material, so of course we did a Star Trek parody, including an Enterprise built on a plunger.

And moi? Spock, of course.

And let’s not forget his movie with Esther Williams. And all his other movies playing South American ‘Playboys’. Yeah right. Or his proclivity to get his shirt off whenever possible. In his younger days he was teh hawt.

By the way, Star Trek. Really?

ManchuCandidate: No no no. I am not the biggest Trek fan in the world by any stretch. I own no Star Trek gear, I know not the difference between Klingons and Vulcans, and I think that Star Trek worship is a bit much. But I am not adverse to the franchise either.

HOWEVER: racing back to San Francisco circa nowish through some sort of time-travel deal where you slingshot around the sun to drop off a humpback whale that would save the world, but cannot save the world in future Earth on account of them becoming extinct? For fuck’s sake.

@Benedick: What else?

And speaking of teh hawt, everyone was astounded at how buff a 61-year-old man could be. Unlike Shatner and his girdles.

I wanted to believe so badly that was really his chest in STII:WOK but everyone kept telling me is wasn’t.

@chicago bureau: and why just one? doncha need 2?

@ManchuCandidate: No no I know he was in it. Even I know that. I’m just saying… Star Trek??

@chicago bureau: I think whales were the least of their problems. But hey! I’m just a Limey asshole who never hung with the kewl kids and did nanu-nanu, or whatever the fuck they did onTrek Star. Mind you, if you were to approach me in a dark alley and go “Boom! Hoo! Yattta-ta-ta!” I’d be yours for life.

@chicago bureau: Klingons and Vulcans have a common ancestry, you see, and…

Hold on. I think that’s Romulans and Vulcans. It’s been awhile.

But don’t you go holding the whales against us. Everyone thought that one sucked. Except for Scotty talking to the computer mouse.

hey HEY! ALL the movies sucked!
they are a travesty to the legacy of the series.

seems like yesterday that super hottie james spader was making passionate love to susan sarandon in “white castle”
now he’s marrying captain kirk.
if you don’t know what i’m talking about, you’re not watching boston legal…and you simply MUST.


Careful, there, Limey. That’s dangerous ground you’re on, right there.

@chicago bureau:
Heh. Plot holes, also a Trek tradition…

I stopped caring once I realized that Star Trek was more about $ and milking fans for $. I have some of the shows and movies on DVD and will watch a good ep if on TV and some books collecting dust on my bookshelf but my days of really geeking out on Trek are long past.

@ManchuCandidate: Here’s where I’m obligated to say that the most popular Next Gen episode — Tasha Yar lives! — was a spec script from a Eugenean.

Oh, and Brannon Braga is now an executive producer on 24.

jeebus h christ people. unaware of what REALLY matters.

it’s the romulans that have common ancestry with the vulcans!
you can just look at them and see that! sheesh.

Does anyone else see the 500 lb cheesecake story on the msnbc ad? It’s making me hungry.

I can’t play videos on this here computer. Can someone tell me what it’s all about?

@baked: seems like yesterday that super hottie james spader was making passionate love to susan sarandon in “white castle” —

FAIL. White Palace. If you see anybody making passionate love in a White Castle, you need to dial back on your intake of illicit drugs.

Folks, it’s the allegorical power of Star Trek that’s enduring. Who among us wouldn’t jump at the chance to turn Bush & Cheney into salt dodecahedrons?

you see, i’ve gone insane. no really. i have so much trauma in my life at this time and it’s been relentless for months with no clear end to it.

i’ve retreated into a fantasy world where politics don’t exist and ratbastards don’t either. i can’t take anymore, so i’m saying this because i have nothing important, fun, or coherent to say. just ignore me if i write something.

nothing else but you guys make me laugh so hard, and what a joy and relief to be far from the smartest one in the room.
i’m lurking…..carry on. scotty? scotty?

@nojo: Doctor Who. Great title. Absolutely unwatchable piffle. And the new ghey one is worse.

Thunderbirds are GO!!!!!!

@nojo: Allegorical? Oh please. You were young and impressionable. And so cute when you took the glasses off.

@baked: And about that accent!!! Scotty??? In which universe?

@nojo: But you don’t deny the cuteness, I notice.

Am I posting too much? I feel like I’m shouting in an empty room.


One can never get enough Benedick, as it were, IMHO. No such thing as posting too much….

i hear every word…keep talking. i’m lurking tonight, and i can’t get enough of all of you……

re nojo cuteness: VERY

@Benedick: @baked: I don’t think the evidence supports your allegations.

De-famer, boss! De-famer!


I especially love the clips they have of him dancing with Cyd Charisse (!) and Jane Powell back in the day.

@Jamie Sommers: Wasn’t he terrific? All gussied up in his gaucho togs.

@nojo: Oh please. A transparent ploy to hear a chorus of “I’d hit it”! What next? Posting that ’embarrassing’ shot you never meant anyone to see?

@baked: Kisses, darling.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: You too.

Just got back from the liquor store. Thank God.

T/J Steve Jobs taking medical leave. There goes my one stock investment. Why couldn’t he just say he wanted to spend time with Andrew Card’s family like everyone else does?

@baked: I think we’d all hit it. I think even RML would hit it. Though he might have to get ‘drunk’ first.

All right, enough. I have to go watch Friends with the OH.

i warned you all on another thread i would be more innapropriate than usual tonight. i did warn you.

i have a feeling like i just hit on the boss. drunken trollop i am tonight.

@baked: @Benedick: Oh, sure, you’d all hit it now. But where were you then?

And after His Steveness’s foot-in-the-grave performance last summer, and the I’m-Not-Dead-Yet announcement a week or two back, why should the medical leave surprise anybody?


Ah, just for the record, I would NOT hit it, but that’s mostly because you are the wrong skin tone entirely. You are cutey in that picure in that twinkie way some guys admire so much…

I do love you for your sexy, sexy mind, though. I’d hit that repeatedly.

@Benedick: So, so pretteh, that Senor Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalban y Merino (said with devestatingly sexy Mexican accent)

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Some twenty years ago, ex-semi-GF and I were heading up a BART escalator in SF. By the time we reached the top, she was giggling about all the guys giving me looks from the downward escalator — all of whom I was completely oblivious to.

@Jamie Sommers: Wasn’t he?

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: The mind. Right. I always love it when I get hit on for my mind and not my rockin’ bod.

@nojo: Could be the new Star Trek. Cap’n Kirk goes back in time to hit on the boy he passed that night on the side of the road who was on his way to a midnite Rocky Horror when his car broke down. Over the years Cap’n Kirk had often wondered, what if… what if…

nojo: “In addition, during the past week I have learned that my health-related issues are more complex than I originally thought.”

[jarring cut to 80s teevee studio, cheery music in background]

Now, it’s great being able to do lots of big important things by yourself. But people may begin to depend upon you too much — so that when you go away for a while, nothing gets done, people seem to not want to hang around anymore, and the end of the cult of personality sends your company’s stock into the toilet. Wouldn’t it be better to share? If people around you are trained to take your place if something should happen to you, everything goes better, even if you aren’t around!


“I won’t be gone long, but there are ten people just as smart and talented as I am who will make sure that our projects are fully realized. Don’t worry!”

[cut back to studio]

I’m Chicago Bureau, and that’s One To Grow On.

ST:TNG was on when I was in high school–and I had a huge crush on Cmdr. Riker, there I said it–but really I watched Voyager the most.
The guys on the show were complete dorks (Oh noes, did Tom Paris read Ensign Kim’s diary!), but I loves me some Captain Janeway and 7 of 9. We even had a drinking game, something about how long it took Torres to call someone a P’tach or whatever and also 7 of 9’s extrasensory perceptions (especially in crowded elevators).

@chicago bureau: And besides, now that he owns a chunk of Disney, he has the keys to Walt’s cryogenic lab.


At this point in my career as a lothario I’d settle for getting hit on for having all my teeth. Not that I’d take anyone up on it, but it would be nice to be asked….

@Original Andrew:

I LOVE Voyager…and I’m sorry, I think a lot of it was brilliant, if slightly bookish, writing. It really found its’ stride with Seven of Nine, although at that point it also became a show about Jeri Ryan’s breasts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (that was for you, Prom).

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Or as we called them, Two of Two.

Voyager had its moments. But I’ll always wonder what it would have been like if Genevieve Bujold hadn’t bailed.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:

All deeper subtext in the writing aside, the best part was if you did shots whenever you heard “please state the nature of the medical emergency,” then there was no way you’d even make it to the first commercial.

Anyone feeling a touch of nostalgia can go bid on this – it’s got Corinthian leather! The wheels are a problem, but junkyards nationwide should have plenty of ’em.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: And speaking of Jeri Ryan’s breasts, if it weren’t for her swingin’ ex-husband, we most likely would not have President Unicorn and Senator Obama. So credit ST:V for bringing us Hope(tm) and Change(tm).

@baked: Like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? You just made me laugh so hard.

I just tacked the Cordoba commercial onto the bottom of the post – I’d forgotten what a good pitchman he was.

@SanFranLefty: The left boobie is hope and the right one change or vice versa?

BTW. McGoohan? Closeted, Catholic, dunk, miserable.

@Jamie Sommers:
No, I think Hope and Change were the names of two swingers that Mr. Ryan wanted to hop into bed with him and Jeri.

@Benedick: One of the reasons I love where I live: a liquor store that delivers.

@blogenfreude: LOVE the tag:

“Cordoba: The Small Chrysler”

God Love the Seventies.


Oh, and some Episcopalian dude.

@nojo: Compared to a Newport, it was tiny. Remember those?

@blogenfreude: Never paid much attention to the Chrysler line of street-legal yachts. We were a Ford Family.

@blogenfreude: Had like a 68/69 Monaco. Right out of a Mad Max movie. Immense. No paint left. No brakes. No heat. Insane 383. Felt like it was going to shake itself to bits after 70 or 80 mph. A car so doomed you could not help but wanna batter it to bits on rutted, winter-trashed roads and push the engine to see if it would finally rip free of the motor mounts.

I had that car, my second car, an absolute piece of shit, but it did have rich corinthian leather. It was white, inside and out. It was a 1975, it had a big piece of shit chrysler engine, like 400 ci, and it ate gas and had no power at all. This was when american cars went to shit, friends. The early 70s emissions control standards could only be met by strangling the engines. 140 horsepower out of a big v-8, pathetic, four cylinder engines nowadays regularly pack 200+ horsepower, and get twice the mileage. But it was my house of romance, ah, the days of doing it in cars. Happy times.

@Benedick: Such as a Dodge Monaco. Big Dodge, about the same wheelbase length as a Newport.

@nojo: Is the good one the one with the whales, in SanFrancisco? Thats the only movie version I liked. You can take the Deep Space and all the rest and shove them, they suck. Kirk, Scotty, and Spock, thats Star Trek.

@Promnight: Appropriate as the suspension had all the road feel of a waterbed.

@Promnight: Nnnnooooo the second one, Wrath of Khan, is totally the best, Montalban and his moobs! Freaky ear worms! Some crazy-ass genesis device? Kirk’s son wtf? The only one that came close was the one with Kirstie Alley in it, oh and the original series was rad.

@Benedick: Oh my dear Benedick, when did you come to america? Star Trek was not for the cool kids, star trek was for the underdogs, the geeks and nerds. Science fiction in general was the escape of the intelligent misfits, in US culture. Its our bond, its like a simple, quick code, by which we recognize each other, once we start talking Star Trek, we know, we are brothers, that in our youths, we were pimply, socially awkward, clueless with women, nerds.

Baked is an off-the-charts exception to this rule.

Bishop Gene Robinson to Rachel: “No one had a bigger tent than Jesus.”

The floor is open.

@Promnight: I’ll bet you it also had that tip-in on the carb – you hit the gas and it would hesitate, then lunge because the jets were poorly sequenced. My dad’s Coronet 440 did it as did my mom’s Aspen. The scariest car I ever drove – neighbor’s T&C wagon – did it. That wagon was also the first car I drove that had power brakes, and I nearly launched myself and 2 other kids through the windshield when I stepped on the pedal. Good times.

@drinkyclown: The Wrath of Khan was good and the whale one was good. The first one was an infomercial. Khan could have been more depraved, though, and less chatty.

@blogenfreude: We still have a handful of drive through liquor stores, now thats convenience.

@Benedick: What is your standing on Monty Python? That is the other blazing red badge of geekdom in US culture, for those who grew up in the 70s. Oh, we didn’t understand half of it, the regional humor, the four yorskhiremen, we didn’t understand the Yorkshire accent aspect, but just say, to any of us here, one word, with just the right intonation, “Luxury.” And the response, if you have a geek on your hands, will be “we lived in a rolled-up newspaper in the bottom of a septic tank.” We will do the silly walk at the drop of a hat.

There was little for the intelligent young person in US culture, sci-fi and BBC stuff.

@FlyingChainSaw: Exactly the same – built on the same frame as Newport, T&C, and all the Furies.

@Promnight: The baseball I’m leaving on my desk until I return to rescue the space station from the Cardassians disagrees with you.

1973 Town & Country – contained more metal than fourteen Honda Civics.

@FlyingChainSaw: Yeah the first one was super boring, but I was a little kid when I saw it and wanted way more space battles. Wrath of Khan totally delivered in that aspect.

@blogenfreude: I remember that; it was part of the whole gestalt of US cars in the 70s, all of the control inputs seemed to be only vaguely connected to the machinery, there was no feedback whatsoever, lags and delays, and then sudden unpredictable surges and swerves. I understand that car nuts call one of the common phenomenon “understeer,” you turned the rudder on one of those big boats, and about 3 seconds later, the outside front corner of the car would dip down and the car would start to point in the direction you aimed it in, but it would not yet be going in that direction. It would start to slowly yaw around a few seconds later. If you hit the breaks right about then, whoooo, spin spin spin, good times, indeed.

@Promnight: I dunno, I had a ’74 Dodge Dart for a while in the nineties, four doors and a slant 6. The thing was huge but the steering was tight and it drove great! It was the same silver blue color as my hair, and I kept the AM radio tuned to this oldies station that pumped out all the Sinatra and Perry Como and the Mills Bros, etc. That was actually the last car I owned, I’ve been bus people since about 1996.

@Promnight: And remember those turn indicators on the top of the front fender? They were half a mile away.

I was none too please when my dad went from a steady diet of Impalas to Chrysler products. On the other hand, the Coronet had a 440 as I recall, and it went like stink. Just don’t try and corner.

@Jamie Sommers: Cyd Charisse. Best legs on God’s Earth, ever.

My grandpa had a Fifties wagon with push-button gears. It was, and remains, the coolest thing I ever saw.

Plus, it reeked of pipe smoke.

(Update: Something like this. So maybe there were Chryslers in the family.)

@drinkyclown: Ah, the Dart, the car of grandparents everywhere. But you are right, they were good cars, the dodge slant six is a legendary engine.

My first car has just been immortalized in film, a 1972 gran torino coupe, it was a big, badass muscle car, 351 Cleveland Cobra Jet, and make no mistake, it was one thing for a car to have that “Cobra” sticker on it, it was another to have the real “Cobra Jet” 351, 13 to 1 compression, 4 bolt mains, four barrel double-pumper, and 321 horsepower. And I had a four on the floor, rare. It would not really jump off the line, just rear up and spin the wheels forever.

@Promnight: Yes, but is it of the caliber of Vanishing Point?

Guess who’s getting a four-day weekend? It pays to work in the Federal City.

@Dodgerblue: I go back and forth between legs, asses, and boobs, constantly. When I was young, boobs were not the thing, it was asses. Maybe it was a dolphin shorts thing. Only much much later in life did I come to appreciate the glory of a sumptuous rack. Legs are a true connessueirs pleasure, it takes a refined aesthetic to truly understand fine legs.

There was an album cover from the 70s, Sniff-n-the Tears, “Drivers Seat,” that featured the most amazing legs, I can see them now.

@FlyingChainSaw: Please explain, sir, was what of the caliber of Vanishing Point?

Just as an aside, sir, are you aware that you are a subject of much mystery and speculation? Some believe that you are a person of genuine renown in the world, I will not say “fame,” that is a cheap commodity lately, no, it is believed by some that you are a Person Of Consequence, who dares not reveal any clues to his, or her, identity, because of such public stature.

Others speculate that you are a covert operative, but not just some embassy drone, no, a genuine secret agent a-la James Bond. Srsly.

We greatly enjoy this mystery.

@Promnight: All I’m permitted to reveal is that he’s bald and owns a cat.

@mellbell: Yes, it was a thing of that age, I think, but still, stringy, but also slightly scary, powerful; I like to see strength in a woman, power. A woman is a powerful force. In our culture, many men prefer “girls,” powerless women, non-threatening women. A real woman has a real power, a force stronger than any male “machismo” force. And that power will show itself in some way when you look at her; physical vitality, an intense light to the eye, a knowing awareness of whats going on, a keen sense of humor, a flash of sensuality. A power that attracts, because of a desire to dance with the fire of danger, to dance with an equal, to enter a contest when you aren’t sure whether you will wind up the victor or the vanquished, that kind of flame. Those legs have that. A little.

@nojo: And will you reveal all for ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

@Promnight: It was a great trashy romp of a movie about a guy and a car who smokes dopes, pestorks and dies in a ball of fire (or in the drive in version, simply vanishes before hitting the blades of the road graders.) That’s a hoot. One of my enterprises brings me into correspondence with true persons of consequence in industry, government and law enforcement for whom I am a person of very useful, but very esoteric (in the past few years less so) industrial and technical knowledge. Yes, part of it is that I have to show up in print and (sometimes) electronic media but most of it is spending formative years among people, family and colleagues in certain youth activities and in school, who really needed to not talk about themselves or their provenances, a practice that, over time, just became habit.

Good thread – after veering off onto Jeri Ryan’s tits (not a bad place to be) we’re back on Chrysler products more or less.

@blogenfreude: Do El Caminos come with Corinthian leather? If so, I’m there.

@FlyingChainSaw: Jesus Fuck, you motherfucker. This coy reference to an upbringing amongst a secretive set, good God, are you James Jesus Angleton?

People. People. I go away for… whatever… and all hell breaks out. Cars? Really? Tits? Ditto.

@blogenfreude: liquor store that delivers? fuck you. i drive through mountains of snow and ice. And ice and snow. And snowy icy snow to bring the good stuff home.

@Promnight: Monty Python? Variable. You must understand that I have a horror of university oiks making like clever: which is Monty Python. I remember when it was a 15 min show at 11 on Sunday night. The only one with real talent, (in my opinion which means it’s true) is John Cleese. The others are saturated in the Limey love of amateurs that drove me from that sceptered isle unto this cankled shore.

@Promnight: I saw trekit in Limeyland. Problem is if you don’t go to school in a country you can never understand cultural refs. Such as. Hence my abhorrence for Sport. Though not, strange as it seems, for muscular young men in jock straps. I throw that out there for what it’s worth.

Oh. And nojo. Honey. We’re waiting for the other pics. You know. The good ones.

@Benedick: Ha ha ha. When the new beaujolais came out, I was on automatic delivery for a case. I can call as late as 9:30 pm and get anything I want. Snow? Ice? Feh … I don’t have to leave my building. The delivery guys walk the block and a half to my building, and I tip them well. It’s my way of stimulating the economy. Let me know what you want, and I’ll have it delivered and SHIPPED TO YOU. The usual charges apply.

@Benedick: You mean this one? Of the dozen or so known shots of me in the past thirty years (including passport photos), that’s about as unguarded as they get.

@Benedick: Oh oh no, what about Terry Gilliam! Totally brilliant, Brazil? Time Bandits? Twelve Monkeys? C’mon Brazil is like, one of my favorite movie ever.

@blogenfreude: Some beer and wine delivery just started up here, I haven’t used them yet but it sounds awesome:

@blogenfreude: Cunt. However. We don’t drink the nouveau after Dec. After that it’s just plonk. So. Pass me the kitty litter to scatter neath the tyres (Limey spelling) and I think I can reach the liquor.

@nojo: I would so go back in time for you.

@nojo: @nojo: Where were you when I was surrounded by cokehead asshole frat boys? Hunh???
Say it with me, guys and gals: I would totally hit it.
BTW, I am completely wasted. If you couldn’t tell.

@nojo: You slut. That frenchy slouch neath a lamppost. What was your going rate?

@Mistress Cynica: Join the club. Let’s all hit nojo. Just to show him we care enough to humiliate him. Which is the best kind of caring.

@Promnight: I’ve never been fond of the Playmate type, slender, frail, huge boobs that don’t match her frame. I like women, not toys. Susan Sarandon. Sophia Loren. Sigourney Weaver. SFL.

i’d like to point out i said i’d hit nojo first. calling dibs.
i may still be drunk…..maybe not. just a shameless hussy with no impulse control over what i say.
i passed out fell asleep laughing and am still laughing at 5 am. nojo, call me first. i have legal dibs.

nojo, too bad you can’t see the private conversation i had with flippen about you on facebook inbox. or can you?????

and that was before i saw the pic…i speak for legions when i say, “hittable”. dibs, i have dibs.

and eric idle!!! i agree john cleese just has to stand there in silence and he makes me laugh.

you forgot “bones”. spocks counterpoint to pure logic. important! what else did a precocious child have to analyze?

we pause, i’m having a rainman moment.

“space. the final frontier. these are the voyages of the starship enterprise, its 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds and civilizations.
to boldly go where no man has gone before” (cue weird idiotic space music)

that is all.

forgot “to seek out new life”

(beat CB from yelling FAIL at me again)

@baked: I would have liked to see John Cleese as James Bond. Just sayin’.

For a real hoot, if you are a fan of the original Trek, and you have not seen Gregory Peck’s Horatio Hornblower, get your hands on it and watch it. The Klingons are the French, there is a “Bones” character and a Spock character, the Enterprise is the ship, and they sail around and stop at islands where Horatio-Kirk and a small party land and get in adventures with exotic natives and scheming Klingons. Amazing, really.

@Prommie: But does Horatio get as much alien tail as Kirk did? Because that is what gave my ten y.o. brain the idea that travelling the world would be teh awesome.

@Prommie: As I trust your opinion, and Gregory Peck can do wrong, it’s going to the top of my Netflix queue. I forget who it was that said it looked as though his face had been carved from marble, but, my god, what a face it was.

@nabisco: I never really understood that there was something more than he just liked those chicks. Really. I thought he was just very friendly.

@baked: You’re cracking me up, girl. Nojo should be able to see what you wrote on my FB wall since he is friends with both of us. Tho he may be a little creeped out that you want to hit it if you’re considering the possibility he may be your long-lost twin brother!

@Mellbell: Gregory is seriously number 1 on my list of people I want to meet/perstork/spend my life with, the time-space continuum notwithstanding.

@flippin eck:
Keeping with the SF theme of the thread:
Nojo = Luke Skywalker?
Baked = Princess Leia ?

@ManchuCandidate: Only if baked puts her hair in the cinnamon buns above her ears like Carrie Fisher.

@mellbell: Me. I often find myself saying: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

mellbell: Han Solo = homofascist.
Chewbacca = me.

[ADD: Or you or Dodgerblue could be Han Solo.]

baked: I did that out of love, you know. The White Palace / White Castle switcheroo was unintentionally funny as hell. Kind of like Sarah Plain and Dumb was unintentionally funny.

And I am an overweight, bumbling, ineffectual c-3po.

Hey, someone is going after Bradley Schlozman’s law license, ha ha ha, scumbag. http://www.denverpost.com/headlines/ci_11446484

Pardon won’t protect against that.

I don’t understand how this all started, but I’ll grudgingly accept the role of R2D2.

@Dodgerblue: BTW, I’m ignoring your earlier comment. You keep fantasizing about Sigourney Weaver and Gabrielle Reece and leave me out of it.

@SanFranLefty: The brass one, the chatttery scaredy-cat bumbler. The anthropoid one.

I don’t mind being a bit player, but I’ll be damned if I end up as an Ewok.

I will not accept the nomination to be Jar-Jar, nor will I serve if appointed.

Good lord. See what I miss when I take and evening away from the computer.

@chicago bureau: I accept the role of Han Solo, if only so I can have sex with myself. Although in reality I am not quite up to snuff on the macho front. I am more C3-PO flamer level.

@redmanlaw: What the hell, no one has called Boba Fett yet? I’m all over that.

@ManchuCandidate: At least, being male, you have some options from among which to choose. Not everyone can be Leia, and I’m hard pressed to think of a single other notable female character (Amidala doesn’t count).

i’m rolling up my hair buns……………..

gee flip, that was some private conversation. and i’m sure everyone is grateful they didn’t have to bother to look. git yer news right here folks! tell flippeneck!!!!!

love ya anyway bunny xo

nojo: my long lost brother or man of my dreams?
i didn’t realize how difficult this must have been for leia!

weird telepathic moment.
i was going to say i wouldn’t care if he looked like yoda. swear!

meanwhile, nojo is hiding under his desk.

@baked: meanwhile, nojo is hiding under his desk.

Actually, shits & giggles.

great we could give you some back!

No one has taken Jabba the Hutt yet? That dude (thing?) certainly had a way with the ladies. Of course, it did involve chains.

@baked: Sorry! I though that everyone here (or nearly everyone) had already seen it on my wall since you can see all wall interaction between mutual friends. I swear on the Testament of the FSM that anything you send me via email or FB message (the inbox at top) will remain private and locked in the Vault. And unlike Elaine, my Vault cannot be opened with Shnapps! Vodka, on the other hand…but I rarely drink-and-comment, so even then you’re safe!

I’m with Mellbell that there’s far too few females in SW to cast all of us. So I volunteer to be one of the random aliens slouching in the corner in the bar scene.

@flippin eck:
oh its ok honey! no worries!
the old testament, right?

@baked: Right–before the arrival on Earth of His Only Son, Our Meatball!

@nabisco: YouTube won’t let me upload my Yoda Pez video because of some silly copyright issue, so here’s Cat Stick!

Not sure what it says about me that I want to be Darth Vader just for the fabulous cape and cool entrance music. Behind the mask, no one will know I’m a girl.

@Mistress Cynica: Hey, I’m all for it. You can talk like James Earl Jones, right?

Clearly no real Star Wars fans here as nobody has volunteered to fill the vital role of Obi Wan Kenobi. I would definitely have to be much more the Alec Guinness “Old Ben” recluse character than the studly hot young Ewan McGregor version hobnobbing with the elite of the galaxy. In full disclosure here I think I’d be much better making weird noises to frighten the Sand People than I would be wielding a lightsaber.

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