The Selling of the President-Elect

Official Silver
Inaugural Medallion
Signed & Numbered Poster Ceramic Plate
medallion poster plate
$400 $500 $82
Worth more next year
when melted down.
What happens when your brilliant design comes back from the committee. No animated kitty,
no deal.

Piggy Bank Key Ring Woven Blanket
piggy keyring blanket
$10 $15 $150
Safer than your 401(k). All that’s left
of the auto bailout.
Keeps you warm
after the repo.

Official Inaugural Store

Who did they get to design the likeness on that coin, a courtroom sketch artist? I’ve seen better drawings of black men on the 6 o’clock news.

Ah, the US America bidniz habit of cheapening a monumental event with kitsch. I want the T-Shirt that says: “I went to Obama’s Inauguration and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.”

Speaking of which, I finally got approval on vacation time. So what are the arrangements for the Stinque the Inauguration and can I crash at someone’s place?????

You left out the Spider-Man comic book. Available Wednesday, I think (probably in four variant covers, knowing the comic book industry.)

@ manchu – then there’s “I saw [name of band] and paid $45 American for this goddam t-shirt.” If the band is big enough to where unauthorized merch sales won’t hurt them, I’ll get the bootleg shirt in the parking lot after the show. How many black t-shirts can a guy have anyway?

What, they haven’t molded an official dildo from teh Hope penis?

@ManchuCandidate: The plan is not very firmed up yet. I don’t have a place to offer as I will basically be sleeping on the floor at my friends place, and from what I understand it is full up.

@ManchuCandidate: My place is lousy, but you’re welcome to crash there. Shoot me an e-mail or Facebook message or whatever.

Seriously, guys: the Obamaplex should have put a veto out on that “invitation” that all the donors and volunteers got. Some older folks may think that they got a for-real ticket to the shindig and spend money for no good reason.

(Actually… spending money? Stimulating the economy? Well played, Obamaplex.)

DEVELOPING HARD: Gene Robinson to give invocation at Obama Lincoln Memorial deal. (The gay Episcopal bishop from New Hampshaah, not the WaPo scribe.)

Religious right blowhards getting all bitchy notwithstanding the presence of their boy, Rick Warren, at the inauguration in 5… 4… 3….

I’d buy that poster if it said “Be the Ball.”


You could call it “The Presidential Staff”.

@chicago bureau:

Damn. Once again, Hopey makes just the right political sidestep. He’s good.

@chicago bureau: I read that and got all meh about it. Because I am a blasé asshole.

But having read TYA’s post I remembered who Gene Robinson is and what he represents: ie. the cause of a giant schism in the Pepsi Colan church. Maybe it’s more than politics. Maybe it is a reaching out. Or around.

Hey! I haz ma Hope® back!!11!!

Meanwhile, the Kristen Gillibrand / Senate whisper campaign is getting louder. A story in the Albany Times-Union got picked up by the Village Voice. There is a distinct undercurrent of oh-God-no-not-Caroline out there. And Kristen is a (1) moderate (2) woman (3) from Upstate. If you win the City and play close Upstate and on Long Island, you are set for life. The stars could be aligning.

(Note: same could be said for Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, who is not a woman, but is black. Watch that space.)

Thanks. I’m just curious at the scheduling.

This is what I know…
18 Sunday Dinner at Prommies?
19 Travel to DC
20 Inaugeration
21 ???
22 ???

@Benedick: Whatevs. I maintain my right to be a cynical member of the Bitterz, Homosexter Chapter.

@rptrcub: As the OH said when I gave him the newsflash: “Who gives a fuck?” But still. Hope. Gene Robinson is just about the most notorious homo in the US right now. Even more notorious than Clay Aiken.

@ManchuCandidate: I’ll be back at work starting Wednesday. Not sure how long all the out-of-towners are sticking around.

I don’t want to get in the way either.

I can fly out of DC or Philly so that won’t be a problem.

Also don’t want to be stuck at the airport for 40 hours waiting to get home when I can waste that time playing tourist at the DC Mall.

@ManchuCandidate: yes yes yes, dinner at prommies, everyone who is definite please email, facebook, whatever, to let me know.

@Prommie: Cyn and I will be checking coverage on line or on TV while “working at home” and trying not to hate/feel sad/jealous. It would also be a good day to get outdoors and reflect upon new beginnings.

@redmanlaw: Ditto here from the Stinque Southeastern Command, however, I may be called to go to the jumbotron viewing here on campus so following y’all live may not happen down here in Atlanta. I had planned to take the day off but I ain’t feeling it.


I’m at a party in VA on Saturday night, but now that there’s a Football Game to watch on Sunday night I will have to be at home for that because I am absolutely no good in unfriendly crowds for a sporting contest. There is also a remote possibility that I will score tickets for Pittsburgh (anyone remember the schoolyard joke “two pickets for…..”?). And I have to work on HopeDay, which means I miss (a) Our Dinner with Prommie and (b) the Millions Men and Women March.

If Black Eagle gets presented with a game ball by Heinz Ward in the White House, it will be worth it.

SNOOZE ALARM: Reid folds, permits Burris to be seated.

Whoever had 12 January in the “Reid grabs his ankles” pool, you win.

@chicago bureau: Can’t he wait until tomorrow? I haven’t finished my “Where in the World are Harry’s Balls?” post yet.


Laura Bush’s totally fake, ghostwritten “memoirs” will reveal that she’s had Harry Reid’s nuts in her purse the entire time!

@rptrcub: @Benedick: In the US? Please. Gene’s the most notorious homo in the Anglican communion, which pretty much includes everything in the former British Empire. He’s also recently out of rehab for alcoholism. This could be interesting.


How is this going to work? Scheduling?

Dinner at your place… are you going to DC?

@ManchuCandidate: Manchu, I am offering dinner at my place and anyone who wants can stay the night, in the morning, I will drive anyone going to DC down to Maryland and to a convenient Metro station. I am not going to be in DC for the big event, unfortunately. If you want to come, I will also help get you here from wherever you are flying in, if you want. just tell me your plans. I’d love for you to be here.

@Mistress Cynica: Have I ever told you my father-in-law was a Canon?

Anyway, the only thing unusual about an alcoholic Episcopal cleric would be rehab, thats something. And by the way, my father in law is not among them, but, most episcopal priests I know could use some rehab. Manhattans, all of them, they love manhattans, I think its something from seminary.

@Mistress Cynica: didn’t want to seem pushy. Of course Gene is the most infamous homo evah. He has made whole congregations of godfearing white folk align themselves with a whackjob Nigerian bishop and then steal their churches so they can spend quality time on their knees while real estate values rise. (What I never understood is if He is God and He is being crucified why does He accuse Himself of abandoning Him?). I only hope they make Rick Warren share a dressing room with him. They can try on each other’s mitres.

@Mistress Cynica: I used to try to proselytize for episcopalianism, to me, its the perfect christian denomination for someone who is vaguely spiritual, enjoys dignified ceremony, and is smart. I tell people, or used to, that first of all, you can be all kinds of a notorious sinner and noone cares, because you are there on Sunday; that you are not actually required to literally beleive anything at all, its enough to have a vague appreciation for what Jesus taught, and getting drunk at church functions is considered admirable. The priests at high church churches are mostly smart and liberal, and if you are smart and fun they will seek you out, because thet are starved for intellectual company, as they spend most of their time with the old ladies of the alter guild. Good times, just DON”T accept the invitation to go on the vestry.

@Benedick: This is why I love the Episcopal church, Benedick, first of all, they make a notorious homo a Bishop, and second, if I asked my priest your question, he would say, “well, what does it mean that he is god, or the son of god, its beyond us to understand, don’t worry about it.” Essentially, I was told straight out its enough to believe that in a vague way Jesus had an insight into and was close to, and has advice on how to approach closer to, God, and that if this makes him “the son of God” or “God,” these are metaphors, so don’t get caught up in parsing the logic of fables.

Besides, if he was both fully human, and fully God, then his human side would of course have human doubt, silly.

@Benedick: Benedick, I will tell you the one part of what I was taught by episcopal priests that I do truly beleive with all my heart. That is, that God is in everyone, and therefore, every act of love, kindness, charity, and mercy, towards any person, is serving the part of God within them. Its worship, to be kind to your fellow humans.

I would love to visit.

Let me figure out times and flights.

@Promnight: As a friend of mine said, the only rules for Epicopalians are: 1) you can do anything you want, as long as you pronounce it properly, and 2) don’t wear white after Labor Day.
A canon at the cathedral (which was quite high — incense for major days, fabulous vestments) admitted to me she didn’t believe in the resurrection literally.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m taking the train from Philly 30th Station to DC Monday mid-day and taking the train back up to Philly mid-day Wednesday. Check the Amtrak website to see if there’s still space on the trains.

@ManchuCandidate: Just Amtrak or modes of transportation generally? It’s probably a longshot, but look at Richmond. It’s only a half-hour train ride away.

how about them baptists? Baptist Hospital in miami is AWESOME.
the best hospital i’ve ever been in. and i have a very good basis for comparison. what’s with them? i may convert based on the hospital. bueller?

cyn, prommie, episcopalians sound fun too!

and how about them eagles? like i care. but i’m having such fun torturing my dad about his beloved giants.

@ManchuCandidate: Trailways, Greyhound or other bus routes will probably be available between Philly and DC. If all else fails, shoot me a gmail or FB message. If you can get from 30th st station in Philly to Middletown or Harrisburg, PA (a separate line from the DC run) on Monday, I can drive you down to the first Maryland metro stop.

@chicago bureau: OMG just had an argument with an old friend of the family after I said – “Yea, I got the same letter, but I think ‘public event’ may mean that it’s free anyway.”

“Well Smart & Finals are open to the public, but you can’t just walk in an take whatever you want out either,” she bitched at me, complete with old black lady neck-roll.

So fuck Obama.

@problemwithcaring: After daily email inauguration-fundraising pitches from Fluffy, that invite was the shark-jumping moment. Or maybe it was Rick Warren. I lose track.

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