You Will Invade Iraq. You Will Ignore Katrina. You Will Subvert the Constitution. You Will Undermine the World Economy. I Command You.

Wag the Dog.

This explains everything.

Biography of India [White House]

What happened to Miss Beazley? Was she not good enough for the White House Kids page?

@Jamie Sommers: Barney offed her and then disappeared her, obvs. As Nojo has discovered with this post, Cheney has been a puppet all along, just like Bunnypants…Barney is the real source of evil in this administration.

@flippin eck: That TV reporter was close to discovering the truth, and you know what happened next.

Kudos to for tying this post in with the previous one!

@nojo: You had me right up until that. There’s no way any member of the White House press corps has been close to uncovering anything in the past 8 years.

I cannot begin to compute. I will now go and watch reruns of Will and Grace.

The wagging.. the wagging… must submit to the wagging…

Long wagging penetrating…

@Benedick: Down, boy.

@Jamie Sommers: Cheney ate her with some fave beans and a nice Chianti.

@RomeGirl: down.. panting… begging.. humping legs…

You are becoming my favorite stinquer, Benedick.

@drinkyclown: OMFG!

I can’t snark too much. India (or whatever the fuck her name is) is a beautiful cat.

/oy. Four comments in a row. Time to go hide or drink more wine until someone else weighs in.


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