We’re Back!

That wasn’t so difficult, was it? Heck, you were probably sleeping the whole time, and didn’t even realize we were switching wires on your Matrix headgear.


I was out for my evening walk and taking pictures for the next Jam. Still no sign of the wattle bird, but I did get a top knot pigeon, and some Ibis.

not sleeping. at all. i’ve been trying to post video’s to our secret place with the news of escalation on all night.

why doesn’t israel lob food, med supplies? the palestinians are protecting hamas because that’s who they recieve aid from.

i am firmly against this latest aggression, looking forward to seeing those famed iron balls of the hillbot. if she could stay married to billy, peace in the middle east seems cake.

oh and a fuck you to christianne amanpour. she just reported 80% of israeli’s support this idiocy. she makes shit up, who is she talking to?
i’ve read every word (and comments) from all israeli newspapers. NOT TRUE. i can’t stand her.i always thought she was a thinly veiled anti-semite, but informative. NOW i know she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about either.

sorry to bring this up again. i’m getting ready to go on a festive booze cruise on this beautiful day, and sick from all the people in the world suffering. i’ll be in the thick of it there in 20 days…..

@baked: If you are drinking on a cruise – then get one of those rubber inner tubes with the duckie head and wear it the whole time! Just in case you fall over. We insist.

how’d ya know i had one? thanks for reminding me!
setting sail at 11….see ya later!

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