The Horror

First it was 9/11.  Then Mayor Bloomberg brought us the 2004 Republican National Convention.  And now, as if we haven’t been punished enough:

‘Phantom of the Opera’ Sequel Due in 2009

LONDON – A new “Phantom of the Opera” is coming to Broadway, and beyond. Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber told the Times of London on Sunday that “the button is pushed” on a sequel to the world’s most successful musical.

He plans to open “Phantom: Love Never Dies” at the end of 2009, with a historic simultaneous opening in three cities — on Broadway in New York, in London’s West End, and potentially in Shanghai. Such an opening would be groundbreaking.

This could be worse than Cats and Mamma Mia combined. Happy Fucking New Year.


Even Broadway has sequels now?

I figured that if ALW had some creativity he’d go for something more like:

Miss Baghdad
Sarah! (“Don’t cry for me Wassila…”)

hey, my (then) teenage daughters really liked Phantom.

Don’t knock Mama Mia. It’s more popular in England as a DVD than the Dark Knight (or so io9 tells me.)

Weber has always been little more than a hack IMHO.

Declan MacManus said something like the following about ALW’s “Requiem” (sung in the voice of God):

“I’ve been wading through all this unbelievable junk
And wondering if I shouldn’t have left the world
To the monkeys”

@Dodgerblue: I have said it before and I’ll say it again – the 3 scariest words in the English language are ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER. He has damaged civilization in ways I can’t begin to list. When Cats was playing I saw people coming out of the Winter Garden Theater looking like they’d been poleaxed. ALW is Cher awful, he is Michael Bolton awful, he is Kenny G awful. He is, and I do not say this lightly, John Tesh awful. He must be stopped.

And yet — sorry, Benedick! — I still lurve JC Superstar.

Ah, of course: lyrics by Tim Rice. Explains everything.

I only have five words for you:

Starlight Express…answer me yes!

Now excuse me while I go roller skating.

@nojo: One guess as to what I’m listening to right now…

@nabisco: Yes, but I want to know what Elvis Costello said about it.

When o when will someone create the Queen musical? The music of Freddie Mercury, as the score for a musical, would it not be fabulous?

@mellbell: At last, all too well, I can see where we all soon will be.

@Prommie: Only if includes four five dudes in a Pacer rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody.

The only thing worse would be if ALW teamed up with Celine Dion to bring Titanic to Broadway.

If ALW completes this sequel, the terrorists truly have won.

I would like to see a preemptive strike against London head right to the top of Black Eagle’s to-do list.

@Signal to Noise: … he is Barry Manilow awful, he is Yanni awful, he is Yoko Ono awful. If Mel Torme were alive, this would kill him.

Look on the bright side. It’s becoming less likely that Princess Camelot will become your next Senator.

@Jamie Sommers: Damn I hope Paterson is smarter than that … I really like him.

@SanFranLefty: The musical was better than the film.

I would imagine there will be a reality TV hookup. He’s now done it twice in the UK where TV seems to be even worse than it is here.

I saw POO soon after it opened. First 15 mins are fun then it becomes boring in the extreme. The OH refused to stay for the 2nd act. Mind you, Michael Crawford was terrible.

But. Some pretty tunes when stripped of the bombast. The same cannot be said for Jesus Supperstar.

Now I go to bed.

Bad imitation Puccini.
ALW is Il Divo bad.

@blogenfreude: precisely.

The only way you can get me to listen to anything of Webber’s is to play the Afghan Whigs, who covered “The Temple,” and whom I am willing to forgive for covering him because the rest of their output was so damned awesome.

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