Happy New Year!


I hope everyone has a great NYE. I plan to be at one of the top-rated (or so Logo says) gay bars in the world, Mary’s in Atlanta, with the new squeeze, and crashing later in a new place that’s only 1.5 miles away and inside of the Fruit Loop (known as 285) instead of 25 fucking miles away, in hopes of avoiding the Atlanta Police/Cobb County Police/Georgia State Patrol.

Cheers [raises bottle of Knob Creek on high] to all you lovely Stinquers! Have a great time tonight and remember that Gatorade is the best hangover cure ever!

Two things that worked for me:

1) Two eggs, ham, homefries, whole wheat toast and a pint glass of OJ. The fat consumption jolts me out of a stupor.
2) Five minutes of 100% O2, a trick I learned from older lifeguards so long ago.

What, do you have a canister of 100% O2 just sitting around the house? You wacky Canadians…

@ManchuCandidate: It’s all about the grease (hence this is my hangover cure).

Sadly no. I’m no Frank Booth.

Some 20 (!) years ago, I worked at a very large rec center and we were allowed to train with and test the O2 tanks used in real emergencies. Many of the older hungover lifeguards would huff 100% O2 and mark it down as “training.”

Did it once and it certainly worked for me.

A DC version of In/Out? Just before lunch, too. I suddenly have a craving for a double double with cheese and fries.

@ManchuCandidate: Sadly, the closest I’ve ever come to eating an In-N-Out burger is watching “The Big Lebowski,” but Left Coast transplants do make the comparison.

@rptrcub: Be safe. Take a cab. And my favored hangover cure is Emergen-C. Gatorade has always made me ill, even when I’m not hung over. I think it’s the sports association.

@mellbell: Oooo – we just got one of those here (it is out in the ‘burbs though so haven’t been). Perhaps when I am in DC? I assume we will be hungover…

Keeping it cool somewhat tonight so we can try to go skiing and boarding tomorrow.

Best fat source ever: the chicharron burrito with red chili, fresh chicharrons from the enamel pot simmering on a heavy steel welded grill over the juniper fire on a fresh tortilla when you can get them. Mmmm.

Hangover treatment: hydration, electrolyte replenishment, asprin, time and a good attitude, stuff you have to do so as to avoid the wallow.

Today’s NYE office treat for the staff: mincemeat empanaditas (aka empanadillas) made by Mrs RML and her mom.

@mellbell: They serve burgers while they change your oil?

@homofascist: There is a chain comparable to In/Out spreading across the mid-atlantic as we speak like a pustulant rash, its called “Five Guys.” I think. Free peanuts, throw the shells on the floor, nothing but hamburgers and fries on the menu, fresh fries. Good, but pricey.

@Prommie: You didn’t follow the link, dear — that’s what we’ve been talking about this whole time!

My favorite thing about the peanuts is the signs on the door boldly warning you, in no uncertain terms, that you are not to remove the peanuts from the premises, because they don’t want to be held liable for any concomitant allergic reactions.

@mellbell: Hey Prom, can I get a witness for the good ole days when people ate peanuts and liked them and there were no “peanut free zones”? My gawd….I left that off my festivus list.

My boy is on the list for helping to do the countdown in our small town square at midnight. Which means I should try and remain only socially drunk and not so blotto that I need a hangover cure mañana. The best I’ll be able to do anyway is the liquid cure.

I resolve to be completely random, at random times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA4foTap-WQ

@mellbell: That would be me, with the attention to detail and the attention span, too, noticing links and stuff.

good resolution. i’m adding it to my very short list.
*continue to be contrary and refuse caps and spell check.
*continue to babble and bend the ears of my beloved stinquers.
*not get blown up.




oh, btw prommie, if i do get blown up, i’m appointing you the bearer of the news here, and also charge you with eulogizing me…you know me best.
(no joke. i’m making preparations for this possibility)
giggling at the thought that i’m going to leave more to Best Friends animal sanctuary than i am to rat. oh, and i so am!!!

everyone have a safe and fun night.
(we’re taking our lives in our hands, and going to a movie)

happy new year to ALL, you deliciously demented friends ‘o mine here.

You, too.

I’m going to get smashed at a friend’s house party and not give a shit.

i really really love you guys (and i hate almost everyone)

i would be terribly remiss if i didn’t THANK YOU all, you are my best support system, and the most interesting cluster of folk i’ve ever had the priveledge to hang out with.

drunk declations of appreciation for each other starting in 3..2…..


We *heart* you too, baked. Looking forward to hearing your stories in 2009. Take care of yourself, chica ; )

And thank you all for reading my various ranting, venting and silly fantasies.

It’s been a unique honour [proper spelling of course, Lyndon/Benedick ; ) ] and a pleasure getting to know you all.

(Special shout-out to my back-up BF Brody Jenner–I know you’re reading, Brody–for guest-starring in the earth-trembling, aforementioned fantasies. I’d hit that so hard the aftershocks would be felt in Nova Scotia.)

HFA 4evah!

A big GROUP HUG, with thanks and happy new year’s wishes to you all. Can’t wax eloquent now because I’m at work. Love you, never change!

@baked: If you leave it to me, I promise I will take in all stray animals, especially dime-store monkeys, and just think of the advantage in that it would piss off Rat even more! And what a eulogy you will get, I will do my best Hedley Lamarr.

But srsly, no harm will befall you, I have made sure of this by personally interceding with the one and only creator and ruler of the universe. Fear not, we will all set sail on the Ark someday.

@baked: If you do, FSM forbid, get blown up, Rat better hope he goes too or will we hunt him down and avenge you.

Happy New Year, all.
Who could have predicted that the advent of the HFA was going to be such a good thing?
I treasure the laughs we’ve shared. I hope they continue!

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