They Know They Gettin’ It From Me

Title: Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto

Author: Ted Nugent

Rank: 655

Blurb: “In his trademark unapologetic style, Nugent will praise God, guns, and red-blooded, full-throated Americanism against pantywaist politicians, nanny-state judges, and tofu-eating Obamamaniacs.”

Review: “Yet another chest-thumping screed from a guy who made damn sure he wasn’t in the line of fire during his draftable days.”

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Footnote: A-B-C-C-A-B-C-E-G-G#-A-B-C-C-C-B-A

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From News Hounds:

But [his draft dodging] hasn’t stopped Nugent from insisting that if he HAD served, he would have been one big mofo soldier. As the Rutland Herald reported, Here’s what Nugent said he would have done if he went to Vietnam:

“… if I would have gone over there, I’d have been killed, or I’d have killed, or I’d kill all the hippies in the foxholes … I would have killed everybody,” he told the Detroit Free Press in an interview published July 15, 1990.”

The Herald also noted that Nugent’s efforts to avoid the draft make President Bush look like a war hero.

(Nugent claims) that 30 days before his Draft Board Physical, he stopped all forms of personal hygiene. The last 10 days he ingested nothing but junk food and Pepsi, and a week before his physical, he stopped using the bathroom altogether, virtually living inside his pants caked with excrement and urine. That spectacle won Nugent a deferment.

@blogenfreude: So you mean he got out of being in ‘Nam thanks to what usually happens when he’s on a weeklong bender?

If the war movie arctype/stereotypes are true to form then Nooge, the loud obnoxious bellicose jackass, would have caked his fatigues in combat the same way he did to stay about of combat.

OT/Went out with a friend to bar last night. Got pulled over for the Xmas Drunk Driver Spot Check and had to blow into a breathalyzer for the first time ever. Encountered these checkpoints about 20 times in my life and not pulled over till now. Blew a 0.00. The reason I got pulled over was because the bar (which I went to for the first time) was notorious for patrons too stupid or too cheap to get a cab.

The cop was almost apologetic, but I would have none of that. Having lost a friend to a drunk and knew a couple of people who were hit by drunks (and what happened to RML’s cousin) I wasn’t going to play offended citizen. Wished them all a happy new year and drove off.

NRA board member, became the legal guardian of a 17 year old Hawaiian girl to avoid statutory charges while he took her out on tour with him.

@ Manchu – Imagine how many times they heard, “dude, I can’t get a hit off this pipe.” Thanks for your thoughts on my cousin, gone to the Big DJ Booth in the Sky to get the room thumpin’ and the dance floor filled.

@ManchuCandidate: He shit himself over here so he didn’t have to shit himself over there.

@Benedick: American rocker known for catchy riffs (Cat Scratch Fever) and long jams (Stranglehold). Musically, he has not had any impact since the early 80s, when his band Damn Yankees helped define the school of rock of once vital musicians pumping out schlock. About the time his musical career started to wane, he caught the wave of ugly Reaganism and began spouting off on killing animals, guns and right wing politics, which gave him a second career as a wingnut icon. An NRA board member who avoided the Vietnam-era draft, he has a hunting TV show I don’t watch on a cable channel and a column I don’t read in a hunting magazine I get occasionally. He still tours a lot. It was at one of his shows last summer at which he said that Barack Obama could suck on one of his machine guns. As far as guitars go, he really liked electric hollow bodies such as the Gibson ES-335 and ES-175/or Gretch While Eagle (I’d have to look it up to be sure.)

Link to Ted Nugent’s music at

Fun Fact: Courtney Love claims that Nuge did her as a 14-year-old groupie.

@redmanlaw: EW EW EW EW EW EW.

@ManchuCandidate: When they deserve crap, they get it from me. When they’re in the right, they’re in the right. I had a similar experience once.

I don’t think I’ll be drinking NYE. I’d rather be sober to hear the sweet ramblings on of Mr. Cub. It’s actually quite sweet, really.

@Benedick: Oh, how I envy your ignorance of this man! Picture a combination of Chuck Norris and Charleton Heston, then take away any acting chops or physical dexterity until you’re left with nothing but gun-toting ignorant bellicosity, and you’ll have it just about right.

@rptrcub: Has he graduated from Potential Mr. Cub to Official Mr. Cub?? Congrats!

@flippin eck: “But, oh, could he play guitar” (at one time).

Dude is an embarrassment to most hunters and non-/only mildly psychotic gun owners.

“Dad, this sweater smells like gun powder (sniffs) and sagebrush (sniff sniff) and dirt.” Son of RML getting ready to walk Grandma’s dog in my olive wool sweater with the windblocker lining and shoulder patches. Thing weighs about five pounds but it’s warm as heck. He can wear it under his hoodie and not look like a dweeb who has to wear a coat in the winter.

@redmanlaw: Take heart, he gives Michiganders like myself a bad name too.

@Benedick: In this case, ignorance is indeed bliss. I’m sorry you had to hear about him.

Did anyone mention the loin cloth he likes to sport?

when i write a check or use a credit card and am asked to provide a photo ID, i thank them profusely. what kind of idiot, and i see this every day, gets pissed off when THEIR security is being protected?

@redmanlaw: No Ziggy Stardust he, but he has at least one solid album’s worth of awesome rawk in his career. Unfortunately the same thing could have been said 30 years ago.
@flippin eck: No worries, you have the MC5, Iggy and the Stooges and that whole Motown thing to fall back on!

@flippin eck: Thanks, hon. No marriage in Massachusetts quite yet. Or even moving, yet, in under the Lesbian Law of U-Haul Usage.

Thank you all for the educamation.

He sounds like Todd Rundrgren.

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