George W. Bush: An Appreciation

As a lefty blogger, I will miss him. Sure he’s a dangerous sociopath, a pathological liar, and a national embarrassment.  But he’s also The Decider, The Commander Guy, and Commander Codpiece.  Think about that as January 20, 2009 approaches.  When, I ask you, have liberals had it so good?

Of course we’ll still have the likes of Sarah Palin, Mittens, and the comically stupid James Inhofe to smack around, but it’s hard for me to imagine life without Dubya.  And yes, I’ve seen this:

Seventy-five percent of those questioned in a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Friday say they’re glad President Bush is going, with 23 percent indicating they’ll miss him.

But I’ve also seen this:

We will never see his like again.


Pee Wee Herman should do the movie. That is his face.

Preznit Bunnypants Destroys the World.

@Benedick: George and Dick’s Excellent Adventure

speaking of horror flicks, saw valkarie last night.
interesting because i was unaware of the details of the 16 different assination attempts by hitlers highest ranking generals-except himmler, who was also their target. for a people known for their precision, what a bunch of fuck ups cruise and his merry conspirators were. they couldn’t kill the guy! and this only went down months before the allies had it covered, and they knew it. though it is never touched upon in the movie, they were just trying to save their sorry asses. too little, too late.
the end of them is predictable, but i won’t say in case someone wants to take in a matinee for a nice midday nap. don’t we all want to see a movie about some nazi generals who had a come to jeebus month or two? PASS.
surprisingly, the wooden cruise did not suck the talent out of a stellar cast with kenneth branagh, tom wilkenson, etc.

@baked: Why you can’t travel back in time and kill Hitler:

Be sure to see this one:

Favorite new Legend of the Legacy: Rove’s piece the the WSJ about how intellectual Preznit Bunnypants is and how he like reads like all the time. Like 59 books a year!

As Bugs would say, “It is to laugh.”

reds, wherever do you find these things?
those links were far more enjoyable than the movie!

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