Motion To Strike The Voter

We can talk at length about Florida 2000 and Diebold and black-box voting and all that stuff.  But may we have a moment to consider the fact that some voters — regardless of political persuasion — are just bone stupid?

Take, for instance, Minnesota.  Apparently the Senate election is now down to a bunch of state officials trying to discern the intent of the stupidest voters in the state.  Now, I am a firm adherent to the theory that, of all electoral systems out there, the hardest to screw up is pen-on-paper balloting.  Yet there they are.  Ballots with the mark placed squarely between Norm Coleman’s name and Al Franken’s name.  Ballots with two selections, where the ballot clearly says “VOTE FOR ONE, DUMMY.”  Ballots with a filled-in oval for one name, and a check mark for the other.  Ballots with a clearish selection, but with a cartoon drawn on the ballot to make the selection unclear. 

And the decisions on the intent of the stupidest voters available will decide who goes to the Senate. Oy.


Ah, the signs of the creeping Idiocracy.

Paper scan ballots are the closest thing we’re gonna get to a Constitutionally acceptable intelligence test for voters, and it’s looking like a smashing success.

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