Carmageddon Open Thread (Chrysler Edition).

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Damn.  Chrysler is closing its plants for thirty days and may never reopen them.  I know, I know, Dan Quayle has a hand in running Cerberus (which owns Chrysler).  But I still want that Challenger R/T.

And if you want more nostalgia, visit the Old Car Manual Project.


The exterior of the Challenger is a hawt dick magnet, but the interior looks like it was lifted right outta a Dodge Stratus.

Explain that, Mr. Chrysler CEO.

@Original Andrew: or a 300C, which is pretty much was … if I had one, I’d have to customize it. Of course, if I had one, it would be driven 3 times a year to DC to visit the family, 3 times a year out to Montauk, 2 times a year to Costco, and once a year to the Berkshires. Small carbon footprint – wonder if I’d put 4 grand a year on it. But still, it’s so high school.

WE march on DC and we say it true and say it loud:


Damn, I had a 68 or 69 Polara with the 383 and it was a twisted wreck. No brakes. Bald tires. Electrical system so bad I had to recharge the battery before I did my night shift work. Almost no paint left, just flecks of it flying loose from layers of gray primer. . . But oh fuck, when I drove my foot into the firewall, the 383 would fucking roar and try to tear itself away from the motor mounts as Ravi Shankar shrieked from the dime-store cassette/FM crap box I’d wired to the old rear-deck speakers. That was a car. Every drive home, a voyage of the damned! Ha. Haha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

I really hope Prommie has no access to news on his vacation.

FlyingChainSaw: You lost me. Perhaps it is the surplusage of people in Chicago with that name, or something close. Explicate yrself plz kthx.

@Mistress Cynica: Jesus, no, VANISHING POINT! It’s the story of America. Huge highway system. Unlimited nearly free gas. Cars with unlimited horsepower and no suspensions. Everybody stoned! The cop’s name was. . . and the radio station KOW renamed itself Radio Free KOWalski after the protagonist.

@FlyingChainSaw: Culturally too young to appreciate early 70s road movies — Love Bug was more my speed, or the Partridge Family bus. Heavy irony that I wasn’t aware of Kesey at the time, even though he was a local boy.

@nojo: You and me both. No clue about Vanishing Point (Sorry FCS, the only Kowalski I’d ever heard of was Stanley). However, I can sing any number of Partridge Family songs.

@nojo: Oh, I couldn’t get in on my own. Still in grammar school but when I saw the ad of the psycho, roaring through the burning wasteland, pursued by police and grinning ear to ear I knew this was an important movie. Waited until Ma FCS was heading in town and hounded her to take me in to see it.

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