Cheney Firm Sued for Letting Animals Eat Amputated Limbs & for Poisoning American Troops and Firm’s Workers

Die Welt! Sie ist meine, sie Hunde! Hahahahahaha! Bumsen sich!

Is there a day that passes when CheneyCo does not reset the evil meter?

There have been mercenaries in history who waged wars and profited from them. Some of them have been recorded as heroes, depending on whose side you or your ancestors were on.

But few can claim to have reconfigured a globe-dominating nation’s defense industry (by privatizing defense support), gone into industry to establish himself, and returned to government to incite a war so his former employers and he could clean up on it.  (Yes, we know that he makes noises about renouncing the profits from his shares; Goering said he loved kids, too.)

The monstrous vastness of the crime, however, an achievement of unprecedented proportions in terms of the lives lost and money looted is a perverse yet awesome work of political engineering, a perfidious wonder of the world.

But really, it is so vast that the evil of it only appears to us in the small, grim details that spill out of the battle front, usually through leaks, outraged denunciations by retiring officers and the sundry law suits against the bust-out’s participants.

In one such detailed law suit against Dick Cheney’s old company, Haliburton and its parent company, Kellogg, Brown & Root for exposing its own employees and US troops in Iraq to horrifically unsafe and macabre conditions we have a microcosmic view of the consequences of his crime.

The Associated Press reported today: The lawsuit also said the “defendants burned medical waste that contained human body parts on the open air burn pit. Wild dogs in the area raided the burn pit and carried off human remains. The wild dogs could be seen roaming the base with body parts in their mouths.”

While the companies were providing the feral dogs with inviting snacks, the suit alleges, they were poisoning their water and food.

The Houston Press reported earlier this week: The first allegation deals with water. According to the lawsuit, KBR provided most of the water used to drink, swim in, or treat the wounded with, and was supposed to monitor and maintain its quality. KBR is accused of failing to test the water and then distributing unsafe, untreated water.

Next there’s the spoiled food. Eller alleges KBR served U.S. forces chicken, fish, beef and eggs that were well past their expiration date, causing salmonella poisoning in at least one case. Even when KBR food-service managers were notified that the food had expired, the lawsuit states, KBR still served it. Some of the nourishment, according to the lawsuit, “may have been contaminated with shrapnel, or other materials.”

The punishment has to fit the crime. But when the crime is this titanic what could possibly be appropriate punishment? What say you, Stinquers?


I hope there’s a judge in Spain drawing up papers for the ICC right now… I don’t see a lot of international travel in the future of any of this current Administration, for fear of being arrested and taken to The Hague to await trial.

Don’t forget his investment in privately funded federal prisons! Wherever there is suffering, Cheney is sure to be profiting from it.

Every time he exhales, somewhere a baby cries …

@SanFranLefty: Yep, they will be kicking back in Texas and Wyoming with their secure pensions and with speaking fees paid in Euros.


And each time he laughs, a vampire gets its’ fangs….

@lentinus: @Tommmcatt Yet Again:

Do I want to know what happens when he farts, or FSM forbid, takes a shit?

@SanFranLefty: You think it craps? Or has a digestive system? Ha. Haha. Hahahahahahahahaha

I’m thinking something out of Greek mythology would be about right. Cheney as Prometheus, chained to a rock and having an eagle tear out and consume his liver every day. Yes, I think I’d like to know that’s how Darth Cheney would live out his remaining days.

GWB would be perfect as an American version of Sisyphus. Instead of simply rolling a rock uphill every day he should be sentenced to work as a real cowboy for the rest of his life. His dual fears of horses and physical labor should make for endless comic hijinks.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:




my eyes!

my ears!

I don’t know if it’s thought of Cheney shitting or Rove with a stiffy that makes me hurl.

Probably the latter.

Can you just imagine? Rolls of pasty white flesh with a teeney weenie dick sticking out.

Do you think he can even SEE his dick when he jacks off?

/hands mind bleach back to ‘Catt

@SanFranLefty: Pass it this way when you’re done, please.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Maybe I can still cancel that pizza I just ordered.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I have to go and lie down. And pull the covers over my head. And think about Julie Andrews.

What can I say but “Anal Pears for all of them!!” *Razor wire wrapping optional*

Dress them in white pants and keep opening the pears until the blood stains the entirety of the legs red.

After that, a gibbet. Let them rot and swing in the breeze.

@CheapBoy: Did you ever get that peach juice off your glasses? (Favorite mental image.)

@JNOV: @CheapBoy:
Good thing I have the mind bleach around to keep the stains out of the white pants.

@SanFranLefty: Yeah, I’m kind of ignoring the anal pear bidness and focusing on the peach.

“What’s the ug-li-est pa-art 0f your body? Some say your nose; some say your toes; I think it’s your mi-nd (I think it’s your mind, {growing note of panic} I think it’s your m-inD) audio distortion/volume increase..Frank Zappa. Audio increase with frantic rising pitch to 150-decibel crash into the final sustained chord of Sgt, Pepper …The Beatles. No, I would NOT want
to turn Cheney on (it’s illegal. for Chrissake!!) I would want to turn Cheney OUT; out of office, out of Washington, out to Wyoming for survivalist training. First challenge: 3 January nights in a polluted pond (Blackwater Billabong) in his only remaining possession….the urine-soaked Pamper he’s wearing. Lots o’ luck…DICK!

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