Talibunny Does Chickenhawks Right

Poor PUMAs. Bitter in defeat, even more bitter after Their Gal won Miss Congeniality on Monday:

obama is an old-fashioned, back-room-dealing, fat-cat-pleasing, beholden, bought and paid for politician. Just like gwb.

They really should take lessons from their counterparts at Team Sarah, who couldn’t be more happy that Their Gal is standing up for draft-dodging Saxby Chambliss in today’s Georgia Senate runoff. Hey, she even brought her own snow!

As luck would have it we had what is RARE for us here in Georgia, snow flurries starting just before Sarah arrived. She said the snow made her feel right at home. My daughter and I drove up to the arena from our homes about one hour away with snow flurries falling all around. I thought about Sarah Palin’s reaction to our rare Georgia snowfall as we drove in. It was a WONDERFUL day in Georgia!

See, that’s the spirit. And if the crowds were almost as white as the weather, well, more’s the better.

Sarah Palin came to Georgia in true Palin style…and I was there! [Team Sarah]

Speaking of silly wingers, PM Blimpie up there in Canada apparently managed to talk himself out of a job, just a month after an election. I have no idea how this happened, and am too jet lagged to figure it all out at this point. But it must have been spectacularly stupid.

[ADD: The Bloc is involved? The same guys that want to GTFO out Canada? I give up.]

@chicago bureau:
The story from what I understand it.
1) Fatty Boy decided to throw his weight around by telling the oppo parties that they weren’t getting any cash for subsidies (political parties who get X% of the vote get helped out–strange I know, but we Canada City types are strange.)
2) Oppo parties (who all hate each other) got so pissed they replied in unison with the Trudeau wave (aka middle finger.)
3) Fatty Boy took a page from Herbert Hoover/Bill Bennett’s economic plan and said, “Economic stimulus? We don’t need no stinqing stimulus!” Note: Ontario and Quebec are already in recession. Insists that tax cuts and deregulation alone will stimulate the economy-where have we heard that idea? Libs and NDP decide that hatred isn’t so good and decided (?) to work (???!??!) together (?????????????!!!!??!?!?!?!) People are already pissed about it especially as Fatty said “No. N. O. to auto bailouts.”
4) The price of oil collapsed and Alberta is suddenly not so smug and arrogant and discover they do not piss oil and shit gold. Alberta decides they need some help to pay for all the fabtrabulous multibillion projects that are suddenly worthless.
5) Fatty Boy suddenly found his party all alone in the dark as the Bloc realized that Quebec needs help and it ain’t gonna get none from Fatty McGoo. Non confidence vote next week.
6) Who says Canada City Politics is boring? The Obama Effect has come to Canada City.

BTW welcome back.

Saxby might have had Sarah, but Martin had Young Jeezy and Ludacris. In yo’ face, cranky Republicans! Georgia: DO NOT FUCK THIS UP.

Teh car problems which kept me away from the Nuremburg Palin Rallies yesterday have been resolved. I hate cars. I apologize for the lack of full coverage.

Meanwhile, rptrcub, the latest I’m hearing out of Minnesota is that Al Franken is looking to the Senate to count his rejected ballots. Again: jet-lagged. But I am reading this as Al Franken FAIL. Am I wrong?

@chicago bureau: FiveThirtyEight has been mum about it the last few days, but per their reporting Coleman’s lead has actually increased under the recount (from 215 to 292, as of last Wednesday) and the canvassing board has refused Franken’s request that approximately 12,000 rejected absentee ballots be reconsidered (though one rogue county opted to recount them anyway). It does not look good, though with something like 7,000 challenged ballots awaiting review there’s no telling how it will all shake out.

@chicago bureau:

Yeah, I don’t see it happening for him. Too bad, I would have loved to see the Billo apoplexy.

Nojo doesn’t strike me as the Disneyland type.

(See his top-right corner Twitter).

@SanFranLefty: The new Gene Rayburn ride must be opening.

Every biggish metro area has its own tourist hell. (Jeebus, SFL: Fisherman’s Freaking Wharf.) The problem is that parenting lowers your standards very quickly, unless you have the impossible hip toddler that digs modern art and punk record shops.

Meanwhile, can we just say here a word about parents who do not immediately instruct their children to not scream and kick seats on airplanes? Or about those who allow said kids to do so for approximately two hours, even when shot impossibly mean looks and nasty words? We can? Oh, thank you.

Parents who make no effort to control their children on a plane, or who spoil them rotten even when they are disturbing everyone on the plane during flight, should be forcibly ejected from the aircraft through one of the six exits on the plane, which can be operated as shown on the safety information card located in the seat pocket in front of you.

There. I feel better now.

@rptrcub: Sometimes at work I scribble down little doodles next to the day’s date as a reminder of what’s actually going on in the world, so on Halloween it was a jack-o-lantern, the day after the election it was an Obama O, and today it’s a Georgia peach. Fingers crossed.

@chicago bureau: A-FUCKING-MEN. I once had the kids behind me who decided it would be fun to kick my seat and see how much they could get away with and giggle and kick my seat again and then do it twice and aw aren’t we cute. I stood up, turned around and yelled “NO!” They stopped.

You know, in re PUMA nonsense, another visit to (oh dear) Hillaryis44.com does not disappoint:

We are not worshippers at a Hillary shrine but we do recognize a remarkable jewel when we see one. We respect Hillary and listen with respect to what she says – but we do not genuflect. We do not bow and scrape and burn incense and chant – like those doopy-eyed commemorative plate and coin buyers in the Hopium dens.

Uh… “we are not worshippers at a Hillary shrine.” Yeah. You clowns were willing to sink the ship and let the Geezer and the Cheerleader win the damn election. So there was no shrine. There was just a small room with a bunch of candles, incense, a mini-zen garden and about thirty autographed pictures of Hillary haphazardly tacked to a wall with pushpins. Kudos on not putting a shrine up.

(But also: wouldn’t you think that the plate and coin people would have shut down if a female President was elected? Oh, I’m sorry. That’s crazy talk.)

homofascist: See, I did the same thing (to the mother, not the kid), and the kid screamed even louder. It was as if he had been told “no” for the first time in his life.

People wonder why I’m not interested in having kids. There’s a reason.

@chicago bureau: It’s only other people’s kids who behave that way. At least that’s what I tell myself.

@chicago bureau:

“Hopium Dens”, yet.

Good Lord, who are these people?

@chicago bureau: Amen, brother, on the airline travel thing. I have nothing but sympathy for a parent of a tired baby, IF (and that’s a big IF) the parent is doing his or her best to quiet and comfort the child. The only thing worse than sitting in front of an uncontrollable spoiled brat is being in the security line behind the uncontrollable brat, or being in security line behind the people who don’t know you can’t take a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi on board and that it’s probably not a good idea to wear all your jewelry and lace-up boots on a flight. Luckily Oakland airport now has a special line for “savvy travelers” that I always make a beeline to.
P.S. I don’t think Nojo is a father. My guess is niece/nephews visiting.
P.S.S. I like the sea lions at Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf, the rest of it could fall in the Bay in the next quake and I wouldn’t shed a tear.

@chicago bureau: Everytime I hear that kind of story, I think of Bill Cosby and “Jeffrey.” Anybody remember that?

@chicago bureau: No, their not worshiping at a Hillary shrine. They’re just lining up to commit revolutionary suicide.

“Mother, mother, mother, mother. Don’t be afraid.”

@Jamie Sommers: “I fowh years old!”

@Bureau: Every time someone comes to visit me and wants to go to Navy Pier, I want to bash my head against the wall.

@Jamie Sommers: JEFFREY JEFFREY JEFFREY JEFFREY. Love that bit.

I’d like to announce that I had a CHILD-FREE TRAVEL DAY. Three trains, 12 hours, did not see one person under the age of about 19. BLISS. And now I am firmly ensconced in my five-start hotel on the Italian Riviera, and have just called down for room service.

@chicago bureau: When we were in Nojoland no too long ago, the boy said that he did not want to go to the zoon, sea world, or any of that crap. We just went to the beach everyday with boogie boards, bought him a skate board in mission beach, had picnics, lived in the pools at the Dana hotel and had some nice dinners. We went to see Tool in Phoenix in Fall 06 and we spent the day at an amusement parks riding the roller coasters and anything else that would make you dizzy.

@SanFranLefty: I plan on sneaking tranq darts to help mitigate the problem.

@chicago bureau: I had a brat who did that for half an hour — while her mother sat there dong nothing — before I turned around and said, politely, mind you, “Would you please stop kicking my seat?” The mother went ballistic on me: “Don’t you talk to my child! Talk to me!” To which I said, “Then do your job! Had you shown any competence as a parent I wouldn’t have had to say anything.” Fortunately, it wasn’t a full flight, and a lady two rows up asked if I wanted to come sit by her, and we all gave mommy the evil eye.

Mistress Cynica: See, I’m a patient sort. I once waited in a museum cafe for a half-hour before being served before saying anything. But this was just getting on my last nerve after a full hour and a half of it.

Tales from the other side:

1. Long haul flight Tokyo-US (24 hr door-to-door), I’m stuck with my kids two rows back from bulkhead while a bunch of hipster tech weenies file into the bulkhead. One of the group has to sit in my row. I look at him, nod at my kids. I say “they’ll be a whole lot quieter if we can get the bulkhead”. Done. And they were.

2. UA flight (also from Asia), halfway in, daughter adorably drawing toddler images with the crayons that we brought with us, knowing that a busy child is a happy (and quiet) child. Stewardess Waitress in the Sky comes by, does a double take at the sight of one centimeter of wax crayon mark on the drink tray, and goes frickin ballistic. Threatens to “report us to corporate legal for defacing property” and “unauthorized use of crayons on board the plane”. Wife whips out a baby wipe, quickly removes offending mark, then we take down Waitress’ name and union number with the promise that she will be jobless the next day. Free drinks were forthcoming.

Oh yeah, and my son absolutely loved to push each and every one of the call buttons on the armrests as we were boarding planes when he was about 2. Did we approve? Heck no. Was it adorable? Definitely.

@nabisco: Apparently, Crayola is in league with al-Qaida, and apparently, flight attendants can be shanked with a well-sharpened red from a 64-pack.

Seriously, though, I heart me some ear plugs and sitting either right over the wing or in the very rear of the plane.

@rptrcub: Bose noise cancelling headphones. Worth every penny.

@SanFranLefty: Three turns at Space Mountain sez you’re wrong.

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