Memory Hole

Taking a cue from the Bush “administration”, GM tries disappearing the problem:

General Motors, criticized by lawmakers for its use of corporate jets, has asked aviation regulators to block the public’s ability to track a plane it uses.

“We availed ourselves of the option as others do to have the aircraft removed” from a Federal Aviation Administration tracking service, a G.M. spokesman, Greg Martin, said in an interview.

If nobody knows where their plane is, maybe they could make some extra money flying suspected terrorists to black sites for Dick Cheney.

Enough with the jets already – powerful executives need them I suppose.  On the other hand, pretending the problem doesn’t exist instead of dealing with the reality is just … so Bushlike. And look how he turned out.

Critics of a federal aid package for G.M., Ford and Chrysler spotlighted the private jets as an example of why the companies did not deserve a bailout.

The Gulfstream jet was leased from GE Capital Solutions in Danbury, Conn., a unit of General Electric. The last tracked flights of the plane were a flight to Washington on Tuesday, and a flight to Dallas afterward. Its movements could no longer be tracked after that.

An F.A.A. spokeswoman, Laura Brown, said she could not immediately determine whether her agency had granted G.M.’s request. “We do this routinely” for aircraft owners, she said on Wednesday. “They don’t have to have a reason” for requesting the block, she said.

Oh we know the reason alright.

GM Seeks to Keep the Public From Tracking its Plane [NYTimes]

On the topic of memory holes, money holes, and assholes – this ONN Round Table analysis of the continuing on-going demand for the many and varied bailouts and stimulus packages is the most insightful I have yet seen.

Bags of fucking shit are afraid the US unions are linking arms with Al Qaeda who may be happy to give them surface to air missiles. If UAW wants Congress to take the union seriously, best they have a picture taken of union members training with shoulder fired ordnance.

Fuck those guys. Planespotters with binocs/long lenses, note books, sandwitchs and the webs blew the whistle on the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program. They take the tail numbers and put ’em on the web to see who owns the plane. GM will probably end up spending more on charter aircraft once the planespotters start tracking the corporate jets. That will not go over very well, either.

I thought all the criticism about flying in on planes was pure, total bullshit. Total Bullshit. My friends fly on corporate jets, my wife flys on them, when the company is spending a million a year on airline tickets, and when cancelled flights and the delays of our new idiot security systems start making legitimately valuable people lose a day, instead of 3 hours, flying, it is completely legitimate. It was bullshit criticism.

Speaking of which, where was Caligutard yesterday, Friday? I think I saw him fly off in Marine One, just as I get on the Arlington Cemetary Metro escalator to go down, I see a big shiny helicopter roaring at treetop level towards the river over the area of the Lincoln Memorial, and then it does a pretty violent turn and starts putting on altitude rapidly, the kinda evasive manouever I assume the retard insists on to make sure his subjects don’t get an easy shot at him.

I went to JFK and RFK’s graves. Many people cry there, I saw, me too.

Ya know what I love about Arlington? It was Robert E. Lee’s estate, his mansion is there at the top of the hill, JFK’s grave is just below it. Lincoln seized Lee’s estate at the start of the war and started burying union dead in Lee’s front lawn. I looked down and I realized, Arlington National Cemetary is the greatest FU in the world, I looked down from Lee’s mansion at all those tombstones, and I realized, every one of them is a middle finger pointed up there at Robert E. Lee.

@Promnight: I went to school with one of Lee’s descendants, and we took a trip in Middle School to Arlington and our sister school Sidwell Friends. At Arlington, the Lee girl said her family is still trying to get the land back. What they’ll do with the bodies if they’re ever successful, who knows, but it tickled me that they’re still carrying that torch.

@JNOV: Yeah, means it still irks them, good. I hope it burns.

Your sister school was Sidwell freinds? You go to a Quaker school? Which one? Tell, this is something. You were recognized early, weren’t you?

@Promnight: I went to Friends’ Central. I started off in public school, spent middle school and some upper school in Friends and then went to Catholic school (much closer to home) for my last three years of high school. The Quaker education I received was head and shoulders above the rest.

@JNOV: Mrs. Prom went to Mooresetown Friends for a time, then 3 years of public high school, with the same result, Quakers fucking rock. We send our boy to a Quaker summer camp, it has been the best experience of his life, next year will be his 3rd year. Rush Holt is a Quaker.

@Promnight: Before you get too excited about my favorite scientist in Congress, Nixon was a Quaker too, not to deflate your balloon. But pedagogically speaking, the best buy for your money is a Quaker education. And no brainwashing either. Just quiet time.

@SanFranLefty: SFL, little known fact, that California Quaker sect Nixon ascribed to is a different animal, not at all the same. I am a Quaker in my heart, they are a different animal. I’d go to Quaker services, I would, but I do like ceremony, to me its important.

@ManchuCandidate, jnov: I also like Bulls on Parade (“rally round the family/with a pocket full of shells), People of the Sun, Testify, Sleep Now in The Fire, Renegades of Funk, and the Ghost of Tom Joad.

My turkey sammich – whole wheat tortilla, dark meat and mustard. That and green chili stew and frijoles for dinner tonight. Donde esta la tequila, goddammit?

@Promnight: Welcome back. I verbally assaulted a state police officer this afternoon. We got into a heated discussion on gun issues and politics at a local shop while I was putting a deposit down on a new turkey gun. At one point I told him “Don’t give me that. I’m a gun owning liberal Democrat and I’ve been fighting for the environment for fifteen years and had hunting and fishing licenses that whole time.

“Real liberals *hate* Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid is a goddam jelly fish,” I told him. “Yeah, Democrats were in charge of Congress for the past two years, but they just roll over for the President and vote his way on everything . . . rant rant rant . . . ”

By that point he moved from the open aisle to behind the counter. After the events of this week, I was taking no shit from anyone. I’d just come from attending further funeral activities at San Felipe Pueblo for my cousin, cutting some juniper boughs for Advent wreaths and 75 rounds of pistol target shooting of .38s and .357s out in the desert, I was plunking down some three cases of beer/five bottles of wine money at Tina’s Range Gear, the local woman-owned gun store, for a box of plinker grade .38 special ammo, and two speedloaders and a belt case for a Ruger SP 101 revolver when I found the new shotgun (made possible by getting a pay on publication check for a freelance piece) when someone started in by saying “nice gun, if Obama will let you keep it.”

Hulk smash!

@redmanlaw: Glad to know you’re setting people straight on these matters. (And that is a turkey sammich I can believe in. Oh, how much I’d like one! Now!)

@String Bikini Theory: Thanks for the ONN link. I’m passing it on to all my like-minded acquaintance. Great!

@SanFranLefty: My favorite quote about Nixon:

“He inherited some good instincts from his Quaker forebears, but by diligent hard work, he overcame them.” – James Reston

@lynnlightfoot: After they were getting all hot on the coming Obama gun confiscations, I told them “I have nothing to fear from President Obama.

“You know the Republicans had it wrong – having all the guns you want and no habitat doesn’t work for me.”

“I agree with the environmental issues,” the gun shop owner said and moved on.

“You know, Obama wants to control the sale of firearms between law abiding citizens at gun shows . . . “ the cop started out. “So does John McCain” I said. “He doesn’t even own a gun.”

The cop gasped upon hearing that bit of information. Taking prisoners just slows you down.

@SanFranLefty: @Promnight: We have a ton of meeting houses in my area, and I’ve toyed with attending the local one — they take atheists! I just want to be around folks with similar ideas of social justice to mine, and meeting is a great time to sit quietly and reflect.

@redmanlaw: Yes, one of the best bands ever, and I have a thing for Zack.

@blogenfreude: Speaking of Nixon, Kissinger is on CNN right now…

@JNOV: If you look closely at one of the videos from the Battle for Los Angeles DNC shows from 2000, you can see me in the scaffolding in back of the band. I’ll let you know which one or send you a link.

@JNOV: Try this one at 2:32 (upper center frame) and 3:30. Light shirt, tie, dark face. The tie looks short because of the credentials.

@redmanlaw: Actually, try 3:24-25. You can see my chongo (hair tied in a knot in back) when I turn my head. Do a full screen and frame by frame.

@redmanlaw: I can’t do frame by frame. Do you turn your back in the later one? I can only see shapes of people in the earlier ones. Sadness.

ADD: Wait! I saw you! I saw you! Why are you wearing a tie?

@JNOV: Just a rebel, baby.

Actually, I was a DNC delegate for Gore from New Mexico that year. I skipped Hillary’s speech to catch Rage. I flashed the credentials to get inside the chain link fence through a back gate.

@redmanlaw: Ah, that’s right! You are a star!

you’re as cute as i imagined. saturday, i insist on seeing that chongo loose! donde esta mi mente? only prom is allowed to flirt with you.

and for lyndon benedick (from another thread) so the britts win the slutty prize. now everything makes sence. this behavior of the rat never would occur in philadelphia. it’s the limey influence of this brit territory.
and on that note, we’re off to get blood tests and watch the doc examine the slut pig dick of my beloved. oh, this will be a day to remember.

@baked: Have I not warned you repeatedly never to trust the Brits? Ever? Any time yuo hear anyone bray, I say, darling, pass the gin, run for your life.

I just hope there isn’t a nasty accident with a scalpel while you’re at the docs.

so much nonsense about religion. drains so much energy.
after the world wide depression panic sets in, and armadinnerjacket all antsy what with wanting to play with his nukes, we’re all gonna end up amish anyway. can we redesign the outfits though?

i was hoping there will be a nasty accident!
i am actually looking forward to sitting, angel like, in a chair , with good posture and an enigmatic expression on my face while rat squirms as he explains what we’re doing there. i’m easily amused.
the plate throwing will commence when we get home.

you never warned me to get his dick off this brit island!
plate throw at you too! xoxo

@baked: Careful, Mrs. RML may bite you. The female friends I have must be non-threatening, which sucks for me because I have always had girls as close friends.

@baked: Alas, perhaps exile has its downside, being removed from one’s normal social milieu has always been an occasion for moral lapses, vacations and business trips, what happens in Vegas and all that, the rat has been removed from friends and family, you know, the people who keep you in line, whose disapproval acts as something of a brake on the Id, who provide the counterarguments to the pecker’s constant demands. Now imagine exile from exile, then a vacation from exile from exile! Whoopppeeee! Its party time. What happens in the Negev stays in the Negev.

@Prommie: When someone’s behavior is really out of line, Navajos say “he acts like he has no family.”

@baked: Breaking the plates is easier than packing them, eh?

Just don’t throw the plates when the dogs and cats are in the room. It would scare them and you don’t want them to be hit by any ricocheting crockery.

that’s a sane, even forgiving argument that i could live with, but for the fact he brought the negev home with him.
they took blood, the doc asked to speak to him alone, and i hear he got quite the lecture.
i haven’t spoken a word to him. i’m not the silent treatment type, so this is scaring the shit out of him–me quiet? more effective than the tantrum he was geared up for, used to and expecting.
he’s shuffling around mumbling over and over, ‘i’ll make it up to you’.
the arrogance is gone, and he’s the contrite pig he should be.
prom, what you say is exactly what happened. stupid hu(man)’s.

Wow. Did Mr rat think he has, well, had a magical penis that wards off disease?

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