Bush Administration Preps for Final Parade

We got Dubya as Dumbo Horton, but who’s the Smurf?


Buzz Lightyear has to be someone gung ho and has stupid ideas/notions. Paulson or Rummie.

The Smurf? Someone annoying and goes with the crowd while being chased by a crazy old man with a cat. Jonah Goldberg? Too stupid, even for a smurf. Mark Halpern.

Silly Barry thinking he has a choice.

When my parents went to get a dog, my dad wanted a big badass dog (he was thinking Doberman or German Shepard) whereas my mom did not, especially did not want a dog that sheds lots. Who won? I think you can probably figure out who when we ended up with a short haired Dachshund.



He should get a pit bull and name it Lipstick.

Thank You . Thank You. I’ll be peforming at Holiday Inn all week.

Please pardon me I don’t mean to nit-pick… But isn’t that Horton” from “Horton hears a who” ?

Horton hears a who, Unitary-executive-branch-that-endorses-torture-says What?

@CheapBoy: If I say he’s Dumbo, he’s Dumbo. Reality bends to my will.

@nojo: Damn. Now you are sounding like “Q” from TNG. “You can’t reverse the gravitational flux of the universe? “

Where’s Peking on this whole Bombay thing?

Later tonight, the Mumbai Sapphire martini.

@redmanlaw: And who are these guys who pulled off this operation? Targeting the Jews, how creative. And, I’m not a military guy, but it seems to me that the Israelis need to do a better job training the Indian counterterrorism forces.

@Dodgerblue: NYT is reporting 5 bodies in the Chabad House, and it’s feared the rabbi and his wife are among them. Her parents have arrived from Israel to be with their 2 yr old grandson–the cook escaped with him out after the attack.

@Mistress Cynica: I saw that, sadly. Reports are that several hostages in the Chabad house were executed by their captors during the siege, including the rabbi and rebbitsin. TPM has an admittedly loose report that 40 guys were involved, from Pakistan and Bangladesh, 20 of whom were in place and the other 20 came in on speedboats.

@Dodgerblue: So horribly sad. What I couldn’t believe is that the NYT called the Chabad house “an unlikely target.” Yeah, who would expect that Muslim terrorists might target Jews? Shocked, shocked.

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