Feel The Delightful Pain

You know, it is so great to see the wingnuts go completely off the deep end. It is just killing them to see the Inadequate Black Male taking hold of the reins. Killing them.

Anyway: here’s the end of the road. They are praising Sarah Palin for her “passionate, hopeful and articulate [yes, that’s right, articulate] advocacy” in a Thanksgiving ad. The amount of joy I get in watching this pathetic display is only heightened by the source: “Our Country Deserves Better PAC.”

Ladies and gentlemen: I give you the best political ad ever made.


Wait, wait — did CB do a YouTube embed properly? This really is a week to give thanks.

Can’t wait to watch it when I get home … videos blocked here.

I had this scheduled to post in 27 minutes. Good thing I checked back :)

@homofascist: And good thing you unfixed the post I “fixed” to make sure it ran on time…

We really must stop getting stoned at the editorial meetings.

Please note:

1. Misguided reference to turkey. They really do believe that all press is good press, don’t they.

2. The black guy is totally gay, dudes.

3. Random old guy! Random exec lady behind whom they forgot to put any images!

2A, 3A. Guess they didn’t have enough money to hire actors. Or, they couldn’t find enough GOP ones who were able to say this shit without hurling, Exorcist style.

4. The seas, the OCEANS of shiny, happy white faces in every crowd.

5. Speaking of seas, she has the world’s most publicized first trip overseas, save for OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT’S FIRST TRIP, WHICH WAS NOT UNTIL HE WAS ACTUALLY PRESIDENT.

6. I’m sorry, but the whole thing looks like the holiday ads done for local banks, or car dealerships. Both of which remind me of the economic crisis. Which reminds me that the GOP sucks.

Thank YOU, Governor Palin!

P.S. If she’s so fucking articulate, why not show clips of her, you know, being it?

No thanks to Dido and Alanis.

How bout getting onto these anti psychotics
How bout stopping pandering to the white base
How bout them Needless Markup Clothes
How bout that ever elusive dodo

Thank you losing
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you racism
Thank you inadequacy
Thank you thank you Sarah

How bout us not blaming you for everything
How bout us denying the truth again
How bout how good it feels to finally thank you
How bout grieving it all one at a time

Thank you losing
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you racism
Thank you inadequacy
Thank you thank you Sarah

The moment we ran with it was
The moment we got more than we could handle
The moment we starbusted it was
The moment we tumbled down

How bout no longer being realistic
How bout remembering your winking
How bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out
How bout not equating loss with shopping

Thank you losing
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you racism
Thank you inadequacy
Thank you thank you Sarah

yeah yeah
ahh ohhh
ahhh ho oh
ahhh ho ohhhhhh
yeaahhhh yeahh

@RomeGirl: The delightful thing about Talibunny is that she can do no wrong. Any potential problem is immediately redefined away from her — I saw this in real time on a discussion board a few months back. Sarah Palin is that by which all else is measured.

What makes it delightful is that it all stems from her delivery of a speech she didn’t write. The wingnuts bought into her with no clue what she really thinks — she’s not their Obama, she’s not even their Reagan, she is Christ risen. Ya gotta have faith.

But for everyone else, she’s toast. Thank god the wingnuts can’t accept that.

@nojo: I know – it’s like for once, their blatant ignorance actually HELPS US!

nojo: Wait, I didn’t see homofascist’s scheduling of a post. My bad. Rollers. (The light was yellow, sir!)

See, this is another thing that goes into the file cabinet of YOU SUCK in my head that I was talking about before.

@nojo: But isn’t it frightening that this cult arose so quickly? Intelligent people that I know had never once heard of her before the choice was announced watched one speech and suddenly started talking about her as a noble and honest and wise and strong and good and virtuous and true paragon of humanity, with real sincerity. Pure worship. So cultish, and it happened so fast, it is frightening. Mass delusion, willful-self hypnotism, how does this happen? Does this explain the popular beliefs that Madonnna is physically attractive, intelligent, and talented?

@chicago bureau: I think he forgot to “publish” it, so it was still one draft among many. Then I went in and set the publish flag; then he went back in and deleted it entirely. Pass the spliff.

@Prommie: It didn’t happen “fast.” It didn’t happen “quickly.” It happened immediately.

And hey, we all felt it that night — half the folks here were on the ledge for the next week, as I recall, staring at the abyss of eternal relief.

I guess you could call it frightening, if not for, y’know, the past thirty years. Sarah Palin was the apotheosis of what the neocons had diligently been working towards for decades, the cumshot heard round the world.

But she was also recognizably a fad, and her popularity predictably followed the ironclad law of fads. That there remains a rump group of cultists shouldn’t be surprising — that’s the American Way.

nojo: Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop etc. etc.

Wiped out after working on a deal to be approved tomorrow, lost sleep over a troubling provision in the docs that we fixed, and the news today is not helping. I am really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I’ll hit the river for a little after fishing after making my tribal council presentation.

@chicago bureau: You’re actually entirely innocent this time. Don’t let it go to your head.

@Prommie: Can’t wait to see if Trig succeeds her when she is killed in the cross fire of a neo-Nazi/neo-Confederate riot at one of her rallies.

@chicago bureau: No worries. Great minds….etc. etc. I mean, mine was funnier…

“I’m a tool!”

“No, I’m a tool!”

“We’re all tools! Thank you, False Savior!”

@nojo: Better late than never; “cumshot heard round the world.” Plus 1. Deeply appreciated. Thats good. It doesn’t stand out here to say “cumshot,” but the wit was keen.

@FlyingChainSaw: How can you not respond vscerally to the simple wisdom of the retarded.

@RomeGirl: I think there might have been a few people who could pass as Hispanic or Asian. And the production values are far worse than for local car dealerships. They were more akin to a pawn shop advertising on the local cable system.

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