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What’s up with the girls who have really long fingernails and do lesbian scenes? Doesn’t that get scratchy?

It’s a psychological trick. They want to telegraph to the dudes that the girls are not really lesbian, so that low esteem guys don’t feel threatened. After all they want them to think that the girls might pleasure each other once in a while, but obviously they prefer cock. As to the scratchy issue, they put so much lube in the ladies before those scenes that you could probably stick a cheese grater up there without any irritation.

What’s the new thing going on in porn? Do they have any plans to expand their market?

Funny you should ask. AVN, the industry trade rag for porn, just published an article about this last month. It seems that the porn industry figures that the American and European marketplaces are so saturated that there isn’t that much more room for growth, so they are targeting emerging markets these days.

So, what are the emerging markets for porn? China, India and the Middle East. The problem, of course, is that all three of these regions have strong legal and cultural taboos against pornography and in some of these countries you can get beheaded for looking at it. In addition there is generally a tradition of censorship and government monitoring in these regions.

That means that in general, people in those countries aren’t that comfortable entering their name and credit card information no matter how much they crave cock and pursue pussy.

Fortunately the porn industry has found a way around this. In all of these countries pay as you go cell phones are very, very popular. So, they’ve created technology that allows people to pay for porn anonymously with the credit on their cell phones. Subscribers from these areas will also be offered software that masks the URLs of the sites they are visiting, so that even though they are watching it will look to anyone monitoring them that they are actually looking at a government new s site.

As they said in Jurassic Park, “nature will find a way.”

With the advent of places like Xtube and Red Tube is the DVD side of the industry suffering?

Nope. The multi-million copies of Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge demonstrate that people will still pay to watch porn. Xtube and Red Tube don’t hurt DVD sales for the same reasons that You Tube showing scenes from mainstream movies doesn’t hurt DVD sales.

Sure on Red Tube you can get a 10 minute porn clip on your computer — but it’s going to be small and, if you blow it up to the size of your screen, fairly grainy. People still like to watch porn on their televisions with decent sound. Also, it’s way easier with a DVD to fast forward through a scene you don’t like and get to whatever your filthy mind desires.

Beyond that, most porn isn’t really purchased. It’s rented and DVD rental places will always need to have new product to keep the jerk offs entertained.

Why is “women-friendly” porn always so fucking boring and pink and fluffy and romantic and the guy practically turns up on a white horse and only fucks her gently and respectfully and with tenderness and no sex-appeal whatsoever for those of us who like it hard and fast?

Because people suck.

If you make movies where the dude ravages the babe hard and fast you get idiots complaining that it’s objectifying women and that you are a horrible human being for making the film.

Then, you try to make it romantic and you get idiots complaining that it’s not hot.

At the end of the day the hottest sex will almost always be boundary crossing and borderline offensive. As a wise man once said “Sex is only dirty if you are doing it right.” But, when you depict boundary crossing stuff it’s going to piss peo ple off, so there will always be some market pressure to produce stuff that doesn’t cross any boundaries.

I sorta feel like the fluffy romantic porn is a good thing, because it can help people get comfortable with the idea of watching porn in a non-threatening way, so that they feel less guilty when they finally build up to renting “Weapons Of Ass Destruction 6”

Think of it as porn training wheels.


You know what? Whatever to that women-friendly porn question. There is a ton of rough fucking out there, if that’s what you want to see. I’d argue that’s the majority of porn. There is a dearth of the loving stuff, but really, it’s all so contrived that it has become quite boring to me.

The best porn I’ve ever seen were all variations on the same theme: never-ending cunnilingus. I’ve seen some on Red Tube or You Porn, and Fleshbot had some good links to clips, I think the theme was People in Masks if you want to search for it.

I think the problem is that porn is geared toward men, and men must like watching women getting bounced and thrown around the bed, room, pool table, desk. Supply and demand, right?

And I tried those internet sites for women which ended up just being a huge scam to try to get you to join more sites and to waste your money. I’m so frustrated with the state of porn these days I might just have to get into the business myself.

Xtube, at least for teh Gheyz (or at least for this one) is the best invention evah. I guess we have many more amateurs who actually make sure they have proper lighting for anal scenes. That’s dedication.

@JNOV: There’s got to be a happy middle ground somewhere. Loving doesn’t mean sappy and boring. It can mean very passionate stuff.

@rptrcub: It can mean very passionate stuff.

Yes. Thank you!

@JNOV: Are you attacking me or the question?

I don’t write the questions. They are the ones sent to me. And that question was sent by a woman.

If you’d like better questions, send them to me. As it is I can only respond to what I’m asked.

That said, if you didn’t like the answer I’d be happy to address that.

@bart_calendar: I’m not attacking anyone/anything but the porn industry and not you by extension. All I was saying is that the standard seems to be porn for people who “like it hard and fast,” so that’s not hard to find. And the porn for wimminz that I’ve seen, and granted, I haven’t seen it all, was a big internet scamola. I’m just bitching. It’s what I do.

@JNOV: The “hard and fast” shit tends to be made by amateurs or low rent porn companies. Unfortunately, that’s what most people who don’t see a lot of porn end up seeing – because it’s the stuff that’s free.

But, there is a reason it’s free – it sucks. And tends to feature people on drugs looking for quick money, rather than serious professionals.

If you ever looked at big budget mainstream porn you’d find that it tends to be very different from what you’ve seen and you’d understand the woman’s question.

Outside of low-rent free porn the “hard and fast” stuff tends to be nearly non-existent. As soon as you get to real budgets with actually attractive actors the style of sex changes quite a bit.

If you doubt me shell out the 49 bucks and check out Pirates 2 – which amazingly has better CGI than the latest Indiana Jones film.

@bart_calendar: Sigh. Sorry if I’ve pissed you off, but you’ve made some assumptions about what I’ve seen that are simply wrong. Maybe times have changed, but the (free) porn I’ve seen in the last year is more shocking and barbaric than the stuff I paid to see in the past. The Black Bros were a big deal back when husband #1 used to rent the stuff, New Wave Hookers and silly stuff like that. And Fleshbot shows free clips of high-quality porn where you have to pay to see the whole video. I have yet to see anything approximating caring or passion other than some poor quality homemade stuff I happened upon.

@JNOV: @bart_calendar: I am confident that when JNOV and CheapBoy finally are able to meet in person, there will suddenly be whole new wave of passionate, women-friendly cunnilingus porn on the market.

@rptrcub: Amen.

@homofascist: From your lips to FSM’s ears noodles/meatballs.

@JNOV: I’ve yet to see a single porn marketing study – and I’ve seen a lot – that has ever suggested that “never ending cunnilingus” is something most women want to see in porn. You may be confusing your fetish with something you assume most women want to see.

These days the vast majority of porn market research is dedicated towards women – because that’s where they see the chance for domestic market growth.

Every study I’ve looked at has said that the two things that most – though obviously not all – women want to see is:

1. Man solo – i.e. good looking dude jerking off.


2. Man on man – hence why roughly one third of all gay porn is purchased by women.

These two genres account for by far the majority of porn p urchased by women.

In fact, almost every study I’ve seen has suggested that extended pussy eating is the last thing most women want to see in porn – since their biggest complaint is that they don’t want to see as much pussy as they see in most porn and they don’t want to see women who they perceive as better looking than they are.

Again, that’s not my opinion – that dozens and dozens of surveys and detailed marketing trends.

Interestingly, women tend to be much more dedicated repeat buyers of porn than men are. I.E. if there is a guy doing solo jerk off films that they like they tend to buy many, many of that dudes videos, while a guy tends to burn out on a given girl after three or four films.

There are some exceptions, of course.

The original Pirates had much stronger than average sales to female consumers and it does have a fair amount of pussy eating. But, I suspect the fact that they actually spent money on actors who could act and bought a decent script probably helped as much as the actual sex acts depicted.

I’m not convinced that most women want caring and passion in their porn – in fact, I suspect it’s the last thing they want.

As far as I can tell most women want the same shit that dudes want – hot members of their sexual preference doing dirty things.

@bart_calendar: Oh, goody! I officially have a fetish. Thanks for letting me know and for establishing your street cred.

The never-ending pussy eating comment was meant more tongue in vadge, but I think it’s indicative of what I like, and that is tenderness, compassion and caring, and maybe more women would be into porn if there was more of that readily available. Or maybe not. You’ve read the studies, and I’m sure that was a random sample of all women and not just female purveyors of porn. IMHO, porn is a male-dominated industry, and the films reflect just that. But you’re right, I don’t know what I’m talking about, so I’ll just shut up now and take my fetish with me. CheapBoy, you’re welcome to join me.

I am going to weigh in on JNOV’s side. I find it hard to believe that I have never seen high end porn.

And the thing about most porn that to me is unrealistic is the constant high-speed pumping action. Its like a dick in a pussy has to be going at 3,000 RPM at all times. Just constant fast in and out. I mean, that has its place, but I find its maybe 1/4th of the total time in their, there’s a lot to be said for softly pulsing relaxed fucking, losing yourself in there, as it were. It would be more of a turn on to me, to see a slow sliding in and out every now and then, in every porn I have ever seen the dude is looking like he just doesn’t even feel anything unless he is moving a mile a minute, like its his fifth fuck of the day, and he can’t feel shit anymore. Which I assume is the case.

It used to be possible to find real amatuer stuff on teh internets. Not the ubiquitous fake amatuers, real amatuers, it used to be on some of the file sharing sites, but I am afraid of file-sharing sites, so no more, its been years. But this was obviously amatuer, they were real, flawed people having real, amatuerish sex, with horendous lighting and a camera obviously mounted on a tripod and noone else in the room. That was so cool. It shows up sometimes still on places like, shit, I forgot the name of the place, I have to go look it up, haven’t looked in a year.

Consumption Junction, that was it, among the rednecks lighting themselves on fire and skateboarders getting compound fractures, there was real amatuer sex. But now they want a credit card, they say purely for age verification. Is that safe, someone tell me, can you trust a website that wants a credit card when they say its purely for age verification?

@Promnight: Never, ever trust a site that claims to want your card for age verification. Legitimate porn sites have many other ways to verify your age – and also don’t give you decent porn for free.

This is an interesting discussion overall. On a lot of sites you get women complaining that they hate porn that tries to be compassionate and caring and that they wish the porn geared at them was more animalistic and pounding.

Here we get women going the other direction – which I suspect verifies my response that “people suck.”

If you make it all lovey dovey and caring half the women scream bloody murder that they want porn, and why is this slow love making stuff being marketing towards them.

If you make it hard and fast then you get other women screaming bloody murder that all they can find is the fast fucking stuff and they want more emotional shit in their porn.

Overall this causes porn companies to go in two directions – either overboard on the fast fucking or overboard on the romance.

I do find it amusing that the perception that porn is a male dominated industry still exists.

While that’s true in the gay porn world, the up and coming directors and producers in mainstream high end porn tend to be women these days.

The owners of the most popular online and in-street sex shops also tend to be women – many of whom, particularly the Toys in Babeland ladies wield enormous power over the porn industry, since they have bulk purchasing power.

In fact, I’d guess that roughly 80 percent of my clients for straight porn work have been women.

The days of Ron Jeremy are long gone – except when someone wants to include him in a shoot as a weird joke/homage.

Which is not to say that there are not men making money in porn – simply that there porn doesn’t involve women.

One of the last male holdouts in straight porn was Max Hardcore, but his stuff was all fetish based and he’s probably going to spend the rest of his life in jail, so he’s not exactly a player anymore.

Saying that porn is a male dominated industry is up there with people who think that porn actresses are druggies and runaways. That hasn’t been true since the mid 1980s.

@bart_calendar: I mean no offense, and I’m probably labeling myself “resident freak” here, but porn bores me. I would just as soon watch golf. Or even baseball *ducks*.

I think there’s room in the universe for more than *one* variety of porn geared towards female viewers.

Personally, I am not interested in fluffliness or romance in porn. I like dirty. However, that doesn’t mean that I like standard porn that’s primarily sold to straight men. And, my preference for dirty does not preclude the possibility of people also producing the sort of porn that JNOV wants to see.

I do have to say that, while I can imagine solo male porn being hot, I’d quite like to see men and women having sex in porn, but what little mainstream straight porn I’ve seen is not sexy to me, in part because the women don’t even *seem* to be having a very good time. It’s annoying to hear people moaning when they can’t even put on a believable show. And, I’d prefer a different sort of woman from what I’ve seen in most porn. I’m quite happy to have her be prettier than me (by conventional standards), but I want her to look like someone I might *want* to look like, not like a surgically-enhanced alien. Also, being mostly straight, I care about what the men look like probably more than the average straight male viewer.

@Mistress Cynica: If you think porn bores you, imagine how I feel about it.

Anything you do for a living gets old.

Particularly in my case since I’m straight and mostly write gay porn.

It’s not like I sit around thinking “Oh great! I have to find another way to talk about this guy’s dick!”

But, whatever, money is money.

@bart_calendar: What exactly has to be written, for porn? I have never seen a porn movie that seemed to have been written.

Its almost unbelievable to me that I have completely missed out on the “high end” porn, but from what you say, so it must be. Would “Weapons Of Ass Destruction 6″ be an example of this high end stuff you speak of? And is this Pirates thing gay or straight?

@Prommie: I believe that he writes erotica, though I wouldn’t be surprised if AVN gave out awards for screenwriting, such as it is.

@Prommie: Also, come to think of it, have you ever noticed that reality shows have writers? It’s counterintuitive, but there you go.

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