The End of History

MTV cancels TRL:

“It’s kind of upsetting,” said Annie Whitaker, 19, of Silver Spring, Md., who has been a fan of the show since its inception. “It’s like for 10 years, it was a big thing to sit around the TV waiting for a video premiere from your favorite artist. Now, how will we know when there is a new video out?”

Don’t laugh. In twenty-five years, she’ll be the Republican vice-presidential candidate.

MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ ends its decade-long run Sunday [LAT]

MTV has been dead to me since the departure of Martha Quinn. And sadly, I couldn’t find a clip of Mojo Nixon’s lovesong to MQ.

If you want music, go to VH1, VH1 Classic or Fuse. My favorite show was the late night weekend metal fest called Uranium with host Juliya. That show and Metal Aslyum are no longer on but I still have her picture in my terminal at work. My son watches MTV for Rob and Big and Scarred.

when you move to a foreign country one tends to say that a lot. the last four years i’ve been in an english speaking country (well, sort of, it’s a brittish territory) and i say that a lot.
anyone know how to say “i don’t know what this means in hebrew”?

listen to this: i’ve been in the kitchen since 6 am creating culinary masterpieces worthy of prommie’s approval to lure the rat back.
i just went to put something in the oven, IT”S BROKEN!!
my oven is broken, how would i know such a thing?

i have no plan B, other than to recline on the kitchen floor naked and cover myself with snickers and oreo’s.

There’s always sushi.

LOL. Please don’t be the main course…

I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw a music video on a television screen, besides being out at a video bar.

ManchuCandidate: I’m not entirely sure what use there is for TV music videos at this point. MTV was a pre-Internets thing anyhow. Of course, this has been true for years anyway.

@baked: And it’s Sunday, too! Hope you weren’t fixing a souffle or something else depending on a quick chemical reaction.

Kung Pao Chicken? Lotus Moon down the road from here will deliver.

Or, do you have a neighbor or woman in the market who would cook for you?

@baked: Jesus, when I posted this earlier, I had only seen Benedick’s comments, not yours.

Well, hell, it must be a sign. The way to HIS heart ain’t through his stomach. IF he has a heart and it passes muster with you, in your distress, there’s your answer.

@baked: My oven was broken for two years before I started seeing Mr Cyn, and I never missed it. Plan B is always either pasta or omelets. Or, remember what princesses like us make for dinner: reservations.
Maybe the oven is telling you to be yourself, not Julia Child…

@baked: This happened to my dad on Thanksgiving a few years ago, so I appreciate the bad timing. Do you have any neighbors/friends/etc. nearby whose oven you can borrow? Just pack up the car, finish the cooking there, and bring the finished product home.

speaking of Julia Child, I’m verklempt, for several resoans. Can we ever trust anyone again to look out for us mutts who is hugely tall, hugely WASP-looking (Hank Paulson looks like the soul of integrity, unless you have begun to understand that people who look like that would run over you, if they thought their lawyers could save them, you might win a few dollars where you live. This is how evil he and his ilk are, they would get your own mother to testify against you, and persuade her that she was doing the right thing.

i have no neighbors now. my landlord’s house is next door, but he moved into the penthouse at the condo he’s building.
EVERYTHING is closed here on sunday, and i didn’t really feel like shlepping all this to a friends house. i’ll just show him everything and hope i get a merit badge for effort. all in the the fridge, will get it cooked somewhere on monday.

it’s a sign. i CAN cook, just choose not to. oh and lynn, i AM hoping for quick chemical reactions of another sort! even though i got an email from his layover at heathrow and he signed it, “looking forward to seeing you” WTF? he’s very very smart in some ways, but a “love, rat” would have been a better choice. his oven may be broken too, and you all will be the first to know when he starts snoring.

ok shower time. the kind that takes an hour. washing conditioning hair, shaving, carving his initials in my my pubes, you know, the usual.
his flight is on time. i pick him up at 5:30. send little cupid arrows!

will check in later!

Corrction: I would’t didn’t them in the first place. What can I have been thinking of ? Hank ( do not be deceived, I’m sure he never does anyhing thing actually illegal. he’s too canny for that. Stupid he ain’t. Why do you think he went to law school. To perfect his thieving.

@baked: “other than to recline on the kitchen floor naked and cover myself with snickers and oreo’s.”

Works for me.

@Dodgerblue: Someone on Wonkette back in the day had that as their avatar, an incredible photo of a woman reclining on the floor wearing nothing but M&Ms, I think it was, some kind of candy, I could not take my eyes off it, but always figured it had to be a dude.

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