Spitzer Gets Off

This is bad for a couple reasons.  First, the johns rarely get prosecuted. If any case was going to be an exception, this should have been it.  Second, we won’t have the delightfully vapid Ashley Alexandra Dupré to kick around anymore.


And no, I don’t think prostitution should be illegal (as George Carlin said – “Selling is legal, fucking is legal – why isn’t selling fucking legal!?”).  I just think Spitzer should pay a price for his staggering hypocrisy given that it was illegal when he did it.

Spitzer Will Not Face Criminal Charges [NY Daily News]

I thought this would be an appropriate post to remind y’all to get your “ask a pornographer” questions in today! He’ll also be talking about Prop K and what it means for craigslist!

anonpron [at] stinque.com

@RomeGirl: Now this “pornographer,” what kind of pornographer are we talking, I assume this is the producer? Or publisher? DVDs? Magazines?

@Prommie: He writes. And writes. And writes some more.


As for the Spitz, er, Sigh. Another show of power without consequences.

The sex workers at the ranch in Nevada in a story linked to from here tended to be women in their late 40s with grown children doing up to seven clients a day.

@redmanlaw: I did screw up the link, didn’t I? Hold on …


Ashley’s one of those girls who ends up all over the attractive range in her photos (personal disclosure: I do not look good in any of mine.)

Based on the photo, I’d hit that. But not paying 3 diamonds worth though.

@redmanlaw: Its good for the abs if you’re doing it right.

@ManchuCandidate: I’ve noticed that as well … I think she was hotter before she had her breasts and nose (pretty sure she had it done) done.

Hey, did we ever do a round of “Spitz’ instead of swallows” jokes? Because we should have.

@blogenfreude: Come to Jersey, come down the shore, I take you to Jenkinsons or D’Jais, we find you 300 of her, I mean absolutely identical, in 2 hours. You can have them for the night for the cost of a gram of coke and a rented BMW.

@Prommie: So are willing to take my place on this blog after my girlfriend kills me?

@Prommie: Is that part of the Esteemed Mr. Prom’s Inauguration Git-Down Package?

BTW, you really gotta get that “Everyday Drinking” book. His martini recipe is to use chilled gin poured into a wine glass in which half a glass of water was allowed to freeze. Fill half the remaining space with gin, add a few drops of vermouth, garnish with cocktail onions. I would use olives, but that’s a matter of taste.
It’s a fun read. I’m about halfway through it.

@blogenfreude: Hey, I was just providing info, not suggesting you would or should engage. Even when I was single, they never ever ever acknowledged my existence, they only go for the kind of guys who will beat them. True fact. And loud, they only go for guys who yell. And wave their arms around. You will think I kid, but no. The Sopranos was a documentary.

@JNOV: Thats so beautiful! Thats where I live, thats the summertime at da shore. Here is some video from Joey Harrison’s Surf Club in Ortley Beach, just north ot Seaside, the center of the guido universe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW5wAOVSz7c&feature=related

@Prommie: I have a friend who has a summer house (read: small box) at Ocean Beach I. But I like the beach there ten times better than Seaside. When I lived in AC, we went to the inlet between AC and Brigantine. No tourists and local families BBQ’d at the beach. And because it is on the inlet, there are practically no waves, and the water is bathtub warm. Jellyfish are the only annoyance when the water it so warm. Oh, and the tiny crabs that pinch/tickle your toes. As dumb as aqua socks are, they are a great defense from the crabs.

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