President Barack Obama


Congratulations from Canada City (fuck you Stevie Harper!)

Just the first tiny step. Now the hard stuff begins.

Now get to fucking work, President Obama.

/steps outside for a cigar

I love all you real Americans and honorary Americans and those friends of America who recognized the better angels within us.

I never thought I’d see this day, what with batshit crazy Al Sharpton and batshit crazy Jessie Jackson fucking shit up. Morans.

OK, I know I’ve bee crying for other reasons since Sunday, but I am SOBBING and I haVE NEVER BEEN SO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. THE LAST EIGHT YEARS ARE REALLY OVER.

Fess up. Who cried? Am I the only one who cried? I cried, dammit! And this is the first time I’ve cried because I’m happy maybe in my entire life. I can’t remember tears of joy like this.

Finally — Geezer waves down the boos.

@lentinus: I want to pet your monkey.


@JNOV: I’ve been wanting to cry. But I’m not sure my workmates would understand.

Geeze is on some powerful downers – look at his eyes!

Flippin texts from Grant Park, 9:55 p.m. CT:

Jumbotron broadcasting CNN with freaky hologram elect thing. We’ve been interviewing people from further up in the crowd and they’re packed in like sardines. We at least can breathe in the hinterland!

A shout out for that witch? FUCK HER!

@JNOV: sobbing. After the boos and deafening silence, the place goes nuts for Talibunny.

Am I enjoying the plastic fake smile on Sarah Palin’s face?

You betcha!

@Mistress Cynica: No kidding. I hope she starts a splinter party of dumbfuckery.

OMFG . . .booing Obama and Biden and chanting “Sarah!” Mr Cyn is raging.

Crowd with pitchforks gathers outside the White House…

Do you see the crowd jumping up and down outside the White House???!?

@JNOV: Indeed. I hope she leads her 10 percent batshit faithful proudly into the wilderness….we need something to feed our stinque, eh ?

Don’t worry McPlugz! No one here will quit making fun of you or Tallibunny! LOOOOOOSSSSEEERRRRSSSS!!!!!!

@nabisco: I know, right? The elite fiscal conservatives will boot her happy ass out of the party.

@nojo: The Victory Pestorking! Any citings? Any pix?

And a shout-out to Mellbell, who scored the Unicorn picture the night Barry won the nomination.

I am so very happy right about now. I apologize I couldn’t deliver Georgia, but it didn’t matter in the end anyway. We have been delivered out of the wilderness.


Yah, I wanna see her wink her way out of this one….

PsychoGeezer! Qu’est que c’est? A bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah. Run run run. Run run run awaaaaaaay.

@FlyingChainSaw: None yet, but the night is young.

Oh, and Nevada goes all in with the blue chips.

@nojo: No shit, that crowd in front of the white house is exactly the crowd that should have been in front of the white house 24-7 the last 7 years. It was great. Where is shit for brains? If he’s in DC, I bet he’s shitting his drawers and about to choke on a pretzel.

So, who scored the Bill Ayers interview?

As cold as it is outside, I’m opening the patio door so that I can hear the honks and hollers and fireworks and everything else coming from the street below.

White trash redneck fuckwad Todd Palin, just being up there next to McCain, who was being real and honest for the first time in the campaign and for all the shit he threw aint near as evil as Bush and the neocons, made me literally sick.

Oh stinkers, are we happy? Oh stinkers, I am happy. Its gonna last months.

@Promnight: He’s obliviously gobbling Victor’s schlong while Laura gets a birthday bang gang with the president’s own Marine band.

I started crying the moment John Lewis appeared on my screen.
All that he’s been through … to get to the promised land.

Confession: I was outside smoking when Obama went over 270. Thank God for TiVo. Oh, and I have another confession (you’ll like it), but I’m not drunk enough to write it. Yet. And I need more cigarettes. Dammit!

In January Barry Obama becomes my boss! I’ve lasted from Nixon in 1974 to tonight, the end of the budding Bush/Clinton dynasties. It’s been worth the wait.

Hell motherfucking yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oooo! Just enough time to run out for cigarettes! BRB!

Wait, did I hear some boos for Palin during that concession speech?

OK. Do I knock off early and head home for a celebratory drinque and online viewing of the Stewart/Colbert and a few tears of joy?

I may miss the Unicorn’s speech though….

@JNOV: Prop 8 — I’m really not trying to piss on everyone’s joy but the early results do not look good. I has Hope but I also has Fear.

I am now anticipating Bush’s reaction. Although it has been so very nice not to have him whining on the news.

@CheapBoy: He’s coming up in 10 or so — it’s midnight on the East Coast, and you want to grab your audience before they go to bed.

@becominginvisible: Hey, Inviz. Welcome. we’re usually a sober, thoughtful crew here.

/Just shot off two dozen bottle rockets, ground bloom flowers, poppers, lit a cee-gar, killed the sham-payne and started on the beerz. Woooooooo. America – fuck yeah!

@rptrcub: early returns making me nervous. Also, OK Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth, first openly gay candidate in a statewide race, is losing to some Palin-wannabe.

@rptrcub: 8% in, and without fancy exit polls, it’s much too early to tell. Which counties are reporting early?

@FlyingChainSaw: God did what was best for the country, says Palin a few days ago.

Wouldn’t it be cool to hear African music at the inauguration?

@rptrcub: i hope Cali will pull it out. South freaking dakota did with their stupid thingie! and If MA can decriminalize pot posession (which we just did!) anything can happen! I haz all kinds o’hope!!

@nojo: LAT has LA and inland regions in the central valley and around Sacramento, as well as the Bay Area (w/o the City and County of SF itself). Bay Area = no; yes counties = 10-20% pcts reporting.

@redmanlaw: Fuck that, we are rarely sober, and never more thoughtful than when nicely, gently, thoroughly stewed. My nipples are still hard, i think its Hope.

@redmanlaw: NOT! It’s just been quite a while since I’ve even had the chance to lurk. Ohhh Unicorn speaks

“Ladies and gentlemen, the next First Family of the United States of America.”

I think it’s about to start sinking in.

Ah, what a beautiful first family!

I so wish I was doing some loud and sloppy victory pestorking right about now. Doggie style would allow us both to watch the Hopey speach and time the mutual climax for a good moment.

And unlike PG’s supporters, Unicorns’ have the class not to boo him when Obama mentions the Sad Grandpa.

sobbing. going for champers as soon as unicorn’s speech is over. bye all!!!!!!!!!!!

@Promnight: And what does Mrs. Prom have to say about all this?

Telling difference between the Ds and the Rs. Silence at the mention of McCain and Palin. Not a single fucking boo.

I dragged the kid out of bed for this speech. He was the first one to go for Obama in the family.

My office was the local HQ during the New Mexico caucuses. I had a hand made side sign on my door – “Father of a Skater for Obama”


“You have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us to the White House.”

Welcome back to the Kennedy Era.

@nojo: I cannot wait for the picture of Sasha peeking through the cubby hole in the Resolute desk.

@JNOV: me 2, an dhave been for hours, but now drunk on more than liquor…

I thought doods name was pronounced “Plooof.”

@nabisco: EXACTLY! I was drunk on Hope(TM) all day. God, I love this country. Sometimes we get it right.

@mellbell: She is unfortunately away on a business trip but we are calling back and forth constantly and clinking our glasses against the phone, and if she were here, oh yeah, She would be watching and I would be watching over her shoulder, oh yes.

Save something for the inaugural, or wow us some fucking more on 01.20.09 Eagle!

And a big FUCK YOU to the fucking SCOTUS that got us in this quagmire eight years ago. I hope someone skull fucks Scalia.

An email from the President-elect:

I’m about to head to Grant Park to talk to everyone gathered there, but I wanted to write to you first.


We just made history.

And I don’t want you to forget how we did it.

You made history every single day during this campaign — every day you knocked on doors, made a donation, or talked to your family, friends, and neighbors about why you believe it’s time for change.

I want to thank all of you who gave your time, talent, and passion to this campaign.

We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track, and I’ll be in touch soon about what comes next.

But I want to be very clear about one thing…

All of this happened because of you.

Thank you,


Shout out to Anne Nixon Cooper, 106, ATL!

@nabisco: Banisco, I too am beyond drunk, on something I have never ever felt before. Never. Is it possible I am in this moment, not cynical? Is this what it feels like to have some hope that its not all shit, its not all a downward spiral, that every now and then the fickle passions of politics might sometimes unite and flare up behind someone who is not full of shit? Like, that I really believe that this is truly a fucking momentous moment in world history?


Okay, I am finally tearing up. The heart is growing and living again.

Oh and a big si se puede to my tri-racial brother’s family (Anglo-Halfrican-Taiwanese), able to look beyond the facile 2D visage of Tiger Woods et. al.

@Promnight: Sweet Darling, cynics are idealists who have been betrayed. Haz Hope(TM). It’s safe now.

@Promnight: What he’s saying used to be just words. We now can act on our ideals, and restore our country.

I do believe he became president of the world tonight.

Shit you guys, you jumped on me while I was watching the most momentus historical speeches ever in my lifetime.

Mr. Ped and I had to sit on the couch to watch Obama’s speech, even he was crying, not a citizen but obvsly beholden to all the crap that our guvmn’t concocts, and then I hit the refresh and you’re all somewhere else.

I wanna be flippen eck right now, in that crowd, I bet you could solve California’s water problems with the happy tears from those people.

I should be asleep in prep for a long pointless day of work, but I am sitting here watching this speech. My throat is lumpy.

He knew it. He brought it. And so it begins.

This is what I really like about this guy. No bullshit. No false hopes. No pretending that all will be okay. He knows that this is a long difficult road. I don’t know what his inaugural speech is going to be like, but I await to hear it on Jan 29.

“Our union can be perfected.” (I’m a little behind because of nicotine habit and thanks to TiVo.)

Who can give me a good excuse for calling out of work tomorrow? I feigned a migraine last week. What should it be tomorrow? The trots?

Michelle’s mom!!!

Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson!

JBi’s mom!

still holding breath. i dozed off and woke to see barry win and PG concede. i took a nap to go celebrate with my rastas at midnight. (not making it)
my america…FUCK yeah! am i dreaming?

@everyone: baked was yelling at me from my cell phone to go vote — she was willing to stay on the phone with me while Jr and I waited in line. How wonderful is baked? I love you, baked. I love you.

My god. I still can’t believe it. But first, more wine!

I love you all. Unicorn forever. I’ve been watching BET, and it is awesome. They just called him “gangsta and intellectual.” What else is there to say? We are now a gangsta and intellectual country. I feel represented for the first time in my entire life.

@BRB: A big hug for you, BRB! And tears of joy.

@JNOV: Not looking good, but only 15% reporting and I’m hoping that’s from Fresno and such. Still teary about our Preznident-elect, so maybe the Hope is too strong.

@Promnight: We will have to dig deep into our wells of despair and cynicism, brother, to fight back the waves of Hope ™ and Change. I wished i still lived abroad, when I could cooly proclaim pride and amazement and somehow remain detached.

Instead, I am – like you – another tree felled by the chainsaw of esperanza. I hope facts moving forward keep us that way.

Wait, is Rachel channeling my inner patriot or what?

@redmanlaw: My wine is always cheap when I’m paying. I buy local from a Chadds Ford winery here in PA. It get’s ‘er done, Baby. It gets ‘er done.

@Pedonator: There is no way the liberal coast is going to sell out my brothers and sisters. No way! No way! I swear. And there’s always the legal question (god forbid it passes), the question of what to do with the marrieds in CA. That’s one hell of a legal conundrum.

@redmanlaw: Oh, yes, God told Sarah, ‘Verily, I sayeth unto you, you sucketh the big juicy rat’s ass, Sarah.’

African music? Yes, but it might be nice to pull out some Americanish literature, too. Instead of Hail to the Chief or whatever crap is programmed for inaugurations, Obama’s people could have the President’s Own Marine Band, now freed from having to service Laura Bush, play something really fusiony like Manteca. As a sop to the Clintons, they could give Bill a couple of choruses to solo on his saxophone, though I don’t know how commanding his improvisational chops are.

@redmanlaw: Hate will always lose in the end. As long as good people stand for what is right, it will always lose.

Looking at the latest CNN web widget I see that most “social” ballot initiatives are trending libtard. Except the stuff about teh gheys. What the fuck is it about us that threatens you so, oh uprtight US Americans?

Free at last. Free at last. Thank God, almighty, we’re free at last.

Are vote totals lower this year than in 2004? 110 million between Bush and Kerry, maybe we just haven’t seen the full totals yet?

Love you all, but I’m going to bed. Just checked the local county attorney race I was following closely. We’ve lost hope for change in that race.

Keep the party going! goodnight all

i ‘m i want to see double detail from the secret service surrounding our new Hope. on to my next worry already, tears, throat lumps won’t stop.

Is it true that Doris Kearns Goodwin slept with LBJ? Yuck! But I’m ready to tell you who I slept with. He’s related to the old website…. Please guess.

@JNOV: Food poisoning. No one wants the details.

@nabisco: It’s on track for 130 million or so, if you trust that one quarter remains to be reported.

@Pedonator: Dude, they just hate us. It’s called “phobia” for a reason. Sexualized revulsion is more deeply entrenched than any other, just ask Freud, or a girl. But one day, one day.

I want to stay up all night and hold this moment. I don’t want to go to sleep, I want to drink in this moment of possibility and hope, yes, he made hope his theme, and made it real with his victory, and the people of this country actually did it, they voted for a black man, and thats what makes me cry, because I have always believed that the deep, abiding flaw and sin of our country has been the legacy of slavery and the deep continuing stream of racism that has shaped out politics throughout out life, damnit, the whole theme and struggle in our society since the 50s has been the struggle for equality, which during the 50s and 60s, before my time, was in the ascendancy, and the reaction and backlash against it, which has been the soul of the republican party ever since. In code, and in deniable coded words and policies, the entire politics of this country for 50 years has been the politics of race.

Plain and simple, the eternal question, why do poor republicans vote against their own self interest? Because the republican party has convinced them that they are voting against the blacks. They have completely disavowed the social policies of Roosevelt because the republican party for 50 years has framed social welfare in terms of “taking your money to support shiftless blacks.” For my entire life this has been the center of american politics. The republican party pushing the subtle meme (welfare cadillacs) that all social programs are just stealing from poor downtrodden whites and giving their money, and through affirmative action, their jobs and opportunities, to blacks.

And for my entire political life, I have felt alone, like I am crazy, for seeing this when even the democrats didn’t have the balls to call the fucking republicans on their racism. Reagan launched his fucking campaign in Mississippi, in the town where the those three civil rights workers were murdered, and every republican candidate since has paid homage to the fucking home of racist fundamentalism, that fucking school I forget the name of.

Its all fucking over now. Its all fucking over now, its all fucking over now.

Is it possible for someone who is not white to understand how deeply this affects me, even though I am not black, I am so so so fucking overjoyed and thrilled by this impossible thing that has happened, and hopeful that the deep sin and stain and denied injustice in our society, that today, we have seen the beginning of the end of it? Whites, looking at black people now, cannot deny that blacks are capable of anything, black children, looking at themselves now, cannot deny that they are capable of anything. Finally, and at long last, equality is not just words, its embodied in the fact that a black man has been elected president of the US, and that to be elected, he had to have the votes of white people, if we look at the numbers, he may well have garnered more votes, just among white voters, than any other president.

A black man is president, because white people elected him. It says worlds about us.

@JNOV: Hunter? Jim (from W)?

Anywho, I’m going to sleep with the missus and the kidz and the kitteh and the Hope. Love y’all. Out.

….And 8 is still too close to call.

But fuck it. If we lose this one we lose this one. We’ll get there eventually. If the last year has taught me anything, it’s that when it comes right down to it…

believe in the unicorn.

@mellbell: Yes, I schtupped someone tangentially related to the old website. Not Brand W. The newer one that crashed and burned. You have to at least guess.


Don’t think I didn’t notice you here, beautiful. Good to see you.

@baked: Proving that he is truly my son, the boy pointed out that the glass surrounding the stand tonight could withstand penetration by rounds from a .50 BMG, which fires a bullet a half inch across to take out human targets at ranges up to 2400 m.

ADD: And as Manchu would know, a Canadian holds the record for long range sniping (AQ figure in Afghanistan).

@BRB: Sadly, no. As much as I’ve tried, I like dick.

isn’t it the best feeling to plow through your fears?
you and jr. my dearest are partly responsible for this baruch (‘blessing’ in hebrew)
i love you too jnov, we did it!

It will take time and a lot of hard work. Have to point to Canada City. The crazee fundies screamed about bestiality and polygamy. So far I haven’t seen it and life goes on.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:
Oh hell, I hope not. Some of you folks claim you’re crazee, but not on Tony’s level of insanity.

Greg’s Brother?

@baked: Yes. Yes, it is. And YES WE DID! Now let’s hold Hopey’s feet to the fire!

@ManchuCandidate: Nope. Think a little closer to the reason we abandoned ship in the very first place.

@JNOV: Whoa. ‘Splain yourself. How exactly did that work?

Someone wake Jamie – is her gov gonna be the AG?

@ManchuCandidate: Well maybe if you didn’t live in a foreign country…

@mellbell: Magic. Trust me. I was pretty surprised by the events that lead to the act.

It’s not over tonight, you know. How are we gonna help out?

My Unicorn tears have dried. Now my eyes are on the prizes of the propositions. Here in CA the 8 of course is my main thang, but I’m also on tentpoles/tiptoes about 2 and 4.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:
good to see you tommycatt! i’m late to the party, but woke up just in time. i’m in shock. and prommie just choked me up. think of every inner city poor black child that can now REALLY say they can grow up to be president. *waterworks*

if i hadn’t seen pic of goth son of RML, that observation of his re glass would have been disturbing. he’s old enough, and pays attention!

i know! i know! but i won’t tell, dear jnov.

Did we overload the web thingy? I’m not seeing any gravatars.

Allow me a moment to be a small minded asshole for a moment.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who’s inadequate NOW? I’m looking at you you old dingbat Harriet and you spoiled brat “Lady” De Rothschild. You can go back to obscurity knowing that you failed.

Added: Also SUCK IT JOE LIE!

All right. Return to the hope a thon.

Off to bed.

@baked: Heh heh. I just did. But I am teh drunk with Hope(TM) and wine, so I’m not responsible.

OK, I have to say that I was not thrilled with Michelle’s dress. [now feeling comfortable enough to kibbitz about fashion.]

@JNOV: As I can only find results that report harrowing margins FOR the 8 I have to wonder what the fuck Mormon money can’t buy?

If they want a spaceship to take the exalted ones in just their magic underwear to the promised land on another planet, hey, I just wish they had done that before the election.

@Mistress Cynica:

I’m glad you went there, ’cause I thought it looked like she took a casual stroll through MAACO on her way to the dais.

@Mistress Cynica: You and Mrs RML. “She looks like a black widow,: said Son of RML. I was going to let it slide unmentioned, myself/

May post more pix in a minute.

@Pedonator: Yeah. I know. It’s pretty fucked up. Mormons are required to tithe 10% PRE-TAX to the church, so the SLC boys have a treasure trove of funds. When I was in law school and the first bullshit prop passed, I was more than a little miffed with the Mormon contingent. And don’t let them fool you when they say only the FLDS church practices polygamy. Mainstream Mormonism preaches polygamy in the afterlife. So, yeah. FUCK THEM!

Goddamn I’m drunk. Wish I were high. With baked.

And hello and congrats everyone! Hugs all around.

I’m still in arKansas and no shot guns have been fired in the air (that I can hear), and more pleasantly, there are no blood-curdling screams of “God’s power! White power! Fire power!” (thank you, FCS).

I don’t know what to say except that I’m overjoyed and relieved.

Our nasty WA state Repubs are also getting the hard smackdown, so it’s celebrations all around. Gov Gregoire–cautiously optomistic about re-election. Darcy Burner–possibly about to punk Dave “Sheriff Hairspray” Reichert.

Now, about Prop 8…

@redmanlaw: I found myself wondering that. Also, trying to judge distance to buildings in various directions around Unicorn. Looked like they sited the stage with potential snipers in mind.

and now i will fire up this joint, wish you were here to imbibe with me. hell, i wish all of you were here. there is still a hole in the wall i punched in 4 years ago. time to spackle! finally!

My Sweet Darlings,

I don’t know what to say about Prop 8. I told my wingnut mom that I thought the gay rights movement was akin to the civil rights movement, and all she could do was ask my if I’m gay. This is your civil rights movement in substance and in form. Please don’t give up. I support you. Many, many people support you. Don’t lose Hope(TM). Maybe we’ll get a national constitutional amendment to support gay marriage under Hopey(TM). If we get something on the federal constitution, it will protect you, and I doubt hope it won’t languish like the ERA. I support you, and I love you. I really, really do.

@JNOV: Just sayin’, if 8 passes with anything more than a 1-2% margin I’m gonna be carrying a huge chip on my shoulder. Every time someone at work talks about fambly I’m gonna get right in their faces about my inequal treatment as a homoUSAmerican.

I already do that with the God crap, happy to tell them that when they start believing in Santa Claus and teh Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy I’ll consider God.

But if 8 passes, this is war. I will relentlessly press my Ghey Agenda on their asses, no prisoners taken. I’m fuckin’ militant about this now.

@baked: Sweet One, much love flowing your way.

@Pedonator: Seriously! I didn’t have the money to contribute to the No on 8 fund, but I will agitate my ass off in every way, shape and form to support you. I’ve raised a kid who supports you. I’m so sorry there are assholes who don’t see you as equals. I know what that’s like, and it sucks beyond description.

full equal rights in a constitutional ammendment for gheyamericans.
i stand with you pedo, and won’t stop bitching til we fix that too. xo

@Pedonator: I am really, really upset at the outcome so far on all ballot questions regarding the gheyz. AZ, AR, FL — maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but it still upsets me. It’s so wrong, so very very wrong.

@baked: MistressCynica guessed correctly! Yay for her! I wish I could send her a prize.

@Pedonator: Well, they already outlawed gay adoption in Arkansas and did something else regressive in another fucking state. And as much I love the Unicorn, the one thing I don’t trust him to do is press hard on real homo-equality. But I do trust him not to affirmatively try to roll it back even farther, which is what the GOPs would do.

But I still have hope, somehow. But it resides in revolutionary “chips” on the shoulders of my comrades, frankly.

Yours in struggle,


oh! missed that! but what about…… drunk are you? tell the other one! i have had innapropriate contact with a W, a cynic and a stinquer. same one, and everyone already knows.

@JNOV: Fine!

/takes stash and stomps off

@IanJ: It’s not just distance, as you know, but also angle, as anything above or below the horizontal plane is subject to variances in bullet drop that can be calculated in a firing solution and written on a reference card or that certain really nice digital rangefinders in the $299+ range can calculate for you. You could also get a scope with ballistic drop lines on it so long as you know your bullet drop over a given distance.

@baked: Those of us who cannot at the moment hate you.

New pix posted on the stream.

@JNOV, @baked, @Mistress Cynica: Sorry if I came off doubtful about my steadfast Stinque/Cynic girlfriends. Didn’t mean that at all. I know y’all are on the good side and in any fight I want you to get my back. I love youse gals.

Also hoping SFL hasn’t passed out in some unfriendly part of Oakland without a babysitter. SFL, wake up! And thank you for your service to our country.

I’m just crashing from the emotional high of the preznidential victory and eagerly watching the latest counts on prop 8 and finding some despair. Just a few months ago the polls showed substantial opposition and then came the Mormoney. And I’m starting to find some real hate in my heart, for those ones. FSM help me.

@Mistress Cynica:

Yeah, the anti-gay ones on the ballot this year are some of the most punitive ever. And the motivation is pure hatred. There was a letter here in the AR papers from a hetero couple explaining that this initiative will prevent them from being able to adopt each other’s children since it applies to all unmarried couples. So their family will be busted. Really twisted, hateful shit. It may be unconstitutional–hell they all may be unconstitutional–but the effect and message are unmistakable: It’s an electoral cross-burning.

I am finally back; is it a coincidence that I have had more ‘puter problems tonight with internet access than ever before? No matter, nothings gonna stop us now. Noone’s gonna touch Obama. The people who elected him would, literally, rise up en masse and their anger would be terrible, I think the haters are scared now.

I have to be at the inauguration. I expect that its gonna be like woodstock; there will be a crowd that ovwerwhelms all services, that it will not be possible to rely on public transit or any other organized services to be working. That makes me want to be there even more, I think there will be an outbreak of the kind of communal love that happened at woodstock, I missed that, I am gonna be at this. I am gonna assume I am backpacking and take all esentials of life on my back, food water and shelter, and not trust in any public service holding up to the demand. But I gotta be there, just to stand on the side of some road and scream. Hell, I have enough connections to probably get in some minor event, but fuck it, I would rather be on the street, and hoping that woodstock breaks out. I gotta be there. Its gonna be history.

When I was a kid, I devoured this whole series of books, history books for kids, the titles all started with “you were there at blah blah blah.” I remember “You were there at the Inavsion of Normandy,” and the books told the story of some kids of the same age as the audience for these books, 10 to 12, and it was all exciting to read these books. Ever since, I have wished I could “be there” at some pivotal event of history.

I don’t want to watch this inaugural on TV. I don’t care if I am 2 miles away, I don’t care of all I see is a car speeding by, I must be there, and I don’t care if its worse than Woodstock and new years at Times square combined, I don’t care if I am trapped in the city, that would make it all the more an adventure, I must be there. Are there any other of you who feel this way? We should get together, plan this, I must be there.

Goodnight, stinkers. Nabisco, all you, its worth using some vacation, do it on the cheap if you got no money, I would take the chinese bus and sleep in a sleeping bag on a park bench to be there, and to tell the truth, I am more attracted to that way of doing it then scoring a deluxe hotel suite, and if anyone else is that adventureous, I would want to do a mass communal urban camping adventure more than i would want to sleep in a holiday inn.

Anyway, goodnight, dear stinkers, I am up much later than I should be, given I have to lecture for 6 hours tomorrow.

I do love you all, you know?

we see tonight what holding on to hope can accomplish.
we will look back on inequality for gays as we look back now on slavery.
i believe in this hope..and soon.

I’m home now, and can finally toast President-elect Unicorn’s win.

As I travelled home on the bus, the local radio had expat Americans phoning in in tears, and unable to explain why. Many said they were just so happy that they no longer had to feel ashamed to be US-Americans. Others said it was like a weight being lifted from their shoulders.

Me, even though I’m not a US American, I can see this as the world coming back into balance, the end of the straw-man argument, the shysterism of modern politics. I feel 5 kilos lighter, the world is less bleak, and I keep wanting to shout out “Yes We Can”.

Sadly, I don’t feel like watching Faux just to see them choke on their false patriotism, nor do I want to say “Hey PUMAs, your votes, they sucked” I don’t feel mean, I don’t want to gloat. (Although FCS, if you have any thoughts on PUMAs, I’m sure I’d love to read them)

I want to float in the glow of hope, let it raise me up and warm my tired, tired heart. Soothe the creases of frustration from my face, and whisper “Yes We Can” in my ear whenever I feel doubt or bitterness.

Thank you, Thank you America.

@BRB: I agree on all fronts. I don’t know if the Unicorn could use his messianic powers to convince the multitudes that the homosexual, that other one, deserves every civil liberty; it would be nice if he were more militant about it, but maybe he’ll be a bit more forceful once in office.

Not that I’m counting on it. I’m still verklempt about his win, in a good way. Just very sad that so many supposedly eelight educamated Californicators could be convinced by morons that no on 8 means teaching gay sex in kindergarten and forcing their churches to gay-marry every eligible bachelor in sight.

@baked: I’m not telling anyone’s story but my own. I am a vault when it comes to other’s bidness. I just tell my own.

@redmanlaw: I would so get high with you, and I’d love to chill/sweat in a co-ed sweat lodge with you. We’d see some truly wicked shit, I’m sure.

@Pedonator: No apologies. You didn’t come off as anything but righteously indignant about the fucked up way you’ve been treated. Seriously. No apologies necessary at all, My Dear One.

@Pedonator: We know you don’t doubt us. I just needed to reiterate my support because I am so angry about this.

@Promnight: *terraist fist bump a’ bruthahood*

@CheapBoy: Obama is your president too, bro.

you know i am a vault too. i’m drunk with the good ganj and Hope!
and, as i am wont to do, say too much.

i will be in miami in january. a puddle jump to DC. count me in for the festivities. lets go and watch history!

@Original Andrew: Yes. And I’m so sorry. I fucking HATE these people who don’t see you as worthy of the rights we’ve accorded others. I do believe these wrongs will be righted, and sooner than you think. Obama’s not the Socialist I wish Palin had painted him to be, but I do believe that this win is a major paradigm shift, and you will be vindicated. Maybe I’m too hopeful, but I believe that the man is more liberal than he lets on. It’s going to be okay. I promise.

@baked: I look forward to hugging you in real time.

@baked: Smokin’ without us. Shhhit.

ADD: Brush with greatness: Gene Robinson hired our friend Hank Steuver at WaPo.

@redmanlaw: I <3 U. I really really do. And seeing the pic of Son of RML made my heart sing.

uh…reds? why do you hate me? that went right over my head, don’t get it. tell me! what i do?

oooohhhh! got it! see? i got the reefer madness! my brain doesn’t have an off switch, that’s why i love pot. i can still function normaly, and the noise in my head quiets down.
btw, barry will decriminalize marijuana while he’s in office. why? cause he’s smart.

@JNOV: Love you. I haven’t been treated in any more fucked up way than hosts of others. I still benefit from white middle-class privilege in so many ways. I can’t complain overall. But I’m a good complainer, and I will complain if I feel officially disenfranchised.

@redmanlaw: I would love to be a fly on the wall when Hopey and Michelle first walk into the oval office and do the “terrorist fist bump”.

I would do a fly like happy dance and cackle manically and send a big psychic F.U. to Palin huddling somewhere in the Wilderness of Alaska where the decent folk have driven her to starve and die.

Oh and in case you were wondering… My snark is back. I just thought “Who’s going to get a Presidential pardon on the 19th Jan 2009” And all of a sudden I got the bitters…

A certain AG will get a pre-emptive pardon for allowing Torture, I’m sure.

@Mistress Cynica: Your anger gives me Hope.

@baked: I think that was like a love-tap from RML. If not, well, even if it was, you can always get a love-tap from me.

@Pedonator: Sweetheart, I appreciate you acknowledging your white middle class roots. Props to you for that. But hatred toward teh gheys is the last bastion of hate that needs to be uprooted. I know that, for the most part, my ghey bros and sistahs have more money and influence than our racial minorities, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you are accepted into the brotherhood/sisterhood of enfranchised and truly rights minded people of this country. I don’t know what people are freaking about — you’re gay? So what? And the younger ones are getting the message. I hope it doesn’t take a generation to reach the point when people say, “You’re gay? So what?” We don’t have that much time. But know that I love you. My son loves you. His friends love you. And just like I didn’t think we’d have an Af-Am president in my lifetime, we might have an openly gay president in ours.

It’s the fucking co-opting of our national debate by the fundies and Mormons and other small-minded individuals who have spoiled the atmosphere of inclusiveness that we all should want to have. Obama is nothing but a master coalition builder, and I seriously doubt that he will turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the gheyness that elevated him to greatness. And, god forbid, if he does, I will personally hold his feet to the fire. He is YOUR president, and he is MY president, and I will be happy to tell him how I overcame bone-shaking fear to elect him. He is OUR president. He will represent.

like jnov, i’m wasted. that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it.

@baked: We’re wasted! We’re wasted! I might have to pass the hat if my dumbass gets fired. But I’m good at what I do, so I think I’m safe. We’re waaaaasted! We’re waaaaasted! Huzzah for us. I just hope(TM) I’m awake to call out from work today. I am a lousy drunk. I miss my ex-BF who was a functional alcoholic. I could take some tips from him right now. I am not a functional alcoholic. I am a shitty alcoholic.

i’m partying. now shots of rum or i’ll never get back to sleep. i have a busy day of doing nothing tomorrow.
hey! i was offered a job today! talk about HOPE! it’s almost impossible here. work permits for expats are hens teeth. local photo journalist wants to hire me to assist at first, getting around the work permit.
my dream job! i’ll spend the next few months with him and see how it goes, then maybe have a great job to walk back into this summer when we come back here. HOPE is everywhere!

Hey, have the Alaskan Polls closed yet?


@baked: Yay for you! Yes, grab that dream job and hold it in a death grip. That’s how I feel about volunteering for the ACLU. If I crash and burn at my paying gig, I’ll still have the ACLU. Civil liberties is what made me go to law school in the first place, and civil liberties is what I’ll die defending.

@JNOV: Functional alcoholism is sooo simple! Less more often. The art of keeping a decent buzz going for a few hours.

think i’m passing out, g’night all and g’day cheapie.
what a wonderful day.
love you guys, wouldn’t want to share this joy with ANYONE else!

@drinkyclown: This is where my non-Anglo genes win. I am a lightweight. And I drank a bottle of wine. I’m hoping to stay up until 9 am EST so I can email my boss and tell him I’m all under the weather. DAMN I’m drunk.

@JNOV: I guess it’s a sad thing that I feel I have to own up to privileged chance of birth — though, to be clear, my privilege did not extend to a paid college education or trust fund, etc.

I would caution against thinking that we gays, in general, have more money and influence than any other group. I’ve seen plenty of reports that contradict that stereotype. I suspect that Stinquers, for instance, trend toward the more educated/upper-middle class, etc. And we probably tend to know others like us.

I think that class, whatever that means, but when invoking it I mean income and/or wealth, determines more than race, gender or sexual orientation in determining the power we have in this skewed system. But all those other factors are still extremely important.

I will be proud to claim Obama as MY president, just as I have insisted for the last eight years that Commander Codpiece was not my president. I just don’t really expect Obama to do much more for my fellow gheys than, say Clinton did.

Any and all good things he does I will heartily support and praise. Unfortunately I don’t think we’re at the point where mainstream politicians can recognize gay rights as something other than “special rights” without a political backlash.

President-elect Unicorn does give me Hope that true change is possible, I just don’t expect it to triangulate to the Gay Agenda any time soon. Yes I’m bitter about that, but I’m still thrilled about the possibilities on other fronts like the perpetual state of war and fear and the hope for otherwise sane domestic policies.

Now, we’ll see, won’t we?

Wow, I am waaay late to the party, but seeing the results of this election, & reading everyone’s hilarious/insightful/deeply felt comments, is warming the cockles of my cynical, black heart.

I’m sojurning in the middle of Bitterz!Ohio (seeing my very best friend through a family crisis), and was asked today by a local (without one iota of irony) which “Vice-President” I voted for, because said local did not think either Obama or McCain would survive to be inagurated and/or live out their first term.

It was such a sad, scary commentary on the state of things, it almost killed my hope.

My schedule rarely allows me time to de-lurk and jump-in during business hours, but it’s really great to know you guys are all here, towing the line for intelligent, progressive, free-thinkers everywhere.

*is overcome with Stinque love*

In late-breaking news though, why, oh why, is Sen. Ted Stevens leading Mark Begich 49% to 46%?

Really, people of Alaska??

He’s a convicted felon, for crissake!! What does it TAKE to un-elect someone?


I am having nightmare visions of Talibunny appointing herself to fill his seat, should he actually win, and be barred from serving.

@Pedonator: Yes, we’ll see. And Clinton let me down is so many ways. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I hope that Obama won’t behave similarly. But I’m a rabid socialist, so I’m hard to please.

Forgive me if I made a mistake and assumed that my homo-lovelies have more economic power than they have. I have an Af-Am gay cousin who is still in the closet. He has no power. He has plenty of self-loathing, but no power. I didn’t mean to diminish your struggle.

But there is something about Obama that makes me believe that he won’t leave anyone behind. This campaign has shown Bill to be the asshole opportunist that he is. I’m not even so sure that he really had love for teh black folk. My gut tells me he only loved us if it was expedient.

But Obama is different. He knows what it’s like to grow up and be other. I think that just like I see my personal struggles as one with my gay/lesbian/bi/trans brothers and sisters, I think he’ll see the same, too. And with a clear congressional majority, who can hold him back?

Maybe I’m just drunk on wine and drunk on Hope(TM), but I do believe he will make a difference. At least he will change the discussion. He is indebted to you and to me. I trust him. I hope that trust isn’t misplaced.

@JNOV: Yeah, I lucked out with genetics and booze, I’m mostly Scottish and Russian which equals liver of steel! Staying up till 9am is so crazy you better start chugging some coffee or something.

@drinkyclown: Man, I’m setting my alarm for nine and shooting off some sort of email. My Irish grandmother failed me. Damn.

@Fifth_Avenoodle: Bienvenidos! I now have a term for when, after tiresome work chores during the week, I can finally come back to the fold: de-lurk!

@JNOV: I don’t claim to have struggled much, but I like to think I have empathy for those who do/have. Also I only wish Obama was the socialist that fucking Talibitch tried to paint him as, but I’m glad that paint didn’t stick because now he’s our President! Yay! I also have Hope™ he might possibly do some good.

(It’s so sad to me that 99% of US Americans have been brainwashed to think that democracy = capitalism, and socialists are intrinsically totalitarian)

@JNOV: Okay wait wait wait I just read up the thread a ways and you hooked up with a Cynic??? And won’t tell who???? And Prommie’s nipples are hard? *wails* I go watch tv for a few hours and I miss EVERYTHING!!!

@Pedonator: Yes. Yes on your thoughts about socialism and yes on your thoughts about empathy. You are one of my favorite people on Earth. :-D

@drinkyclown: He wasn’t a cynic, and MistressCynica called it right. Re-read and know the truth. And I’m afraid this is one thing nojo won’t be able to disappear into that black hole of internet memory he has.

you missed some posts. i ventured ted stevens was a zombie, the undead, therefore incapable of laying the fuck down so they can finish his embalming. and i’m not the least bit surprised he’s leading. remind me never to go to alaska. thanks.


It is a glorious day!

I’m still in shock. It hasn’t completely set in yet.

The cars on Sunset below me have been honking their horns for a while in response to a group of Obama supporters parading down Sunset like some mediveval minstrels. I never thought that there would actually be dancing in the streets. I believed the horror would continue.

Thank you Stinquers for getting me through the last year. I always knew that by visiting your conversations that I would find a collective howl I could relate to and find community and solace just by listening.

@JNOV: Ahhhh, nice! Okay was it that ex she posted pics of? I will be so jealous of yoooou, dude was srsly hot.

Okay, I’m going to bed. My kittehs are annoyed that I’m still up. Now I can return to ICanHazCheeseburger and not feel like I’m sloughing off my patriotic duty.

Much love to all.

My faith in America has been restored. Well, except for those Yes on 8 bastards. Their day will come.

I know this is going into the ether. I just finished 11 hours of election work bleeding and the product went out on air. I haven’t had time to consider how this election just blew my little mind away.

A-fucking-mazing. Black Eagle is our president.

2 bottles red wine + champers + bloody marys and croissants + obama win – dead best friend = SLEEP.

@Pedonator: Muchas gracias! It’s nice to be here in the company of other warm bodies for once.

I generally feel like that poor, sad-sack who is all alone in the hotel bar at 4:00am, with just my thoughts and a Bombay Sapphire martini for company.

Which is not bad, don’t get me wrong, but like so much else, being Stinque-y is good alone, better together.

@baked: Totally missed the zombie theory, but it makes perfect sense.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen “Shaun of the Dead”, and I can’t remember, what’s the best way to stop one? Something about destroying their brains? (Although, in this case, that may be a moot point.)

I’m also with you on avoiding Alaska. I have an aunt in Seattle who owns vacation property up there, and she’s always trying to persuade me to come stay for the summer.

I’m sure it’s full of rugged, natural beauty, but it’s also full of people who would elect Ted Stevens. Again.

I’m sure I’ll visist someday, but for now the latter outweighs the former.

I was gonna do a late-nite post with other races of interest, but they’re all still undecided. So far, 3,632,879 Californians are bigots.

Finally I get to see the Colbert/Stewart election night programme.

I want Samantha B’s babies

@nojo: 86% precincts as I read LAT in my post-Hope hangover.

OK, I’ve sobered up, let’s get to work.

Prop 8 is slightly ahead in Cal, but no one has called it. I’ll check in with my friends in the gay lawyer mafia later this AM.

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