NORAD Buzzing Washington, DC Today in Last Show of Force Against Civilians

Dubya! Dubya! Dubya!

Dubya! Dubya! Dubya!

In these, the final hours of the Caligutard’s debauched, larcenous reign, the promise of a compliant military eager to turn their guns into the streets to defend the tyrannous dolt and install him as Uberfuhrer for life has apparently lapsed. Donations to the Obama campaign from the military have completely eclipsed those from servicemen to the Psychogeezer’s campaign.

Still, that doesn’t stop the Caligutard and his henchmen from shaking their fists at the betrayals of a population that they thought had been subdued.

NORAD is coordinating overflights of the Washington, DC area today, according to the Air Force Times, the last day of the run-up to the general election, the Bush Administration’s reminder to the civilian population that he’d nuke them as soon as look at them – if only the fucking military hadn’t turned Islamofascist and started writing checks to Obama, the traitorous dogs.

Officials say the exercise, named Falcon Virgo, refines the command’s interception and identification operations. It also helps with testing visual warning systems.

Right, like dropping bombs on polling stations with long lines of melanin-enhanced people waiting to vote.

Fuck you, Caligutard! See you strapped to a gurney in Huntsville none too soon. Fuck you!


Alien invasion starts tomorrow. “Here you go Barry – deal with it!”

Also – why have both Palin and McCain made the pilgrimage to Roswell? (She was there about three weeks ago, he’s there today). Just askin’.

@redmanlaw: Damn, you have any documentary record of these jokers visiting Roswell you could point us to?

Clearly, this is a conspiracy involving extra-terrestrials.

@FlyingChainSaw: There’s been an unusual spate of UFO news lately, too. Curiouser and curiouser. Assuming there is a conspiracy among the governments of the world going back 50 years or so to keep the existence of the aliens a secret (so the various flavors of fundies don’t go off their heads), it would be just like Bush to break such a longstanding pact just to win an election.

@Prommie: No conspiracy of that dimension could operate for longer than a day or two.

Still, it is fun to think that tonight, Bush will go on TV and green shit will start gushing out of his mouth and ears and he’ll rip off his flesh revealing a huge green cockroach that will swing around and start woofing down reporters.

@FlyingChainSaw: Huffpo did a piece on La Palin’s visit to Roswell a few weeks ago with Hank Williams, Jr. * Geezer’s stop there today is up on the campaign website. Reptillian Illuminati conspiracy also if you factor in Cindy.

* The talent in that family skipped a generation and went to punk rock metal country guy Hank the Third.

@redmanlaw: Great, let me check it out and pull together a Taligeezer as space-alien conspiracy piece.

@redmanlaw: Because they feared what would happen to them if they went to Truth or Consequences instead….

that’s a Douglas Dauntless in the photo, is it not? they served with distinction in the Battle of Midway and the Battle of the Coral Sea.

@Jamie Sommers: Actually, they’re on the Journada del Muerto now (hopefully), which was the conquistodors’ name for the stretch of desert south of Socorro so named for the lack of water and forage.

@ Prom – “Independence Day” was on TV this weekend, also.

@ Chain – don’t forget that “Contact” with Jodie Foster and “2010” were shot at the Very Large Array west of Socorro and the opening act of Them! (the giant ant movie) was set at White Sands. (Another NM movie: “Employee of the Month” with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. Richardson had Jessica over for dinner when she was shooting it here. Just thought I’d throw that one in.)

@Dodgerblue: Most of our vaunted WWII weaponry was in the right place at the right time, as opposed to being the best thing possible. But they were well armored, so the pilots survived sometimes when they was shot down.

@Prommie: from a USN history site: While their aviators flew back from Midway, the Japanese carriers received several counterstrikes from Midway’s own planes. Faced with overwhelming fighter opposition, these uncoordinated efforts suffered severe losses and hit nothing but sea water. Shortly after 0700, torpedo attacks were made by six Navy TBF-1s and four Army Air Force B-26s. Between 0755 and 0820, two groups of Marine Corps bombers and a formation of Army B-17s came in. The only positive results were photographs of three Japanese carriers taken by the high-flying B-17s, the sole surviving photos of the day’s attacks on the Japanese carriers.

Meanwhile, a tardy Japanese scout plane had spotted the U.S. fleet and, just as Midway’s counterattacks were ending, reported the presence of a carrier. Japanese commander Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo had begun rearming his second group of planes for another strike on Midway. He now had to reorganize that, recover the planes returning from Midway and respot his flight decks to launch an attack on the U.S. ships. Nagumo’s force barely missed having enough time.

In the hour after about 0930, U.S. Navy planes from the carriers Hornet (CV-8), Enterprise (CV-6) and Yorktown (CV-5) made a series of attacks, initially by three squadrons of TBD torpedo planes that, despite nearly total losses, made no hits. The sacrifice of the TBDs did slow Japanese preparations for their own strike and disorganized the defending fighters. Then, at about 1025, everything changed. Three squadrons of SBD scout bombers, two from Enterprise and one from Yorktown, almost simultaneously dove on three of the four Japanese carriers, whose decks were crowded with fully armed and fueled planes that were just starting to take off. In a few minutes, Akagi, Kaga and Soryu were ablaze and out of action.

Of the once-overwhelming Japanese carrier force, only Hiryu remained operational. A few hours later, her planes crippled USS Yorktown. By the end of the day, though, U.S. carrier planes found and bombed Hiryu. Deprived of useful air cover, and after several hours of shocked indecision, Combined Fleet commander Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto called off the Midway operation and retreated. Six months after it began, the great Japanese Pacific War offensive was over.

@Dodgerblue: The B-26, that was the most feared airplane of the war; feared by its pilots.

oh god. here it is. what i was fearing has a face now. ROSWELL. the black hand of the international illuminati are…are…ALIENS!!!!
flee! flee! their mission, to destroy the earth’s inhabitants for their own species! could it be more obvious?
i’m not leaving my house, and not turning off the tv or the stinquers til at least wednesday.
i am about to bake up for the duration. i’m a wreck! this is almost as garmet chewing as rat’s (ex!) GF.

The man who sank the Kaga, Dick Best, later became the head librarian at RAND who turned a blind eye when Daniel Ellsberg photocopied what became the Pentagon Papers.

@baked: You notice Talibunny refuses to hand over her medical records.

@FlyingChainSaw: It is because she is not the mother of Trig, of course. Trig is the spawn of snow machine man and his own daughter, thus explaining the chromosome problems.

@baked: The aliens will leave you alone if your brain and blood are filled with drugs and alcohol, although they may try to bum a smoke.

@Prommie: It makes it clear that the birth records won’t show up, for one. The fact that she is a space alien, for another.

@FlyingChainSaw: Space aliens could not possibly be that stupid. Maybe she’s a robot from the future, that would explain her random-word-generator interview style.


AAAACCCKKKKKK!!!!!!! even my conspiratorial brain didn’t see this coming. and i was so hoping(tm) for friendly, intelligent aliens…
…who all looked like That One.

@baked: I think the aliens have been communicating with some of the homeless guys here in Santa Monica.

@ManchuCandidate: With a name like that, you know he was a Cold War covert operator with Race Bannon.

@drinkyclown: Nope, she’s a space alien. She’s even talking about Klingons!

ADD: The Bitter Clingers would make an awesome name for a band.

Madelyn Dunham (BHO’s grandma) died today. What absolute shit timing. Hopefully he keeps his head up in spite of it.

TJ/Bad News. Barry’s Tutu has died.

One would think so. Not many men could say they sank an aircraft carrier with one hit. Although McCain came close…

@mellbell: So so sad, but I’m glad he got to visit her before she passed away. The wingnuts are going go wild with conspiracy theories.

I am feeling very defensive about Black Eagle right now. I really want to track those motherfuckers to their basements preemptively and order denial-of-service attacks against their computers.

Adding to the sadness, the Nevada state director for Obama’s campaign has died.

@nabisco: Naw, that article just proves my point, she’s obviously programmed with an ELIZA style A.I.

“Because it’s like I heard on Fox News today, it’s like a truth serum, where when he’s there he seems to be more candid.”

Either that or she’s a secret Zen master, and these are her koans that we must meditate on if we are to achieve enlightenment.

oh tutu, you couldn’t hang on ONE DAY? oh that pisses me off.
has to be an afterlife. has to be.
and a palor will be cast as his first obstacle, sacrifice to celebrate while mourning.

@mellbell: One more day and she would have seen her grandson elected President.

@Dodgerblue: She may not have been conscious. My mother didn’t take in much the last two weeks. Mind you, that could have had something to do with the amount of happy juice I was giving her.

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