Bush Appointee Runs Interference for Neo-Nazi Assassins In Obama Plot

Colorado US Attorney Troy Eid Thinks Neo-Nazi Assassins Are Just People With a Drug Problem

Colorado US Attorney Troy Eid Thinks Neo-Nazi Assassins Are Just People With a Drug Problem. Guy's either a dolt or a sympathizer to the white supremacist cause. Or Both.

US Attorney for Colorado Troy Eid earlier this year decided that the white supremacists arrested this summer packing scoped rifles, body armor and ammo while traveling out to Denver to shoot Barack Obama were really just fun-loving kids with a drug problem.

Sure. And, hey, gosh, there are all the First Amendment issues to respect here as well. What American doesn’t have the right to rave on and on about blowing away a Democratic presidential candidates and arming himself to do the deed, without harassment from an oppressive Nanny State?

Apparently, this kind of legal logic only works if you are a grinning fuckwit appointee of the Bush Justice Department who thinks Democrats are things you can get hunting licenses to kill. Shockingly, for Eid, no doubt, there are a bunch of legal experts whining away that those neo-Nazis should be put on trial for conspiracy to murder a presidential candidate in interviews conducted by the people from Raw Story.

Raw Story concluded:

Interviews with numerous legal experts suggest that Colorado US Attorney Troy Eid misled reporters and diverged from state law when declining to prosecute any of the three men arrested in Denver for threatening to assassinate Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

RedManLaw reports: “Although he didn’t charge the Obama plotters, whom he dismissed as meth heads, Eid did charge a guy who sent McCain white powder/fake anthrax in the mail. Eid is a lawyer from the Denver office of Greenburg Traurig, which was Jack Abramnoff’s firm before he got taken down. He denies having worked with Jack while they both worked at the firm, although Eid has an interest in Indian law. (I suppose one could troll the thousands of pages of Jack’s emails archived at the Senate Indian Affairs Committee webasite to see, but they are not searchable .pdfs).”

So what is fuckface Troy’s story? Is he a dolt? A neo-Nazi sympathizer who digs these guys’ steely resolve to kill a black presidential candidate? A tool doing the bidding of bigger gangsters in Justice Department’s Washington, DC HQ? An honest-to-God white supremacist who wants to make sure that his people know they won’t be harassed for doing God’s will?


Judging by what I’ve seen from the Bush Admin, the answer is all of the above.

Look at that guy’s face, the smug oozes; that is the face of a pudknocker.

no credible threat, gee, they only had masks, guns, ammo, radios, scopes, naw, that wasn’t a real threat.

Shit, these guys are 1000 times more real than the two loony methheads the ATF made such a big deal of busting up last week.

Just to threadjack, whats going on in California, have they revived the old tradition of killing Okies? http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/california/la-me-homeless3-2008nov03,0,2050258.story

Guess if we all wind up riding the rails, hobo-style, we are gonna have to avoid Collie Phone-Ya.

I’m sorry, did someone say “political DOJ?” I’m having a hard time hearing anything over the Hope™ and Cynicism duking it out in my head.

Show RomeGirl some love today. She deserves it.

Off topic, Gravatar finally loaded for me. New avatar time!

ian! i knew you were the one to beat up gravatar for me!
i think i’ll keep my beach shot til february, then i’m relying on YOU to to change it to something more appropriate, like a suicide bombing or maybe that camel pic. you’re on notice to help me!
even nojo threw up his hands (or else he’s just sick of my tech support neediness)

my deepest sincere condolences. i lost 3 people i loved within an 18 month period. there are no words. know you are in our thoughts, (the stinquers have healing POWER, i know first hand). and time will keep your cherished memories alive.
sending you hugs, and will have real ones for you when we visit rome, as planned this spring/summer. hang in honey.

Although he didn’t charge the Obama plotters, whom he dismissed as meth heads, Eid did charge a guy who sent McCain white powder/fake anthrax in the mail. Eid is a lawyer from the Denver office of Greenburg Traurig, which was Jack Abramnoff’s firm before he got taken down. He denies having worked with Jack while they both worked at the firm, although Eid has an interest in Indian law. (I suppose one could troll the thousands of pages of Jack’s emails archived at the Senate Indian Affairs Committee webasite to see, but they are not searchable .pdfs).

He is a fellow member of the Navajo Nation bar, and I see him at least once a year at the annual conference. I got him seriously pissed off at a seminar when I criticized his position on the pro-consumer laws of the Navajo Nation, which he said needed to be reformed to make it a more business-friendly environment. Eid also mocked his Egyptian heritage at that seminar, at one point striking the “Fig Newton” pose.

Oh, Rome Girl, I’m so sorry to hear of your losses. Your beautiful tribute shows how much you loved them.

Internet group hug everyone….

uh oh. i just watched an ad where black eagle mispronounced the word divisive. oy. it’s proper pronounciation is with a long “i”, (the 2nd one)
he said it as if he was saying division, with the short “i”.

i can’t spell, but i CAN speak. pet peeve that i face ALL the time. people who should know better saying heene-is instead of hay-ness (heinous).

i’m so nervous today!

Romie – This is the time of year when we remember those who have passed from our lives. Find a special place outdoors and leave a little food and wine that he enjoyed, say a prayer and promise to carry on in his spirit.

Ahh, shit Rome Girl. He sounded like a great guy. Thinking of you…

@baked: Yeah, he’s been saying that all along, kinda elite and all.

More worrisome is the last minute drumbeat of “he’s gonna take all our COAL” messaging that Talibunny is working in WV and Ohio. Sure it’s desperate and possibly too late to matter, but folks take their right to stripmining and death-by-black-lung seriously in Apallachia.

re: Rome Girl

In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to the John Ott Memorial Fund for the Benefit of Joana Ott, PO Box 19, Waterford, Connecticut 06385.

Joana is his daughter who just turned 1 on Oct. 22.

That is awful news, RomeGirl.

My condolences.

@baked: That’s a correct alternate pronunciation in Limeyland where English was invented by three nuns and an insurance salesman named Cecil. Other strange versions are ti-rahd not tie-raid and bee-yon-see not bee-yon-say.

@redmanlaw: I am, of course, appalled, though not entirely sure what fig newtons have to do with Egypt.

@Lyndon LaDouche: The “Fig Newton” pose comes from an old snack food commercial in which a fellow thespian of yours dressed in a Fig Newton suit struck a pose resembling the stereotypical ancient Egyptian dance pose.

@nabisco: and LYNDON
i just double checked. that’s not elite, it’s wrong!
there is no alternate for the pronounciation of di-VI-sive.
(and when did the brits start speaking english anyway?)

i’m just so nervous today, ignore me.
(and be thankful i’m nowhere near woodstock, you would have scarier things in your cellar than spiders–me)

@Lyndon LaDouche: You also have “fanshaw” as the pronunciation of “Fotheringay.” Might as well be french.

@Prommie: Actually, that’s “fungey,” not “fanshaw.”

(I’ve watched far too much Jeeves and Wooster — with the character named Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps.)

@baked: I’ve heard it pronounced that way quite a bit, but I do spend an inordinate amount of time hanging around elites and watching Masterpiece Theatre.
I’m a wreck, too. I had to go buy cigarettes because my nerves are shot.

@Lyndon LaDouche: @Prommie: My favorite is St. John becoming Sin-jin.

I can’t help it, I’m bubbling over with Hopeyness today. No hiding in the cellar for me. It probably helps that it’s suddenly Indian summer with a vengence here in Chicago (record-breaking mid-70s today), which also means it’s going to be quite tolerable for Obamapalooza tomorrow night. I think I’m the only Chicago Stinquer going, so I’ll do my best to liberally borrow my friend’s Crackberry to send text and pics.

Awwww, you guys, now you’ve got me all weepy and group huggy. LOVE YOUSE! (said Philly-style.) My plan is to hole up in my room for 24 hours, cry and scream and curse the gods, and then come back out in time to watch Obama win this fucking thing.

I’m really excited to join you guys in REAL TIME tomorrow. RomeBoy asked me if I needed anything, and I told him I wanted him to run to the Internet Point and print out blank electoral maps and buy red and blue markers. I’m in it to win it.

@Mistress Cynica:
oh noes mistress! i too went off the wagon whole hog and bought a CARTON yesterday! smoking 2 at a time. we can take nothing for granted. dewey, anyone?

@baked: LOS ANGELES (AP) – Sacha Baron Cohen went undercover as his alter ego Bruno on Sunday by crashing a rally in support of a ballot measure that would ban gay marriage in California.

The British comedian is working on a film based on the fictional character Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion reporter who conducted gag interviews on HBO’s “Da Ali G Show.”

Cohen, in disguise in a blond wig and preppy outfit, marched with demonstrators who support Proposition 8 while being trailed by cameras in a rally across from City Hall.

When photographers and reporters realized who he was and tried to approach the star, members of his film crew tried to shield him, and he was eventually whisked away in a van.

Cohen, who has made a career out of filming unwitting victims of his fake identities, also played a journalist in the hit movie “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

there’s nothing youcan tell me about sacha baron cohen i don’t know.
he is a major fantasy boyfriend of mine since ali g. first aired.
he’s even a nice jewish boy, engaged to a nice jewish girl, isla fisher, the red headed nutjob raping vince vaughn in ‘wedding crashers’. damn.

wait. what? you are a philly girl? YO! mi compadre!
isn’t it interesting that we have 3 philly stinquers and TWO of them LEFT the country! and jnov is still there…..we will organize a rescue intervention when jnov jr. is old enough.

@IanJ: And “chumly” for Chalmondalay.

For the past year for some reason I have frequently, out of nowhere, just started thinking, why no Jeeves and Wooster movie? And I have a years-long mental game of casting Jeeves and Wooster. I recently decided that some relatively new actor I just saw in something would be the absolutely perfect Wooster, but now I have completely forgotten that shattering insight.

Anyone ever heard Doug Stanhope do his bit about his ADD? He says suddenly, appropo of nothing, “Anyone else have a brain like that? Alaways thinking?” and explains that his brain is just always thinking of stuff, then he says “ADD? Whats ADD? I’m just thinking of stuff. Of course I’m not listening to you, you’re boring, so I’m thinking of something more interesting.”

Thats what I am doing as I wander through life, bumbling into walls and into and out of jobs, careers, relationships, I am thinking about who would be the best Wooster, whether there are deep differences in the thought patterns of people who speak, and think, in languages with a distributive grammar and languages with an inflected grammar, whether games of chance with a greater standard deviation in the incidence of “runs” favor disciplined gamblers, over games of chance with outcomes that cluster tightly, as the latter rely to a greater degree on psychological factors to maintain the house’s edge, wondering where are the Snowdens of yesteryear, and of course, why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings.

What were we talking about?

So sorry, Romegirl. I wish I had a mentor like that to teach me how to be what I want to be.

@Prommie: Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie will always be Jeeves and Wooster to me. I’ve always wanted — nay, needed a Jeeves in my life. It’s so trying to deal with the little day-to-day details of existence that sometimes makes me doubt whether life is worth living.

@Mistress Cynica:
of all days….tuesday they’re having a House marathon on usa channel.
dr. house, another fantasy love of mine.

i hear ya prommie, as always.

In one way, “Arthur” was a Jeeves and Wooster story, except for Jeeves dying and Bertie getting married, and Dudley Moore played a perfect Wooster. Fry would be better now as Jeeves than he was then, I thought he was too young. I cannot watch Hugh Laurie playing House without seeing Wooster, but I really did think of an even better Bertie not long ago, and now I have totally forgotten. Really, I suddenly interrupted the entire house, pointing at some young, charmingly bumbling actor on the screen and screamed “Thats My Wooster!” to the utter incomprehension of everyone in my life. I don’t do segue. Of course, most of what I say is to the utter incomprehension of everyone in my life.

except me. i always understand you. should i seek help?

I want to make the real version of Catch-22, which I regard as the only true heir to Huckleberry Finn, the Great American Modern Novel, Heller invented snark and air quotes and everything that defines our humor, our black, cynical, wounded hopeful worldview.

The one they made in the 70s, it was teh suck. Art Garfunkle’s awfulness spiraled out around him like the artificiality of Dickey’s jar on the mountaintop, turning the whole movie to poop.

Who would be the best Yossarian? Arkin played him a bit too clueless and passive, I think, thats an artifact of the writing style, I don’t think its meant to be his dominant character trait.

@baked: I should have excepted everyone here, of course. We apparently have all sought help, from every possible source, and all to no avail.

@RomeGirl: We loves you too babe. If there is a cocktail we can drink tonight in your friend’s honor, please let us know.

Am I a total loser for not going to Obamapalooza tomorrow night? I am really struggling with this one. I really hate big crowds and would like to spend the evening with my closest friends drinking, eating and watching the election results pour in while worshiping Rachel Maddow. On the flip side, it is a night that will no doubt live in fucking history – for better or worse – for forever. I have no tickets, and I turned down flippin’s invite to share one of hers. I am giving myself an ulcer over this…

@Prommie: My HMO would not pay for sacrifice of a fatted calf. Looking forward to a humane, sensible national health care system under That One.

@homofascist: Then let us all go to the inauguration.

@baked: It may be wrong but it’s done.

As to fancy name pronunciations my personal fave is Sidebottham, which is pronounced…


Fucking Limeys. I’m afraid the charm of Jeeves & Bertie escapes me. I left England to get away from that shite. I think it hasn’t been filmed because the books have been very successful TV series. 2 that I know of. Plus the novels don’t have strong stories. They’re mostly atmosphere and style. If you all like them I assume you’re read the Mapp & Lucia novels? I also find them tiresome but I know you Yanks like them. Never mind, old sausages, to each his own. Though I think you’ll find you’re wrong.

@Prommie: Love it. Can’t wait to see that movie. He’s fearless and a god and I am in total awe.

@redmanlaw: A thespian. I might have known.

@homofascist: I shall spend the evening quietly at home with hubby. I’ll be hiding in the cellar and he’s only allowed to shout the good news.

@homofascist: I’ll be at home with the missus, trying to remain stoically cynical, depressive and as downbeat as possible until I can either wake up the kids and set off fireworks or drink another bottle of Stoly and pass out from despair.

@Lyndon LaDouche:
silly me, i was dumb enough to listen to dictionary.com. like i care?
you say tomaatto, blah blah. heinous still annoys me. and of course i’m not the last word around here re grammer and spelling and punctuation.
i am the resident retard in these categories.
i stopped using caps when i was 12, and recently have considered dropping some unnecessary apostrophes. like dont. now is an apostrophe really important here?
so you are right. but i swear, i really do speak the language rather fluently.
and i think neckties men are forced to wear are really really stupid too.

@nabisco: If only it could be over that quickly. If Obama wins any important states with less than 10% margin, RNC will sue and keep it in court forever. They have no sense of right or wrong and will just keep making shit up and filing new cases until they get one by the Supremes.

@baked: I think it was such a smart thing for Ben Franklin to do, to rationalize the spelling of English so that it became American. Needless to say the Limeys are nothing but patronizing about it (I know, patronizing, shock, right?) but have no knowledge of the history involved.

Shaw dropped apostrophes and worked out his own phonetic spelling. But it’s so complicated it never caught on. So you’re in good company. The trouble is when you hit a word like can’t and it becomes cant.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Or like won’t and wont! On the other hand, didn’t is already spelled (and pronounced) diint.

@Lyndon LaDouche:
long before i ever heard of e.e. cummings, shaw and many others, i already thought what was being taught to me was stupid, a re-occuring event. thanks for your support, take off your ties, go over to the window and yell……….sorry, carried away by beale anarchy.

interesting subject to me. origins of words. names. wrote and semi-plagerized many papers on the subject long after my writing style rebellion.
even english teachers were ok with it. content over conformity.
good advice for a lot of things.

ok were doing good. DISTRACTION for only the most important day in our childrens lives. just no puns. thanks.

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