Breaking! McCain brings home the endorsement to end all endorsements

from the Christian Science Monitor:

Vice President Cheney was in Laramie, Wyoming over the weekend (where his approval rating is still above freezing) stumping for Republican candidates when he announced his support for McCain.

That’s right – Dick Cheney.  The old curmudgeon surprised us again!  One day he’s shouting obscenities on the Senate floor, the next he’s running the country even though we never elected him president, and now he’s endorsing people who probably want nothing to do with him. With both the President and the Vice-President behind him, McCain cannot lose.  The amazing thing is that Obama then ran a negative ad about it that mocked the event.  He’s disparaging a sitting Veep because he hates America with the passion of a thousand French waiters.

Anyway, Cheney gave the endorsement in Wyoming.  Apparently, those yokels like him despite having any reason to whatsoever.  When he was finished endorsing things, he actually tore the face off a child with his teeth, to a standing ovation.

Here’s my favorite part of Cheney’s endorsement:

He’s [McCain] a man who has looked into the face of evil and not flinched.

I’m sure Cheney still won that staring contest, but it sounds like McCain held his own.

Obama on Cheney [Time]

Obama’s Got Powell, but McCain’s got Cheney
[Christian Science Monitor]

No, McCain looked into the face of evil in 2000 and shat his Depends. Then he supported evil vigorously, giving us the glorious reign of W.

Is there a photo of Cheney that doesn’t show him snarling? Mamas around the Nation need only point to him as they tell their childrens “Don’t make that face, it might stick that way!”

I’m not surprised that McCain didn’t flinch.

If he can take a SA-2 to the face then a 28 gauge shotgun isn’t such a big deal.

McCain not only looked into the face of evil and didn’t flinch, he hired evil’s people to run his campaign. Evil of course being a pseudonym for Turdblossom.

Who would have ever imagined VP Cheney endorsing a hot-headed white guy who LOVES war and has married into the big buckage? I have to admit I sure didn’t see that one coming.

Obama on Cheney: Porn I Just Can’t Believe In. Sorry Time.


I got a thrill out of imagining McCain staffers seeing this on CNN and thinking, “Well, that’s just fucking great. Just what we need.”

I had a potluck with some friends tonight, and my friend brought Obama beans and rice. They were half black beans, half white beans, and brown rice. She said after our last potluck, it was time for Change, and it was the Meal We Need. I thought that was very clever.

I’m surprised he took time out from document shredding.

Passing West Wing thought: What message is Shrub going to leave Barry in the desk drawer?

@nojo: Maybe he will just pass along the old note left by Bill C., “No blowjobs in Oval Office”. I don’t see Shrub as having an original thought to pass along.

i’m watching GMA, and robin, my favorite lesbian, just said obama will get 338 electoral votes! and that this is going down in history as the biggest voter turnout EVER. i’ve been walking around with my hands over my face, peeking through my fingers like a horror movie.
now i’m crying. burst into tears. one more day. then i can spend 4 years stressed over his health, as in staying alive.

what did shrub leave barry in the desk drawer? the missing ballots from ’04 with a note, “you’re lucky PG is as big a imbecile as me” or his tear stained absentee ballot?

nojo, tell me he doesn’t remind you of our bobby. just his mannerisms and the way he takes a flight of stairs. the brain is a given, but he’s giving me bobby flashbacks and i’m literally in tears.

he hates America with the passion of a thousand French waiters. Now that’s funny.

@baked: Me too. The crying thing. I can’t watch. And I can’t bear to think of his children being at risk. Are they? I fear that more than the loonies going after him that they’ll target his daughters. And can he possibly live up to our expectations? Could any man? Somehow I believe he’s given some thought to both dilemmas.

this is the first time i voted FOR someone in my life. i usually vote for the lesser of evils. historic in so many ways.

nojo, we were little kids when they killed bobby, aren’t you feeling the grown up thoughts we had then but couldn’t express?

@baked: I’m thinking that in 40 years people will look back on this time and rememeber where they were just as we do now with the assassinations. I was backstage at my first job when Bobby was shot.

@Lyndon LaDouche:
the french waiters, yes, hilarious marcel!

2 days of wrist wringing and breathholding. move over, i’m joining you in the cellar. bring tissues and a radio.

omg, lyndon, you were THERE? at the ambassador hotel?
that was my official political awakening, even though family lore states my very first sentence was “lone shooter, my fucking ass”

@Lyndon LaDouche:
A Kalifornian friend of mine said that the election of ’68 will finally be done with. He feels that since Nixon won, the US America’s been seriously fucked up and not been the the US America he grew up with.

He also mentioned that Doris Goodwin pointed out that it seems roughly every 72 years a great transformational president shows up.

1788 – Washington
1860 – Lincoln
1932 – FDR
2004 – Er Oops?
2008 – Barry (?)

@baked: I got up this morning to find my other half watching Fox news. There seems to be a sense of outraged panic in their studio.

No, not backstage with Bobby. It was Central Park in NYC. Free Shakespeare donchaknow.

The cellar is wet and dark but you feel safe. Apart from the big white spiders.

@Lyndon LaDouche:
spiders don’t scare me. only republicans and fundies. move over.

would you take a good look at cheneyface?
has any james bond evildoer been as diabolical looking? srsly!
all he needs is a white cat on his lap.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Don’t believe the hype – those Fox News people would LOVE an Obama presidency. Sure, all of their on-air millionaires will be paying more in taxes. But think how much fun they will have absolutely railing against him and blowing up every little misstep to epic proportions and getting their zombie viewers all worked up. Think how much Clinton (the prez, not Hillbot) reenergized the conversatives. Much like Bush has done for us librulz – and The Daily Show.

Hmmmm – think how boring The Daily Show might be with a president they like. Oh fuck, so do I want a McCain/Palin administration?

Um, no.

@baked: Very good essay on him in the latest issue of NYRB, including story of how he got ‘picked’.

The big white mutant spiders in our cellar sure scare me.

@homofascist: I should think it’ll give a big boost to their ratings.

I told my daughter to remove her Obama sticker from her car window on Tuesday night, I didn’t want her a target from some dumbfuck’s violent reaction to the election of the Hope ™.
I was in sixth grade when JFK was shot and that really took away my hope. Then five years later as a junior the killing of MLK and RFK made my give up hope on anyone making a change in society. The intervening years have been the inexorable march to dark cynicism. It is a sad fact that we all work for and dream of Obama as president, yet cower in our fears that he may never make it through his term. He has offered the dream of hope for change to those who have left those dreams behind. If indeed things go well through the full term(s) of an Obama administration, then truly change has come to our country.

i’ve been watching jon since his debut show when there were 8 of us watching. he will bring the funny and the hypocricy as always, as it will always exist.

who remembers the original host of the daily show? who i also watched religiously. and for bonus points, what was his schtick segment that he took with him?

Craig Kilborne (Where is he now?) and his Five Questions.

Actress Erika Christiansen was being interviewed by Jon (2005?) and she asked Jon if she could play five questions. Amid the laughter, Jon meekly said it was the other guy.

dind! ding! ding! bingo, we have a winner!

craig was entertaining, wasn’t he? he hosted a network late night show for a while before he disappeared. talk about an error in changing jobs! think craigy is kicking the hell out of himself? like so many of us have experienced, he thought, ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’

Okay, I know that this got posted here ages ago, but I’m linking to it again since it’s now the day for this song:

I just got a little Hopey and teary watching it again. There’s a new world for the winning, folks!

@baked: I was 17 when RFK was shot. I hope that Sirhan Sirhan never gets out of prison.

he ain’t goin anywhere. it’s the sirhan wannabe nutjobs that multiplied like a virus that makes me nervous.

@flippin eck:
that was awesome! le misbarack! made me cry again too, even though i was picturing the cast of ‘the office’.

So where’s the party tomorrow? I’m going to a “non-partisan” party at Mrs RML’s newspaper. The owner’s daughter is working on the Eagle campaign here with the son of the VP vetter guy who got pushed aside over that loan thing. I’ll send some pix from there, and maybe will stroll over to some of the big Downtown/Plaza area hotels and get some celeb shots.

@baked: Yes, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the guy who’s lip-synching Marius’s part is eerily Jim-esque.

@flippin eck: Very good.
The song that’s running through my head today? “We Shall Overcome.”

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