Pumpkin Jam!

Pumpkin Jam 2008 [Flickr]

Love the Spooque header …

And may I say, on this last day of Cocktober, that this has been the most disappointing Cocktober in memory. Where are the fucking GOP sex scandals? I want wetsuits, dildos, and hot gay bathroom sex! How in the hell are we supposed to make this blog into a powerhouse if we don’t have the basic building blocks? How I long for the days of Bob Allen.

I’ve seen that look on the ladybug behbeh’s face before. I remember it now. That was the same look I gave my mom when she dressed me and my sister up as Raggedy Ann and Andy at the age of 5 and 3. Sorry folks, no photographic evidence I can share.

Damn, I was so self conscious and serious as a kid.

Arg. Nojo, would you do the honors, and kill the sideways Ripper?

@IanJ: Wow, Ian, that’s one hot Jack the Ripper. Scuze me while I go get into my 19th century London prostitute costume…

@flippin eck: Oh right, cuz that isn’t how you normally dress anyway.

Bum, bum, bum…

@IanJ: Nice costume. Next time I have to dress up I’m going as Dr. Strangelove. I’ve totally got the voice down.

Have to put up costume pic when I get home from work. Halloween should be a holiday.

@Mistress Cynica: How do you get any work done in such a beautiful environment? (Fun fact: The last person whom I asked that question was Justice Souter.)

@mellbell: I’m honored to be in such company! It’s even more distracting when the deer are around. Yesterday there were two does, a stag, and a young buck with a two point rack. I’m supposed to bang on the window and yell if they get into the flower beds.

Hey RML, Did you see that the founder and CEO of Cooper Firearms was forced out for supporting Obama?

@Mistress Cynica: I think Day of the Dead should be the holiday, that way everyone has a day to recover from Halloween! I also think there should be a tradition of adult trick-or-treating for those mini-bottles of booze.

@drinkyclown: Yes! I can picture it now… “Grandaddy again?” “I’ll trade my Bacardi for your Jack.” “Stoli?! Mrs. Pavlova is the best!”

@mellbell: Totally! “Man, stay away from that house, all they have is cans of PBR.”

Thank you all, I’m having a good time with this costume. Just uploaded another picture. Nojo, how does one make the thumbnail bar across the bottom go away? It’s cutting off my portrait-oriented pictures something fierce.

@IanJ: Apparently it does disappear with some browsers when you click the zoom link, or so Lyndon informs me. I’ll have to see whether I can futz the settings more generally.

@drinkyclown: Dude, the Johnson’s have absynthe this year!

@IanJ: I remember now: I didn’t like the way the thumbnails pop up. But I’ve turned it on for now, and we’ll see whether it’s more annoying than helpful.

@nojo: That’d be fancy. All the zoom link does for me is make the picture slightly larger with the bar still in place. Aka, TEH_L4M3. This is in FF3 on a Mac with the debugger version of Flash 9.

@IanJ: Same results here with Safari. Macromedia/Adobe hates us.

Nice costumes you all (that’s a southron expression meaning ‘all of you’). I don’t dress up at Halloween since I spend most of my working life in fancy dress. As evidenced by pics already posted.

@Lyndon LaDouche: I spend most of my life in a t-shirt and cargo pants. Dressing up is a distinct change. That’s one of the differences between the backstage types and the actors…

@IanJ: True. In my 20s I went about 5 years without wearing trousers on a stage.

may i comment on the hotness of the prick?
we who want to see more naked pics salute you!
just enough not to get shut down of course.

@baked: Mr. Prick actually cleared it in advance. I told him safe for work is fine, but he’s responsible for his own embarrassment.

@Lyndon LaDouche: I had a dream that you and I were making out the other night. Although you looked like Tony Blair. It was creepy.

@baked: Shouldn’t the pumpkin be turned the other way though?

noooo embarrassment for that hip old prick in my book!
i’m at that magical age where i have to beat off 26 year olds and have attractions to older pricks. now if i were only bi…the math boggles.
i should address my attraction to gay men though.
i always thought my dad was a closet case. how do i know for sure? the evidence is damning and explains much about my life. even though he’s on his 4th beard (strike) wife.
(it’s friday night, i’m starting after dark)

I can’t quite master putting captions on my cell phone snaps (I can’t figure out how to add a subject to the messages, to be precise), so the pic after Nabisco’s is my picture of the Castro and the Mission in the rain.

@baked: i’m at that magical age where i have to beat off 26 year olds


@Lyndon LaDouche: Thanks for the racy pic. I always assumed that British guys had arms like pipe cleaners, but Tony’s packing some beef!

@nojo: Sounds like a normal weekend to me.

And if these 26 year olds are Israeli soldiers, please send video. Thanxxxx!

@SanFranLefty: Looks like that’s an “MMS-to-email” message, so you probably don’t get subject lines. But I updated it for you.

@nojo: *blush* Your hotness is unparalleled my fair lady.

@homofascist: I am topping the gourd.

I have another pic I may post that is much of the same content. Any further level of disrobement on my part would be disturbing to sensible or sensitive viewers.

AAACK Fuck!! Re: Baked on the hotness fair lady. Sorry nojo, click the wrong reply button. I must still be under my pumpkin jam euphoria.

my my, i made a serious error in phrasing, didn’t i?
calling dr. freud! calling dr. freud!

@AARPrick: My hotness isn’t unparalleled? Damn. So much for seducing the Christians tomorrow.

@baked: I was once in a sports league where one of the teams was called “Off In Public.” Hilarity, of course, ensued.

@nojo: I was more rescinding the “fair lady” part to you.

OMG Cyn, look how adorable you are!

@homofascist: Oh, thank you darling. I actually did get propositioned for a threesome later that night — not by anyone I was interested in, naturally.
Today I’m less glamorous, wearing my “Orygun costume”: fleece and Birks.

Nabisco, your kids are ADORABLE!

I will send in my photo of my Dia de los Muertos/St. Francis altar tomorrow on Nov. 1.

Nice to see faces to avatars. You’re breaking the intertubes 4th wall!

Most unintentional Halloween laff thanks to Al Roker’s costume.


we didn’t get enough halloween pics! c’mon people! i have tons in another computer, and still made an effort!
i’ve seen our cute mistress cyn before, but what a great pic and hat! and SFL’s fur baby has a face i want to lick. nabisco, your kids are ADORABLE, and i think this crowd knocked down the 4th wall some time ago. we just have visuals now. and is that HF in the blue and red vinyl and blue wig? jason haz the spirit! and what can be said about ianJ? that i always dress like a 19th century london prostitute? i do! (it’s obvious how long i haven’t had sex, isn’t it) and ian, i’ve been looking for you for weeks to help me change my avatar. i was crest fallen to read gravatar gave YOU trouble. 15 more days til RB gets here, til i get some. in the meantime, i’m enjoying viewing the hot stinquers.

hey, nojo and ped…you be careful today. my laughs would be tragically diminished without you two! (yes, stay alive for my personal amusement)

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